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Obesity has become a public health risk, but being underweight can lead to unwanted health problems. People should always look for the right ways to put on weight safely so that they do not experience health issues.

Several methods of increasing weight might have long and severe short-term effects on a person’s health. This might pose a challenge for all those individuals who wish to gain weight.

It might also be a challenge for those who have a healthy weight but want to build some lean muscles.

Gaining Weight: How to Do So?

gaining weight

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When it comes to weight, it will be compulsory for an individual if he/she is underweight. It can also be a measurable objective for a person who aims to build muscle. Generally, consuming more calories than your body can burn will surely increase your weight.

One of the biggest weight gain tips for females is that they should increase their calorie intake if they wish to gain weight. But the calorie intake can differ greatly from one person to another. You must consume 300 calories to 500 calories regularly for a steady weight gain.

But if you want to increase your weight quickly, you might have to consume around 1000 calories per day. Many individuals estimate the number of calories they consume inaccurately. That’s why it is important to keep track of the regular calorie intake for 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

Keeping track of your calorie intake will let you adjust your diet to increase your weight at a sufficient pace. You will find many applications available online that will help you with calorie tracking.

An effective weight gain tips for girls is that they should be mindful of the kinds of food items they consume. For instance, girls who eat food products that contain high levels of sugar are one of the best ways to increase their calorie intake. But it can also increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Weight Gain in Children: Things to Know

weight gain in children

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One of the best weight gain tips for babies and children is to provide nutrition-rich food items to increase their weight. Many parents often think that their children don’t do as well as they do. But remember, there is a massive difference between being underweight and thin.

If your child is thin and consumes plenty of junk food, you should try encouraging them to eat something healthy. Try to provide them with some multivitamins when you believe your child is missing out on all the essential nutrients. Click here to know how much sleep you need.

Experts have provided evidence that kids who experience issues in gaining weight, such as:

  • Having limited diets
  • Has adverse impacts on their overall health
  • Negative impacts on their physical activity, growth and nutrition

But children REALLY DO need to increase their weight are:

  • Kids who take medications that interfere with the appetite
  • Children who are picky eaters
  • Children suffering from chronic medical issues
  • Underweight children

For children, gaining weight can be a big challenge, especially for those who take stimulants like Vyvanse, Concerta or Adderall XR. These stimulants are known to treat ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These medications can sometimes lessen the appetite in children. So, changing the medication or adjusting the dosage can surely help.

Type of Food Products Kids Should Eat to Gain Weight


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As a parent, if you want your child to gain weight, you must provide them with high-calorie food products. These products should be nutrient-dense, high-nutrient, and energy-dense food items instead of low-nutrient ones.

In other words, you must provide your child with food items containing fat, proteins, and other nutrients in small packages. Some of the food items you should provide are:

  • 2% milk or whole milk
  • Trail mixed up with nuts, seeds and dry fruits
  • Whole milk with cereal
  • Yogurt or cheese made out of 2% milk or whole milk
  • Peanut butter
  • Fried eggs
  • Orange Juice

Apart from these items, you should look for food products your kids might like to eat. After that, look for energy-dense and nutrient-dense versions of all those food items. Make sure to include vegetables, fruits and various other food products from all the food groups.

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Helpful Tips on Weight Gain for Men

weight gain in men

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Just like children and women, weight gain is also important for men, especially for those who wish to build up muscle and are underweight. Here, you will find some useful weight gain tips for men, which are pretty effective and will offer positive outcomes.

  • Eat breakfast: Consuming healthy fat and protein breakfast will keep you full for a long time. It will also prevent you from snacking in between.
  • Eating meals regularly: If you consume proper meals on a regular basis, it will help in burning down calories effectively and also stop mindless snacking.
  • Always remember the “5-A-DAY”: Vegetables and fruits are delicious snacks and will also bulk up the meals. They are high in fiber and nutrients and also low in fat and calories
  • Consume slow-burning calories: Consuming high-fiber carbohydrates like legumes along with healthy fats like avocado will take some time to release the energy. This clearly means that consuming them will not make you hungry quickly.
  • Conduct workouts: Working out can surely help burn down excess calories and will also make you feel a lot better. Going for a brisk walk regularly is an easier option and will cost you nothing. You can try challenging yourself with a pedometer. But men who are in a wheelchair can opt for exercises that will boost their strength and heart health at the same time.
  • Drinking water is a must: Drinking water is highly important. But try to avoid sodas and alcohol because they can add up a lot more calories than you think. If you like sweet drinks, try to opt for unsweetened fruit juices or just get a juicer.

Final Thoughts

Gaining weight is essential for those people who are underweight or want to gain some muscle. But that should be done in a proper and healthy manner. It’s important to choose the right set of food products which will increase the body weight effectively.

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