Chronic Constipation: Remedies To Improve Bowel Movements

How to improve your bowel movements?

If there are no comorbidities, constipation can be resolved by managing our lifestyle.

Add more fiber in your diet

Dietary fiber will increase the bulk and soften the stool making it easier to pass, it will prevent and decrease the constipation.

Make sure your body get enough water

Adequate water intake can keep everything moving along your digestive tract.

Stay active

Moving your body stimulates the colon and helps your digestive system function well.

Following are the best and effective Ayurvedic remedies for bloating

Some natural home remedies for constipation will help get your bowel movement back on track.

Herbal tea

Certain herbal teas relieve constipation and stimulate the digestive system.

Essential oils

These oils act by relaxing the intestinal muscles, which favors smooth bowel movements and eases digestive functions.

Cascara sagrada

It contains active constituents called cascarosides A and B, which are responsible for the laxative effect.


Myrobalan seeds when consumed internally promote digestion and ease the bowel emptying.


Aloe contains the powerful natural laxative called anthraquinones (an active chemical component) which helps in easy bowel movements.


Senna leaves and pods contain anthraquinones that stimulates the muscles in the intestinal wall to contract more often and helps to ease the bowel movements.


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