What is Skin Diseases?

What is a Skin Disease?

Can you imagine any life on earth without an outer skin? Skin is one of the most important organs that serves as the first line of defence of your body. It protects all your internal organs against every external influence. In addition to that, skin is the largest sense organ that perceives sensations such as pain, touch, pressure and temperature. Good skin health implies overall well-being, and contributes to the beauty of an individual.

The incidence of skin problems has drastically increased in our times owing to faulty eating habits, environmental factors and weak immunity. Some of the common skin diseases, which are highly prevalent among us, are acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. This article deals with skin diseases in general, and mentions of particular diseases wherever appropriate.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts have described skin diseases under one broad term known as Kustha. Skin disease may be hereditary in origin or may be acquired due to physical, psychological and social causes. It affects the overall health of an individual.

Patients with skin disorders also exhibit psychological disorders such as anxiety or depression. This relationship between skin and mind has been explained by Acharya Charaka as ChetahSamvayi. To treat skin problems, Ayurveda focuses on improving the overall health of an individual i.e both physical and psychological.


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