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When it comes to staying in shape, the biggest challenge we all face is finding remedies that show lasting results. Thankfully, we have a rich history of adopting reliable methods that go back thousands of years. Let's look at some tried and tested Ayurvedic tips for weight loss. 

Unlike modern crash diets, Ayurveda encourages us to seek long-term solutions that give lasting results. It assigns a body-type to every individual, based on the dominant Dosha in their body. Dosha's are energies in the body that must be balanced to achieve good mental, physical and spiritual health. There are 3 Dosha's, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each Dosha interacts with a different combination of the Panchamahabhutas, or five categories of elements in nature, for the proper functioning of the human body. These categories are Aakash (space), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Jala (water), Prithvi (earth).

Vata interacts with Aakash (space) and Vayu (air) elements. This facilitates smooth and harmonious movements in the body like nervous system functions, excretions, breathing and musculoskeletal movements.

Pitta interacts with Agni (fire) and Jala (water) elements. This facilitates transformations in the body like the creation of heat, digestion and cellular functions.

Kapha interacts with Prithvi (earth) and Jala (water) elements. This facilitates lubrication and cushioning in the body with muscle, tendons, ligaments and fats. 

Other than these three, Ayurvedic body types can also be combination of these Dosha's like Pitta-Vata, Vata-Pitta, Kapha-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha etc. Another body type is of trisdoshic type wherein all the three Dosha's exist in balance. 

Ayurveda recommends consuming a Sattvic Ahar, or Sattvic diet, that is specific to your body’s dominant Dosha, to keep your weight in check. A Sattvic diet comprises regular balanced meals of whole foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, ripe vegetables, legumes which has high in fiber but low in fat. 


For Vata-dominant individuals, a diet consisting of cooked vegetables, juicy fruits and moderate quantities of legumes is beneficial. Avoid raw foods as well as nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and brinjals. Nuts and seeds are a good addition to your weight-watching diet. 


If your Pitta is dominant, avoid spicy foods, nuts, seeds and alcohol. Have lots of dairy products as well as raw vegetables during spring and summer. Limit your intake of legumes and lentils, as well as animal-derived foods like eggs, meat and seafood. 


For individuals with a dominant Kapha, eating light with lots of leafy vegetables that grow above ground helps. Eat apples, cranberries and peaches while limiting protein intake and avoiding animal-derived foods, dairy, fatty foods, nuts and seeds.

Getting and staying in shape is a gradual and on-going journey that involves small but meaningful steps. To get a head start, try supplements that can give you an added boost. Consuming supplements like Zandu Vrikshamla (60 caps) or Garcinia can be a very effective way of managing weight. The active ingredient present in Garcinia Cambogia helps to maintain a healthy appetite by providing support to the body's metabolism. Besides, Garcinia is known for keeping cholesterol levels in check.

Zandu Haridra (60 caps)/Turmeric capsule contains curcumin that acts by suppressing fat tissue growth. Also, it has been seen that turmeric increases bile production (digestive enzyme) in the stomach leading to accelerated body metabolism.

Zandu Punarnava (60 caps) has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties which help in maintaining a healthy excretory system. It acts by pumping out toxins from the body while maintaining vital nutrients and minerals in the body. It also helps to address issues related to digestion like constipation and thus, leads to weight loss in a healthy way. 

Zandu Lean & Slim (60 caps) is made from a unique blend of selected fat burner herbs with natural appetite suppressant and body metabolism enhancer properties. It contains Garcinia, Vidanga, Meshshringi, Trikatu (Sunthi, marich and pippali) in proper proportion to aid in weight management. 

Ayurveda also prescribes a balanced life and mindful consumption to naturally boost your body's ability to keep weight in check. Get good sleep, eat in moderation, practice Yoga at least 2-3 times a week, stick to a fixed routine which will help you to lose weight the Ayurvedic way.



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