Zandu Methi


Zandu methi pure herbs is an ayurvedic supplement to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Methi herb is known to improve digestion and improve your metabolism in natural and ayurveda way.

How to Use

1-2 capsules, twice a day or as directed by physician.
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Product description

Zandu Methi is an ayurvedic supplement that reduces the absorption of sugar in the body and promotes the secretion of insulin

Benefits of Zandu Methi

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
Methi, also known as Fenugreek improves insulin function and lowers blood sugar in people with diabetes
Improves Digestion
Methi aids digestion as it reduces bloating and heartburn and facilitates bowel movement
Improves Lactation
Consuming Methi is said to improve the production of breast milk in nursing mothers

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