Zandu Vigorex Max Ayurvedic Stamina Capsules For Intensity & Energy (20 Caps)

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Boost energy, intensity, and physical and mental well-being with Zandu Vigorex Capsules. This unique Ayurvedic health supplement is formulated with 10 essential powerful minerals and herbs known for boosting strength and stamina.

These stamina capsules contain the goodness of Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Kesar, Safed Musali, Kaunch Beej, Gold Bhasma, and many more. All these natural ingredients are well-recognized in the world of Ayurveda for enhancing energy, vitality, and overall performance during intercourse, leading to a happy and fulfilled sexual life.

Developed by the Ayurvedic experts at the Zandu Advanced Ayurvedic Research Centre, Zandu Vigorex Max stamina booster capsules are scientifically proven, unflavored, and 100% vegetarian. 

Consume 1 capsule twice a day with milk or as per the direction of your healthcare professional.

Zandu Vigorex Max
Zandu Vigorex Max

About Vigorex Max Capsule

Zandu Vigorex Max capsules are made with organic herbs and contain no added flavours. These 100% vegetarian capsules are made with herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Gold Bhasma, Safed Musali, Kauch Beej, Shatavari, Gokshur, Moti Pishti, Kesar, and Yasad Bhasma. All are known to enhance stamina, energy, and overall intercourse performance, contributing to a happy and fulfilling sexual life for both men and women.

Include Vigorex Max Capsules in your daily diet and witness improvements in your strength, energy, stamina, and overall sexual wellness.

Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules Benefits

Considering the intake of Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules will help you bring new agility and vigour to your life. The presence of a wide range of minerals and herbs in Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules keeps the body energetic and reduces the feeling of lethargy and weakness.

All the essential herbal supplements that retain their unique set of benefits collaborate in building stamina and ensuring higher intensity during sexual intercourse. The multifaceted benefits offered by Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules are explained below in detail:

  • More Energy: One of the key benefits of Zandu Vigorex Max strength Capsules is that it helps increase the energy levels in the body. The ingredients of the capsule, which include Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Safed Musali, and Shatavari, are known for their potential to support the process of metabolism in the body, boosting overall energy levels. Additionally, the ingredients are also known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that alleviate a number of health issues and make an individual feel more active throughout the day. People who lead a hectic lifestyle may benefit from the product to reduce stress levels and ensure a better sex life.
  • Improved Performance: Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules are also considered to be helpful for improving sexual performance. The existence of Shilajit and Ashwagandha is known for regulating cortisol levels and reducing stress and anxiety. This improves the overall cognitive function and enhances mood as well as vigour, which results in better focus and physical endurance.
  • Reduces Lethergy And Weakness: This energy booster product also proves effective in combating feelings of lethargy and weakness. Kaunch Beej is known for its mood-enhancing properties, while Shatavari and Yashad Bhasma are well-recognized in the world of Ayurveda and retain rejuvenating properties that enhance vitality. Moreover, the ingredients also support testosterone levels, which in turn boosts stamina and strength.
  • Builds Stamina: Stamina is regarded to be the ability to sustain mental or physical effort over an extended period of time. Enhanced physical stamina during sexual intercourse is the key to securing a happy and fulfilled life and strengthening the bond. Zandu vigorex max ingredients benefit in increasing stamina, enabling individuals to bring more vigour and passion, driving away any feeling of tiredness.
  • More Intensity: The Gold Bhasma and Saffron not only improve sexual performance but also induce increased intensity. Moreover, Gokshur is known for improving the body’s oxygen supply and is known to bring more passion and intensity to an individual.

Zandu Vigorex Max Benefits
Zandu Vigorex Max Benefits

Key Ingredients of Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules

Zandu Vigorex Max capsule retains energy-boosting properties that enhance mood, energy levels as well as stamina. It contains the goodness of powerful minerals and herbs that enhance both physical and mental health, leading to a better and more enjoyable sex life. The benefits of the product are indebted to all its ingredients that act in collaboration to drive away weakness and lethargy. All these key ingredients are listed below, along with their individual benefits.

  • Ashwagandha : Ashwagandha is a renowned adaptogenic herb primarily known for its energy-boosting and stress-reducing properties. It regulates the cortisol levels, or the stress hormones, and enhances energy and overall vitality. It also supports cognitive function and physical endurance, thereby supporting overall strength and vigour.
  • Shilajit : Shilajit is a mineral-rich substance especially found in the Himalayas and has been used extensively in traditional Ayurveda for enhancing stamina since time immemorial. Shilajit helps in improving physical performance and contains anti-oxidant properties that protect the cells from oxidative stress, which is essential to support the body’s energy levels.
  • Gold Bhasma : This is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation in which gold is purified and processed to retain rejuvenating and revitalising properties. It is known to promote longevity and vitality for individuals with a hectic schedule.
  • Safed Musali : Also known as Indian White Musali, it is valued for its ability to boost stamina and strength. Like Ashwagandha, Safed Musali is considered to be an aphrodisiac herb that addresses various issues related to sexual health, well-being, and reproductive vitality, leading to better performance.
  • Kauch Beej : The content of Kauch Beej in zandu vigorex max composition proves beneficial in supporting testosterone levels, potentially leading to increased stamina and energy. Kauch Beej is renowned for its high content of L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine. This helps in enhancing the mood and promotes a sense of well-being. Along with all the above ingredients, the product also contains the goodness of Shatavari, Gokshur, Moti Pishti, Kesar, and Yasad Bhasma.

Zandu Vigorex Max Ingredients
Zandu Vigorex Max Ingredients

Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules Ingredient List

The key ingredients of Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules are listed below, along with their source and benefits:

Ingredient Sourced From How it Helps?
Gokshur Pland-based Enhances stamina and muscle strength
Ashwagandha Pland-based Boosts energy levels in the body
Shatavari Natural Helps in managing stress
Shilajit Natural Retains rejuvenating properties and enhances vigour and vitality.
Kesar Plant-based Prevents cell damage due to oxidative stress.
Safed Musali Plant-based Boosts strength and stamina
Moti Pishti Natural Retains cooling properties that helps in managing stress levels.
Yasad Bhasma Natural Supports the immune system, metabolism and reproductive health
Gold Bhasma Natural Promotes vitality and longivity
Kaunch Beej Plant-based Acts as a potential mood enhancer

How to use Zandu Vigorex Max?
How to use Zandu Vigorex Max?

How to Use Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules

To retain Zandu Vigorex max capsule benefits, it is essential to follow the proper instructions on how to use the supplement to retain its utmost effectiveness. Here are some important points that you must remember while using the Zandu Vigorex Max capsule.

  • The recommended dosage generally is one tablet twice daily with milk. However, one must follow the advice of the healthcare professional.
  • Give a careful and thorough reading of the entire contents of the label before use.
  • The product is not recommended for women who are lactating or are expecting children.
  • People who are specifically allergic to the ingredients are not recommended to use the product.
  • Individuals are strictly forbidden to go above the daily recommended dosage.
  • Check the manufacture and expiry date before use.
  • The product must not be consumed if the expiry date is already over.

How to Store Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules

Proper storage instructions must be followed to secure the best result from Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules. Consider the storage tips given below to ensure the purity of the product :

  • Store the Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules in a dry and cool place.
  • The storage space should be out of the children’s reach.
  • Keep the product away from the direct light of the sun.
  • Make sure that you tighten the cap every time after use to keep the efficacy of the product intact.

Who Can Use Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules?

Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules offer a perfect dietary supplement for those intending to boost their energy and stamina. The 10 powerful herbal elements help individuals to secure the utmost benefit from the product, drive away weakness and the feeling of lethargy, and stay active throughout.

Why Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules

Zandu has been offering effective Ayurvedic solutions for over 100 years and has gained customer’s trust with its unique and 100% genuine formulations. The formulations involve herbal and natural supplements that are known to boost health and wellness in the long run.

Being a trustable brand, Zandu has brought a solution for individuals intending to increase their strength and stamina and alleviate lethargy to enjoy a vigorous sexual life. Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules retain all the essential properties of beneficial herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musali, and Shilajit, among many more, that induce boost strength and energy levels.

Legal Disclaimer

It is essential to note that the product’s effectiveness may differ based on the unique body construction of the individual. The given recommendations must not be assumed as a substitute for the remedies and guidance by a qualified healthcare professional.

The main aim of this article is to convey information only. The final decision regarding the use of the product solely depends on the customer. In case of any side effects, look for immediate medical assistance.

Additional Details

Product / Model Name Zandu Vigorex MAX
Ingredients Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Gold Bhasma, Safed Musali, Kauch Beej, Shatavari, Gokshur, Moti Pishti, Kesar, and Yasad Bhasma.
Quantity 1 Unit of 20 Capsules
Country of Origin India
Best Before 2 years of Manufacturing
Ideal For Everyone
Item Weight 18 g
Item Dimensions 4 x 4 x 7.3 cm;
Manufactured by Emami Limited
Marketed by Zandu Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Recommended Dose for Vigorex Capsules?

The recommended dosage for Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules is one tablet twice daily with milk or as per the advice of the healthcare professional.

For whom are Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules recommended?

People with a hectic schedule and a stressful life may be befitted from Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules due to the presence of Aswagandha, Sjatavari, Shilajit, Safed Musali, Gokshur, and many more. Each of these ingredients retains immense health benefits and is known for boosting overall health and well-being.

Are Vigorex Max Capsules safe for daily consumption?

Yes, these Capsules are safe for daily consumption unless anyone has allergies to any of the ingredients.

Are there any side effects of Vigorex Max Capsules?

The product is considered to be safe for daily consumption. No side effects have been recorded yet.