Pure Sundarban Forest Honey (500g)

Sundarban Forest | 100% Pure Honey

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Country of Origin : India

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Backed by over 100 years of Ayurvedic wisdom, Zandu presents Pure Honey Sundarban Forest, crafted from the produce of the world's largest mangrove forest—the Sundarban forest. Nestled in the southern part of West Bengal, India, this mesmerizing ecosystem is renowned for its captivating beauty and abundant biodiversity. It's a sanctuary for the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger, symbolizing strength and power. To bring you this exceptional honey, Zandu Sundarban Forest Honey is directly sourced from the beekepers (Maulis) of the Sundarbans. With their ancestral wisdom and unwavering dedication, they fearlessly venture deep into the treacherous jungles of Sundarbans during the months of March to May. There, amidst the thriving flora, they extract the purest form of honey, capturing the essence of this pristine ecosystem. Free from any chemicals, added sugars, or preservatives, this honey delivers the real benefits of nature, right from its source, without compromise on quality. Our Pure Honey Sundarban Forest is the natural treasure that guarantees health benefits, authenticity, and a connection to the rich heritage of Ayurveda. Each jar of Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest encapsulates the medicinal properties and natural sweetness of the Sundarban Forest honey, providing you with a truly enriching experience. It is a multiflora honey, power packed with health & taste. Our pure honey helps boost immunity, aids in digestion, healthy weight management and is a healthy substitute for sugar. Zandu Sundarban Forest Honey is prepared in compliance with good bee keeping practices (GBP) by the National Bee Board (NBB). Unlock the true power of nature with Zandu Sundarban Forest Honey and experience the richness of purity and authenticity in every spoonful.

About Pure Honey Sundarban Forest:

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest is a 100% Pure honey, which is packed with the goodness of health & taste. It has been sourced directly from the largest mangrove forest in the world – Sundarbans. It is collected by the traditional honey collectors called the Maulis between March-May, packed with medicinal properties and natural sweetness, the Sundarban Forest Honey is indeed nature’s hidden treasure. It has been sourced directly from the beekeepers who are well trained and registered under the National Bee Board. Our beekeepers ensure that the honey extracted contains natural pollen and enzyme content along with the honey’s flora. Our practices of harvesting are also sustainable and in compliance with best practices of the National Bee board. The best way to consume honey is in its purest form, from the source, to reap its maximum health benefits. Zandu Honey Sundarban Forest offers multiple health benefits i.e. it helps boost immunity, aids in digestion and is naturally rich in anti-oxidants. Further, this honey does not contain any chemical, preservative, or added sugar.

Uses and Benefits of Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest:

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest is specifically sourced with the intention to bring to you an authentic and the most premium honey, right from its source, as that is the most ideal and purest form of honey to reap its health benefits. Let’s look at how these benefits addresses your health and wellness problems:

  • Naturally Rich in Antioxidants: This honey is riche in antioxidants that are crucial for your overall well-being.
  • Helps boost immunity: Honey helps to boost immunity which is extremely essential to fight ailments and keep you away from falling sick frequently.
  • Aids in digestion: Your metabolism and digestive system’s effective functioning is extremely important for your body to stay healthy. Honey helps in improving your digestion.
  • Helps in healthy weight management: For individuals facing weight management difficulties, adding honey to their daily diet can help them meet healthy weight management goals.
  • Good for heart health: Pure honey is beneficial for your heart health.

Ingredient Information:

Zandu Sundarban Forest Honey is 100% pure and natural honey sourced directly from the largest mangrove forests in the world – Sundarbans. This honey contains natural pollen & enzyme content offering multiple health benefits.

How To Use Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest?

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest is quite convenient and easy to use. It is a very simple yet highly effective solution for holistic well-being with multiple health benefits. You can consume it directly or with water, with milk or your food.

Safety Information:

Our Honey is sourced from the richest and purest produce and source – Sundarban forests, the largest mangrove forest in the world. This honey is suitable for all genders. We ensure that they are completely safe for our customers and conduct multiple tests & quality checks. In case of any unusual after-effects, kindly consult an expert immediately.

It should be consumed only as per directions given on the packaging.

Storage Information:

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and protect it from moisture.

What Makes Zandu Sundarban Forest Honey Special?

  • 100% Pure & Natural: This honey is collected by trained beekeepers. It is 100% pure with flora of honey and natural. There are no chemicals, preservatives, added sugar or any kind of adulteration involved.
  • 100% Authentic Sundarban Forest Honey: This honey is sourced directly from the largest mangrove forests in the world – Sundarbans. They have the purest form of honey.
  • Multiflora Honey: Zandu Honey is packed with health and taste as it is multiflora honey. Due to its roots in the Sundarbans, it contains mangrove based nectar of diverse medicinal flowers of the forest.
  • Own chain of beekeepers registered under National Bee Board: The honey is sourced directly from the beekeepers who are well trained and our practices are compliant with good practices of the National Bee Board, thus ensuring purity and authenticity.
  • Sustainable Beekeeping: We ensure that practices followed for making this honey are sustainable at all touch points.
  • Convenience: It is the most convenient to use. It can be consumed directly, with water, milk or any other food item. It can be used and carried anywhere and anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest sourced from?

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest is sourced from the largest mangrove forest in the world – Sundarban Forest. These forests have the purest and sweetest produce of honey.

Is Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest Honey authentic and free from adulteration?

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest is 100% authentic and free from adulteration. It is sourced directly from the Sundarban Forest by our own chain of beekeepers and there is no further sugar, color or preservatives added.

Is Zandu’s honey making process authentic and certified?

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When and how should Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest be consumed?

Zandu Pure Honey Sundarban Forest can be consumed anytime. It can be consumed as it is, with milk, water or any of your meals.

Is crystallization of honey a sign of honey turning impure?

Crystallization of honey doesn’t mean that it is not safe to consume. Honey is natural product and tends to crystallize. It is natural phenomenon and can be liquefied by placing in hot water or under sun. Crystallization does not affect quality of the honey