Ayurvedic Urinary Tract Management (Chakraangi Vati )(60 Tabs)

Prevents Urinary Tract Issues | Reduces Pain & Burning | Promotes Urinary Tract Health

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Are you tired of urinary tract challenges and want a long-term solution for a healthier life? Try Zandu Chakraangi Vati now! Unlike other UTI tablets, Zandu Chakraangi Vati is specially formulated with the power of Guduchi & 40 Ayurvedic ingredients of Kanyalohadi Churna and Chandraprabha Vati for maintaining a healthy urinary tract. Zandu Chakraangi Vati helps in relieving burning micturition & pain during micturition while promoting urinary tract health*.


If the right lifestyle habits aren’t in place for all women who have got one & more vaginal deliveries may experience pain in back & lower abdomen or may feel tired and shaky over time along with burning sensation which can be very discomforting. Hence, Zandu Chakraangi Vati is an ideal health solution for urinary tract challenges.

Unlike other UTI tablets, Zandu Chakraangi Vati is a unique combination of herbs from 2 classical formulations- Kanyalohadi Churna and Chandraprabha Vati that helps in maintaining good urinary health. The herbs like Guduchi, Haridra, Guggulu has anti-inflammatory properties that helps in controlling irritation and discomfort associated with urinary tract. Chandraprabhavati churna contains herbs with Rasayana and diuretic properties that are useful in the treatment of painful and burning micturition. To get relief from the symptoms related to urinary system like frequency,pain,burning sensation during micturition with or without abdominal pain, try Zandu Chakraangi Vati now*!

Uses and Benefits of Zandu Chakraangi Vati

  • Useful in preventing Urinary tract challenges
  • Reduces symptoms of pain and burning sensation during micturition.
  • Promotes urinary tract health.

Storage Information for Zandu Chakraangi Vati

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Replace the cap tightly after every use.

Ingredients Information

  • Kanyalohadi Churna – It is useful as carminative, mild laxative and antispasmodic.
  • Chandraprabhavati Churna – It contains herbs with Rasayana and diuretic properties. It is helpful in maintaining balance of tridosha and reduces symptoms related to unhealthy urinary tract.
  • Guduchi extract - Anti-inflammatory, relieves pain & builds immunity.
  • Haridra powder - Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory.
Zandu Chakraangi Vati has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties & is uniquely prepared (unlike other UTI tablets) to help manage urinary tract related problems like frequency, pain, burning during micturition etc*.

What makes Zandu Chakraangi Vati Special?

  • We follow Minimal Processing
    Ayurvedic herbs are fragile and perishable. Therefore, they cannot be processed beyond a certain point. This is why we follow minimal processing to keep their potency intact.
  • Pure & unadulterated
    Every tablet is packed with 100% natural extracts of herbs in its original, unaltered, natural composition without any added flavors, sugars and
  • GMP Certified premise
    All our products are manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff.

Frequently Asked Questions around Zandu Chakraangi Vati

What are the causes affecting urinary tract?

Unhealthy urinary tract is caused by bacterial contagion. This results in redness, swelling and pain in the urinary tract. In Ayurveda, Mutrakrichchha has been described with similar sign & symptoms as urinary tract. The term Mutrakrichchha is related to Mutravaha Srotas (Urinary Tract), and mainly deals with shool (pain) and kricchrata (dysuria). The painful voiding of urine is known as Mutrakrichha. A patient with unhealthy urinary tract has urge to micturate, but passes urine with pain.

What are the symptoms of unhealthy urinary tract?

Most of the patient get at least one or some of the following symptoms:

  • An urgent & constant need to urinate
  • Burning feeling when urinating
  • Pressure or pain in lower abdomen
  • Pain in lower back
  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Fever and chills

How Ayurveda is helpful in managing unhealthy urinary tract?

In Ayurveda, the basic principle for management of infection are

  • Nidana parivarjana - Withdrawal of the aetiological factors of the infection
  • Shodhana -elimination of the vitiated doshas
  • Shamana chikitsa pacifying the aggravated Dosha, here Pitta Dosha with diet, lifestyle & Medicine.

Unlike other UTI tablets, ingredients from Chakrangi Vati helps to maintain balance between three dosha, reduces urinary tract inflammation, and helpful in keeping urinary system healthy. Mutrakrichchha also can be treated in same way in supervision of the physician*.

Is Ayurvedic management effective in managing unhealthy urinary tract?

Ayurvedic management is based on treatment of root cause of the problem in holistic way. Problems generally occurs due imbalance of body Dosha i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Herbs from Chandraprabha Vati and Kanyalohadi Churna helps in balancing tridosha specially pitta dosha. Ayurvedic herbs with properties like antiinflammatory, analgesic and diuretic will help in releiving symsptoms of urinay tract infection.

What are Do’s & Don’ts for managing unhealthy urinary tract (Mutrakrichchha)?

Do’s (Pathya):
  • Drink lot of water
  • Urinate when you feel the urge
  • Take food like old shali rice, yava, kshara, takra, dugdha, dadhi, mudga yusha,, patola, adraka, narikela are beneficial in UTI.
Don’ts (Apathya):
  • Caffeinated coffee
  • Caffeinated sodas
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Acidic fruits
  • Don’t postponed urinary urge

What preventive measures can be taken for managing unhealthy urinary tract, especially for women?

  • Urinate after sexual intercourse
  • Avoid using spermicide
  • Wear cotton underwear
  • Wipe front to back
  • Avoid excessive caffeine intake
  • Avoid alcohol intake

*Depends upon individual body constitution & prakriti