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Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Lepa (90g) Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Lepa (90g)
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Pure Honey with Clove (650g) Pure Honey with Clove (650g)
Pure Honey with Clove (650g)

Boosts Immunity | Relieves Cold

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Cloves Ayurvedic Product Rage by Zanducare

The historical evidence of spices denotes that they are important ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines, and clove is no exception. Also called Syzygium aromaticum, it has a high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Its uses can be traced back centuries for various reasons like reducing inflammation, strengthening immunity, and aiding digestion.

Clove is a precious and valuable spice of the world. In India, it is used in salads, garam masala, pickles, and other food items to add flavour. Besides India, there are other countries producing this dried flower, such as Malaysia, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. The clove Ayurvedic properties include pain-killing, anti-viral, and antibacterial. It can kill bacteria and regulate blood sugar too. Narrated below are the health benefits of cloves.

An Overview of Clove – Which Parts of the Tree Are Good for Health?

As described above, Syzgium aromaticum is the tree where the unopened flower bud grows. It belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Appearance-wise, clove is deep brown in colour. It has a strong aromatic fragrance – pungent, a bit astringent, warm, and strongly sweet.

People in India also refer to it as Lavanga or Lavangaka. In several parts of Indian regions, clove is known by different names, such as Bhadrasriya, Lavang, Varala, Devapuspa, and more. Considering the nutritional value, cloves contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, iron, calcium, potassium, Vitamins A, B6, E, and more. It shows antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carminative properties. Let’s highlight the various clove oil medicinal uses and other benefits in this post.

Cloves Health Benefits

1. Kills Harmful Bacteria & Fungi

Since it is antimicrobial, clove can kill harmful bacteria. Due to this action, it can be used for fighting bacterial and fungal infections. It might be because clove has eugenol, kaemferol, methyl salicylate, oleanolic acid, and gallic acid.

2. Beneficial for Liver

Several surveys suggest that clove can also protect your liver, thereby promoting better liver function. Again, eugenol found in it can alleviate symptoms of fatty liver and liver cirrhosis ailments. In addition, it also improves general liver function too. But one must always consult the physician before using it as a remedy for the liver.

3. Rich in Antioxidants That Promote Good Health

Did you know that the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties in cloves are higher than in many vegetables and fruits? Due to this, clove can be used in food to improve kidney & liver functions. Since it is rich in antioxidants, clove can reduce oxidative stress, thereby contributing to the development of chronic ailments. So, combining it with other antioxidant-rich foods in your diet may offer multiple health benefits.

4. Potential uses of clove for inflammation:

Clove contains eugenol that might assist in clearing the respiratory passages, thereby managing upper-respiratory ailments like the following:

  • Bronchitis
  • Cold
  • Cough
  • sinus conditions
  • Asthma 

Clove has different flavonoids, such as kaempferol and rhamnetin, which may lead to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. 

5. Assist in Mitigating Stomach-Related Health Conditions

From stomach upset, diarrhoea, bad breath, and motion sickness to hernia, clove can mitigate these conditions and promote good health. In addition, a clove medicine is also used for nausea, vomiting, and intestinal gas while assisting individuals suffering from acidy and bloating. 

6. A Great Painkiller

For ages, a clove supplement has been used to relieve minor to chronic pain. Spasmodic pain, joint pain, tooth pain, and more – clove can alleviate all these painful conditions. Used as an analgesic agent (i.e., pain killer), clove is also used in dental clinics. What it does is suppresses inflammatory mediators (r leukotriene) as well as prostaglandin). As per beliefs, it may suppress sensory receptors that signal pain. 

7. Extremely Beneficial for Cancer Treatment

The prime reason why it is used for the treatment of cancer is because it induces apoptosis or programmed cell death. So, the importance of clove used as medicine for cancer treatment is popular in today’s medicinal industry. 

8. Helps Stimulating Blood Circulation

Adding clove to your diet can trigger metabolic activities & regular body temperature. Clove, in general, may purify your blood & offer radiant skin.

9. Helps with Cough & Cold Relief 

Since it has anti-inflammatory compounds, a clove oil medicine can assist in relieving you from sore throat, sinusitis, cold, and cough. Blending clove with honey can give the best benefits. Besides, it is effective to mitigate dry cough conditions.

10. Helps in Brain Conditions

Clove can stimulate your circulatory system, which may manage anxiety, insomnia, depression, mental exhaustion, fatigue, memory loss, and insomnia. A test showed clove has anti-depressant effects. Calling it a surprising brain-boosting ingredient is, thus, not an exaggeration.

11. Keeps Blood Sugar Level Under Control

Since it has antiseptic properties, clove can keep your sugar level under control. Besides keeping the sugar levels in check, it promotes insulin production and controls diabetes.

12. May Ease Throbbing Headache

Another health benefit of clove is that it can also ease throbbing headaches, owing to its pain-alleviating and cooling properties. Inhaling the smell can relieve headaches. To use this method, crush some cloves and put them in a piece of cloth. Inhale its smells and see the magic happening.

How to Use Cloves or its Products?

1. As a Herb

You may use cloves as a culinary ingredient or add crushed cloves to your favourite beverages. That will offer you therapeutic benefits.

2. Added in Balms or Oils

With Ayurvedic innovations in today’s century, clove oil production has increased exponentially. If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, you may buy a clove oil or balm available in the market to alleviate neuropathic pain, improve flexibility, and reduce stiffness.

3. As Supplements or Blended with Other Products

The Clove supplements benefits are already known among people. Besides supplements, you can also find honey products blended with the richness of cloves. The best examples are mentioned in the following part of the post.

List of Clove Products offered by Zanducare

1. Seniorz Joint Expert Lepa

Specifically designed to heal muscular and joint pains, this product is beneficial for seniors. Ageing leads to joint inflammation resulting from thinning cartilage. Also, ligaments shorten and, as a result, lose flexibility. These issues only restrict movements and hinder performing daily errands.

With Seniorz Joint Expert Lepa, you can improve flexibility, reduce stiffness, and alleviate pain. The best part is it is 100% vegetarian and natural because it uses Ayurvedic ingredients, including clove. 

2. Pure Honey with Clove 

Enriched with the goodness of cloves, this product offers holistic benefits. It is free of impurities and made from NMR-tested honey. It is a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance product that checks for the quality, authenticity, and adulteration of honey. This Zandu product boosts immunity, maintains healthy digestion, and relieves sore throat. 


  • Clove’s antimicrobial and antioxidant activity is higher than many vegetables, fruits, and other spices. [NIH]
  • Cloves possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties and have recently developed as an anticancer agent, too [NIH]. 
  • Clove can also be used for preserving food for several years. [NIH]

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