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100% Organic Giloy (60 Tabs) 100% Organic Giloy (60 Tabs)
100% Organic Giloy (60 Tabs)

Boosts Immunity | Strengthens L...

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Giloy (60 Caps) (Pack of 2) Giloy (60 Caps) (Pack of 2)
Giloy (60 Caps) (Pack of 2)

Immunity Booster | Protects Aga...

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Giloy Tulsi + 3 herbs health juice (1L) Giloy Tulsi + 3 herbs health juice (1L)
Giloy Tulsi + 3 herbs health ju...

Supports Liver Health | Boosts ...

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What is Giloy?

Giloy, also known as Tinospora Cordifolia, is a herb commonly used in Ayurveda. It is renowned for its medicinal properties and is considered a potent immunomodulator. Giloy is used to boost immunity, treat various ailments, and promote overall health and well-being.

(गिलोय, जिसे टिनोस्पोरा कोर्डिफोलिया भी कहा जाता है, एक जड़ी-बूटी है जो आयुर्वेद में आमतौर पर प्रयोग होती है। इसकी औषधीय गुणों के लिए प्रसिद्ध है और यह एक प्रभावी इम्यूनोमोडुलेटर के रूप में मान्यता प्राप्त कर रही है। गिलोय को प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली को सुदृढ़ करने, विभिन्न बीमारियों का इलाज करने और समग्र स्वास्थ्य और आरोग्य को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है।)

Giloy is referred to as Guduchi. One can use its leaves and roots, but the stem is thought to be particularly useful due to its high nutritional value and the alkaloids it contains.

Giloy is considered among the primary bitter-tasting herbs, states a shloka in Charak Samhita. It is a remedy for various illnesses and is regarded as a crucial medicinal plant in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine. It helps treat various illnesses as well as the Kapha and vata doshas.

How To Consume Giloy?

Based on what Ayurveda says, a person can consume Giloy as immunity booster tablets, juice, kadha (decoction), or powder. One can also purchase Giloy in the form of tablets or capsules. The ideal dosage is to consume one teaspoon of Giloy at a time, two times a day. 

Key Health Benefits of Zandu Giloy Products 

Giloy is today a popular herbal ingredient used to make immune boosters and healthy juices, thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and immune-boosting properties. Here’s how Giloy products like Giloy juices, kadha, and tablets can assist you in staying healthy: 

1. Boosts Your Immunity

Giloy increases the body’s macrophage population, a big phagocytic cell. These cells serve as our body’s initial line of defence against infection. They, therefore, aid in increasing immunity. Our systems can combat a number of fever-producing ailments because of Giloy’s immunity-enhancing qualities.

2. Treats Chronic Fever

In the practice of Ayurveda, there are two causes of fever. Ineffective digestion is to blame for the initial problem, and foreign particles are to blame for the second. Javarghana (antipyretic) qualities, which aid in preventing and reducing fever, are abundant in Giloy. 

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and seeks out the source of fever. It aids in a quick recovery by acting as an immunity booster against the illness. Giloy also aids in maintaining the body’s normal temperature and promotes quick healing. Giloy Juice or Giloy Kadha are the greatest forms of Giloy to consume when treating fever.

3. Treats Dengue Fever

Giloy is the most effective herbal treatment for dengue fever, according to research. Increased immunity and metabolism are benefits of Giloy’s anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, it provides relief and boosts platelet count, which aids in the fight against dengue fever. 

Therefore, it aids in avoiding significant complications. Moreover, it expedites the healing process. Take some Giloy tulsi in a utensil. Add tulsi leaves and boil them (not too much). Drink it all, and you can treat your dengue fever better.

4. Treats Hay Fever

Allergy-related rhinitis is hay fever. Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing are common signs. Giloy alleviates these symptoms adequately. Take a half-teaspoon of Giloy powder and a little honey to avoid hay fever. Use this cure before you go to sleep.

5. Reduces Stress and Alleviates Tension

Giloy is one of the best immunity booster supplements that also aids in lowering anxiety and stress levels. It soothes your body. Giloy satva powder with warm water or milk can also improve memory and cognitive abilities. Consume it on an empty stomach once every morning. Just take 2-3 tablespoons of Giloy juice and add water to it (maybe a glass full of water). 

6. Skin Rejuvenation

Mix Giloy leaves (or ready-made powder) with water and boil them. Let it cool down to later consume the Giloy tablet or juice as a cool beverage. Giloy juice can slow down the aging-related cell degradation process. 

Juice from the Giloy fruit has potential benefits for the skin, including the potential reduction of skin pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as dark spots, pimples, and acne. It could additionally result in skin that is smooth and luminous.

7. Enhances Digestion

You feel unease in the upper part of your abdomen if you experience dyspepsia, indigestion, or an upset stomach. Abdominal discomfort and a sense of fullness immediately after eating constitute a few of the symptoms. Giloy Ghan Vati tablets feed the beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

It thus encourages a balanced microbiota in the gut. It aids in reestablishing a balanced intestinal environment. Giloy thus aids in enhancing digestion and lowering digestion-related issues, including inflammation of the colon’s inner lining or colitis.

Additionally, it aids in avoiding digestive problems like nausea and hyperacidity, which is an imbalance between the acid in the body and the intestines.

8. Potent Neuroprotective Properties

Giloy is known as Amrit in Ayurveda and an immunity booster natural because of its therapeutic qualities. By restoring damaged brain cells, Giloy revitalizes the nervous system. It can also help to lessen worry and stress, thanks to its notable neuroprotective properties. 

Giloy Ayurvedic is essential for enhancing your cognitive abilities. It controls the brain’s natural antioxidant enzyme system and aids in the maintenance of dopaminergic neurons. Also, it improves memory and calms your body. 

9. Aids In Weight Loss

Having a strong and potent immune system is crucial for controlling weight. Giloy aids in increasing immunity and metabolism. Similar to this, a faster metabolism aids in fat burning. Additionally, it enhances the digestive system by removing extra body fat.

Giloy comes with Leptin and Adiponectin, which also aids in weight management. Consequently, it aids in weight control while lowering high blood pressure. 

Metabolic Advantages of Consuming Giloy Products 

For people with high glucose levels or susceptibility to cardiac ailments, Giloy may be beneficial.

According to numerous research results, Giloy capsules lowers glucose levels by making cells more susceptible to insulin. It might also lower cholesterol levels. However, more concrete evidence is needed as all this research has been conducted on animals, not humans. 

Remember that the animal study utilized a multi-herb combination containing Giloy and seven other herbs. As a result, it’s uncertain whether Giloy or another plant is to blame for the prospective advantages. 

A Giloy Ghanvati tablet consists of an alkaloid substance known as Berberine. Human investigations have demonstrated that this conventional herbal medicine lowers blood sugar. 

Giloy & its Significance in Ayurveda

According to Ayurvedic customs, Giloy ras or Giloy syrup is widely considered for its potent therapeutic properties. It is steady and constantly ready to help with various ailments, much like a reliable buddy. Additionally, it is very sattvic and is known to give a spirit of positivity, clarity, and lightness to the users. 

Every single dosha (all three) can benefit from Giloy. However, pitta and vata doshas, in particular, find them to be balanced due to their uncommon and singular mix of energetics. Its pungent, astringent, and bitter rasa aids in alleviating both Kapha and Pitta from the body.

Giloy immunity booster also comes with heating capabilities or virya, making it a potent detoxifier by functioning to burn deposits of natural toxins from the blood, joints, kidneys, and liver. Vipaka, an Ayurvedic term for the after-digestive impact of Giloy, is decadent and sweet, balancing vata and feeding the fluids and tissues of the body. 

Giloy Ayurvedic medicine has a broad list of Ayurvedic effects and functions to provide proper balance to the whole body, regulating many tissue layers and body systems, thanks to these unique energetics. Additionally, it safeguards and tones the nervous system’s majja dhatu tissues while rejuvenating the reproductive system’s shukra dhatu tissues.

Is it Safe to Consume Giloy?

All doshas are considered safe for Giloy’s renewing and adaptogenic properties, notably advantageous to pitta and vata. Nevertheless, there are a few situations where it’s wise to use caution.


Giloy’s significant immunity booster Ayurvedic effects have the potential to lead to an overactive immune system in autoimmune ailments. Moreover, the ideal solution is to exercise caution when consuming prescription drugs that lower blood sugar.

We advise consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner before using Giloy if you are becoming pregnant or breastfeeding, or taking any prescription medications.

List of Giloy Products offered by Zanducare

Giloy has long been used as a herb in Ayurvedic treatment. Due to the pandemic, we became aware of this herb’s relevance among all herbs. Buy the best Giloy juice or immunity booster capsules only from Zandu as they come with no side effects. Enjoy all the benefits of Giloy with Zanducare immunity booster capsules today.

Buy Best Giloy Products from Zanducare & See Difference

At Zanducare, you can grab some of the most beneficial and powerful Giloy products, such as: 

  • Zandu Organic Giloy Tablets: Say goodbye to fever with the Ayurveda-backed and highly beneficial Giloy tablets. 
  • Zandu Giloy Immunity Booster Capsule: Boost your immunity and never let any foreign body enter and disrupt your health only with the help of Zandu’s Giloy immunity booster capsules. 
  • Zandu Giloy Health Juice: The health juice is best for your skin health and rejuvenation. 


  • It is a remedy for various illnesses and is regarded as a crucial medicinal plant in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine. (NCBI)
  • A Giloy Ghanvati tablet consists of an alkaloid substance known as Berberine. Human investigations have demonstrated that this conventional herbal medicine lowers blood sugar. (PUBMED.NCBI) (NCBI)
  • According to numerous research results, Giloy capsules lowers glucose levels by making cells more susceptible to insulin. However, more concrete evidence is needed as all this research has been conducted on animals, not humans. (NCBI) (PUBMED.NCBI) (NCBI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I consume Giloy daily?

One can consume Giloy daily in small amounts, but anyone with a medical issue must talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor beforehand. Giloy usage should be monitored for both frequency and duration to prevent further health issues.

What are the different Giloy products available in the Market?

Giloy is available in the form of juice, kadha, tablets, and powder. Today, Giloy juice and tablets have become the most commonly available forms in the market.

Is Giloy juice kid-friendly?

Yes, you can give Giloy to your kid briefly to treat ailments like appetite loss, stomach discomfort, and fever.

Where can I buy Giloy products?

Giloy juice and tablets are available online through our official website of ZanduCare. Although most medical supply stores have it, ordering it online from us will save you time, money, and all the transport hassle.

Can Giloy juice boost my platelet count?

Giloy enhances platelet synthesis. Giloy’s rejuvenating (Rasayana) property contributes to higher platelet counts and boosts the body’s general immunity.

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