Watch Out These Symptoms If You Have Frequent Acidity

Here are some symptoms that you should definitely watch out for if you are experiencing frequent acidity.

Heart burn

Heart burn refers to a painful, burning sensation in the middle of your chest. Though it is a common symptom, it is important to know the underlying cause of the pain.

Morning Nausea

The long gap between dinner and breakfast triggers the condition and increases acidity. Seek medical help if you vomit in large amounts and the vomitus is green, yellow color or contains blood.

Chronic dry cough

Moving your body stimulates the colon and helps your digestive system function well.

Frequent regurgitation

Partially digested food coming back to the throat is not meant to be taken lightly and needs immediate medical attention.

Globus pharyngeus

The exact reason is not known, but it is believed that the reflux of acid from the stomach into the esophagus can contribute to the cause of globuspharyngeus.


Extra esophageal symptoms like throat clearing, sore throat and hoarseness are more likely due to acid reflux into the voice box.

Bad breath

If you experience bad breath even after you brush and floss your teeth regularly, it may be because of the acid backing up into the food pipe from stomach.


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