6 Ways to Plan Healthy Heart Meals with your Partner

Let's be honest; the topic of eating healthy food for heart and health can get intense sometimes and especially when you want to do the same with your partner. It can often be received as being pushy, whereas all you try to do is take care of your health. 

You might be ready to change your eating schedule, but your partner might not be on board with the idea of eating healthy heart meals. Taking care of what you consume and what your routine is like is essential. You shouldn't compromise your heart health and lifestyle at all, but a compromise in ways to get your partner to be on board is the key. Some simple heart-healthy meals can help you both stay healthy and fit. 

Start with a discussion: 

When you want your partner to eat simple heart-healthy foods with you, you need to start with a discussion so that you can reach a point where you are both happy about it. It is essential to ensure that you are both glad to implement the changes and get on board with a healthy heart meal. 

You can come up with simple heart-healthy lunch ideas for your partner because that might excite them to follow the same. Make sure that when you discuss the details with your partner, you are listening to their concerns about the process too. 

Check your expectations: 

When you want to work with your partner to eat healthy heart meals, then you have to keep your expectations regular. You cannot expect a lot and then ask them to make those considerable lifestyle changes for their health. 

It shouldn't be just one person's way of doing things but something they can do together. Not everybody likes eating or following a simple healthy heart diet which is why they understand how they would like to eat certain things and make it about them also. There are simple heart-healthy foods that you can have with your partner so try to understand their likes and prepare a meal chart accordingly. 

Implement change thoughtfully: 

Healthy Heart Meals with your Partner

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If you cook for everyone at home, then make sure to take it one day at a time and implement change in a way that your partner might not notice the significant changes. Start with small things because that might not be noticed easily. 

It can also get exciting for you and your partner to add more flavours and try different things, which is why to put in positive thoughts about the changes. You can also find easy healthy heart meals for one because that might help your partner change their views about the entire process and follow it. 

It might inspire your partner to get excited about the process and plan things with you. You can also plan to visit grocery stores and farmer's markets to have a cooking date night. 

Celebrate small wins: 

You must celebrate small wins because that will make you and your partner happy about how far you have come. Instead of putting implications on your partner to do something, wait for them to like the process and follow it according to their likes because that might inspire them to work for it more. Your partner might be uncomfortable with how you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but if you wait for them to come around, they might start liking the process. 

Respect your partner: 

Healthy Heart Meals with your Partner

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Respect is one of the integral parts of any relationship, and it also builds a strong base for the people who are together. If you are living together, then you need to accept and respect their choices as they do too. You need to be okay if they are picky on their diet or do not want to eat something you feel they should. 

These are several things that might help you in building a stronger relationship or end up causing issues. So change the way you approach your partner for food or exercise and let them make their own choices. 

You can always tell them what you are following and how you plan to go forward, but forcing them won't change the situation. You can ask your partner if they want to set up fitness goals with you or eat simple heart-healthy meals, but you cannot force them if they don't want to. 

For example, if one person smokes a lot and the other person doesn't like it, then you can only wish for them to stop because it's hurting them, but you cannot ask them to do the same because that creates friction and constantly makes you a hurdle in between the road. So let your partner decide for themselves, and you can make sure to tell them about your plans or how you wish that they do the same. 

Focus on the benefits: 

There are many benefits of eating simple heart-healthy foods as they help in leading a much healthier life. It also helps in getting more energy and sound sleep. You can tell your partner about the benefits of eating healthy and how much fun it will be to work out together and cook healthy meals together. 

If you ask them to do something constantly, they might go in a different direction, so lead by example and tell them the benefits because it might help them change their views. One of the positive ways to do this is by telling your partner the benefits and how you want them around you for as long as possible. 


There are simple heart-healthy lunch ideas that you can use in order to excite your partner. Do everything with a positive approach and ensure your partner doesn't feel forced. Living healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle is a personal choice and should be a personal choice. 


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