Taking care of respiratory health is essential as it has an effect on overall health. It is not just the air pollutants that hamper respiratory health but also the kind of food we eat, stress, anxiety, nutrients we consume, and sleep patterns. Everything has a significant impact on respiratory health, which is why it is essential to take care of overall health. Following an Ayurveda routine can help improve the respiratory system and provide a healthy routine. Here are a few things you can do in order to stay healthy with the help of Ayurveda:

Change in Ayurvedic Routine

  • Natural air purifiers:

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The kind of air you breathe directly has an effect on the respiratory system, which is why it is essential to have proper plants and natural green air purifiers around you. Money plants, peace lily, aloe vera, and areca plants are some of the great indoor healthy plants which also act as excellent purifiers and eliminate harmful substances from entering. Natural air purifiers are not just great for health but also act as a stress buster. 
  • Morning jog or exercise: 

According to Ayurveda, morning jog/exercise can help in increasing lung efficiency and also is beneficial for respiratory health. It helps in improving overall health and also has a significant effect on the lungs. Morning walks are one of the best ways to boost respiratory health, and it also helps to stay active. 

  • Breathing exercises:

Breathing exercises

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Diaphragmatic breathing helps in improving lung capacity and also is known to boost overall respiratory health. Stress can cause respiratory health to deteriorate, which is why it is essential to change the routine and enhance daily life. 

Nadi shodhan pranayama is an alternate nostril breathing which is an effective exercise that helps in channelizing energy and also clears the respiratory tract and improves mental clarity. Exercise not only has an impact on health but also helps in fighting against stress and anxiety-related problems. 

  • Antioxidants and foods which are rich in Vitamin D: 

Vitamin D has a great impact on respiratory health, and it increases efficiency. Changing your eating habits is essential if you want to change your routine. Half the things are related to the kind of food you eat. 

Besides the food, you can also absorb Vitamin D in the body by sunbathing every morning. Antioxidants help in fighting germs and make you feel active all the time. Make sure to include a lot of fresh seasonal fruits and nuts in your daily routine to improve your overall health. You can also look up Zandu Care products that will help improve your overall health

  • Golden milk: 

Turmeric is a great herb and has countless health benefits. It helps in relieving a lot of issues like congestion and sinus, plus it also helps in improving respiratory health. You can add a pinch of turmeric to hot milk and drink it once in two days, as it will help in fighting against infections and bacteria. 

  • Steam: 


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Make sure to do steam every day at night as it helps in getting rid of respiratory issues and infections. Steam can also fight against sinus problems and help with improving overall health. You need to warm the water and inhale the steam in order to cleanse the nasal passage. In order to make it healthy, you can add eucalyptus oil and carom seeds to the water. 

  • Anu taila:

It is an ayurvedic formulation that helps in clearing nasal passages and improves respiratory health. You need to add two drops of anu taila in each nostril in order to get relief from sinus, migraine, insomnia, and other issues. 

  • A big no to tobacco: 

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In order to improve your health routine, you also need to make sure that there is no tobacco intake. Quit smoking because it only creates havoc with the lungs and hampers respiratory health. It also has an effect on the mental health, immune system, and reproductive system. So say no to tobacco in order to improve your overall health. 

Herbal Remedies for the Respiratory System

Ayurvedic herbs are beneficial for improving lung health, and they also have various benefits, like soothing irritation, helping get rid of congestion, and strengthening the lungs. Here are some herbal remedies that you can use in order to strengthen the respiratory system: 

  • Peppermint: 

Peppermint is one of the best and most effective herbs that help in getting rid of respiratory issues and improving health. There are effective ingredients in peppermint that helps in supporting the immune system and also helps in getting rid of congestion. You can add three drops of peppermint oil to the water and make a refreshing tea. You can also breathe the peppermint through the steaming method to open up the nasal passage. 

  • Pushkarmool: 

Pushkarmool is a perennial herb that is bitter in taste but helps in balancing the Kapha dosha and supports the respiratory system. It is known as one of the most effective ayurvedic herbs for natural healing. You can have this in the form of a capsule for healthy breathing. 

  • Ginger: 


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Ginger has been known as an effective ayurvedic herb since ancient times. It helps in supporting the digestive system and respiratory systems and also improves overall stomach health. There are various beneficial properties present in ginger that help in flushing out toxins. You can add ginger to your tea or food or consume a tiny bit of it directly. 

  • Rosemary: 

Rosemary is known as Rujamari in Ayurveda, an aromatic and effective herb used not only for skincare but also for respiratory health. There are various antioxidant and cleansing properties in rosemary which help in supporting respiratory health. You can add rosemary oil to the diffuser in order to clear the nasal passage or add a few drops in boiling water and inhale the vapor. 


An effective ayurvedic routine for improving the respiratory system can change your life and health. It helps enhance and balance the Kapha dosha in the body and eliminates unnecessary toxins. You can use natural healing methods in order to improve your respiratory system.
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