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Constipation is a common condition wherein the frequency of passing bowels reduces. In this condition, the stools may also become tougher to pass. Irregularity in diet, unhealthy eating and stress may be some of the most well-known reasons for constipation. The condition may require medical attention in case it worsens or the stomach pain aggravates. 

Generally, constipation can be self-cured. In other cases, consuming homemade foods and avoiding certain unhealthy items may work. But for most other people, medication may become necessary to find relief from it. For this purpose, ayurvedic remedies like Zandu Nityam tablet are highly recommended. 

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Constipation?


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  • Abdominal cramps 
  • Discomfort 
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Straining for bowels 
  • Passing fewer stools than three times a week 
  • A certain type of blockage in the rectum region.
  • Assistance to empty the rectum region when passing stools. 

Make sure you consult your healthcare provider urgently if you face any of these symptoms. Also, if you are looking for overnight constipation relief, you can turn to Zandu Nityam tablets without second thoughts. 

What Are The Major Causes Of Constipation?

Identifying an accurate cause of constipation may not be easy. However, these are some of the main causes of constipation. If you suspect any of these causes, you can visit your healthcare provider immediately for diagnosis. 

1. Insufficiency Of Fruits And Vegetables In the Diet 

Fruits and vegetables in regularity in your daily diet are essential. They not only boost immunity but also provide the body with sufficient nutrition to perform its functions accurately. 

But when there is an insufficiency of fruits and vegetables in the diet, it can cause a nutritional deficiency in your diet. As a result, your body may not have sufficient fiber to pass stools properly. Eventually, you may suffer from constipation. 

Consuming enough fruits and vegetables is very important. You may also include cereals in your daily diet to improve your digestion. This will help elevate the fiber intake in your body. 

2. Changes In The Daily Lifestyle 


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Generally, any type of change in the eating habit may be sudden for your body. Due to this reason, the body may take longer to digest the food. Especially if the food is unhealthy for the body, it can make things tougher in terms of digestion. So, try to look out for any lifestyle changes that may be causing this issue to aggravate. 

If you are consuming any food regularly that may not be suitable for your health and that you suspect may be causing constipation, stop it immediately. Also, consult your healthcare expert so they can provide the right constipation relief on time. 

3. Avoiding The Urge To Pass Stools 

Passing stools is common. But sometimes, we tend to ignore the urge to pass stools. When this is done on a regular basis, it can cause constipation issues to elevate. This may also accompany stomach issues and abdominal discomfort soon. During this time, treatment becomes necessary. Zandu Nityam tablets can come in handy for this purpose. 

It is important to recognise when you are feeling the urge to pass your bowels. Make sure that, if it is possible, you release the pressure so that the risk of constipation and other related problems is as low as possible. 

4. Side Effects Due To Certain Medications 

side effects

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Certain doctor-prescribed medications may be a primary cause of constipation problems. If you think you may have taken such medication in recent times that is causing this side effect, consult your health care provider. One of the best ways to avoid such a problem is to opt for ayurvedic tablets like Zandu Nityam tablets. 

5. Avoiding Drinking Sufficient Fluids 

It is important for the body to be constantly hydrated. Hydration must come in the form of sufficient healthy fluids. In case this is not done properly, you may start experiencing constipation problems regularly. That is why it becomes important to have enough fluids regularly. 

6. Mental Health Problems 


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Today, stress is very common among a large section of society. This may be due to work pressure, family problems, and so much more. But if this is not relieved on time, it can also aggravate depression and anxiety that may be harder to deal with. Many––times, when such conditions occur, constipation comes with them as a natural symptom. 

7. Constipation Among Children 

Constipation among children is common too. Poor diet planning and junk food habits may aggravate them altogether. Poor toilet training may also be a major concern for this purpose. So, make sure you bring this to medical attention immediately. 

Zandu Nityam Tablet- Overnight Constipation Reliever 

Constipation may come with many other harmful symptoms. Bloating, stomach cramps and gas are some of them. Together, they can worsen your condition too. The use of the Zandu Nityam tablet provides a holistic treatment against all of them. By consuming the tablets as per the dosage approved by your healthcare expert, you can find immediate relief from all these symptoms without too much waiting.

It is a 100% ayurvedic remedy to treat constipation. This laxative is made from 100% natural ingredients like Fennel, Haritaki, Triphala, Sanchal and even Yashtimadhu. All of these ingredients are Ayurvedic and help aid the stomach problem on time. The low risk of side effects also makes this tablet very effective for use. 

We are generally afraid to use medications for a few important reasons. Side effects and habit formation are the most vital ones. That is why we recommend Zandu Nityam 36 tablet. They are neither habit-forming nor incur too many side effects. When consumed under the supervision of a healthcare expert, the tablets could perform more efficiently.

Zandu Nityam Tablet Ingredients 

The ayurvedic tablet is made of seven potential ingredients to provide constipation relief. Together, they constitute a healthy body that is free from abdominal cramps, gas and other stomach-related symptoms. 

1. Sanchal 

black salt

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Sanchal or Black salt is often used in cooking. Whether you want to burn fat or fight diabetes, Sanchal can work wonders. It can also help relieve constipation on time due to its antioxidant and anti-flatulent properties. 

It also contains anthelmintic properties that destroy all types of parasitic worms on time. You can also expect inflammation relief with this ingredient in your ayurvedic tablets. So, if you also wish to intake Zandu Nityam tablets for weight loss, this ingredient can come to your rescue. 

2. Haritaki 

A significant herb in ayurvedic medicine, Haritaki is high in vitamins and several other nutrients. It is particularly rich in Magnesium, flavonoids, Amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Whether you are suffering from short-term or long-term health problems, Haritaki can help relieve all. This process also provides massive relief for constipation. 

Cough, cold and weight loss are some of the problems Haritaki can help relieve. The potential ingredient may also improve digestion and metabolism, which further enables it to provide overnight constipation relief. As a result, it may also soothe discomfort and immunity issues. In fact, it is also well-known to improve the regulation of bowel movements. 

3. Yashtimadhu 

Yashtimadhu consists of an Antacid that lowers HCL in the stomach. As such, it can provide immediate relief from stomach ulcers and irritation. This process also helps improve digestion. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties present in this ingredient further trigger these benefits. They galvanise the healing process and help manage gastric ulcers too. 

Yashtimadhu may also be useful for other ailments like depression, stress and Bronchitis. It may also have many skin uses. So, speak to your healthcare provider before gaining these benefits too. 

4. Triphala 


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Triphala is a famous laxative for constipation relief. It allows stools to loosen and pass through without any complications. This also helps to reduce many other severe health complications relating to constipation itself. In fact, this ingredient has been used for centuries and on to provide a remedy for this type of treatment. That is why it can help improve digestive health without too many problems. 

Triphala in Zandu Nityam 36 tablet can help improve your well-being in little time. So, make sure you seek this tablet when in need, as per the recommendations made by your healthcare expert. 

5. Fennel 

Fennel is another active ingredient present in these ayurvedic tablets. It helps relax muscles present in the intestinal region and eventually relieves constipation. If you are undergoing acid reflux problems, Fennel can help treat them too. Anethole, which is the chief component in this ingredient, may add to the benefits of this ingredient. 

Zandu Nityam Tablet Benefits 

1. Relieves Abdominal Cramps 


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Cramps in your abdomen may be common during constipation. These are caused due to gas throughout the abdominal region. This may cause a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort that may require immediate attention. Zandu Nityam tablet benefit may allow your abdominal cramp to vanish in no time. 

2. Overnight Constipation Relief 

Generally, constipation medications take at least one to two days to provide relief. But Nityam tablets make a difference. These tablets from Zandu Care offer overnight constipation relief. So, by the time you wake up in the morning, the problem will have vanished into thin air. 

3. Eliminates Gas And Acidity 

acidity free

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Both gas and acidity are common when you suffer from constipation. They may worsen your symptoms and make you lose sleep each night too. Thankfully, the natural ingredients present in Zandu Nityam tablets help eliminate them on time. You may also experience relief from flatulence. 

4. Better Gut Health 

Triphala is known for the improvement in Gut health. It can also make sure that your gut health continues to be in good health. Since Triphala is an important ingredient present in the Zandu Nityam tablet, you can experience better well-being on time. 

5. Cleanses The Colon 

Cleanses The Colon

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Haritaki is another significant ingredient found in these ayurvedic tablets. They are known to cleanse the colon, thereby allowing constipation relief on time. These are some of the best Zandu Nityam tablet uses. 

Zandu Nityam Tablet Price And Dosage 

In case you are suffering from constipation, or you experience any related symptoms, you can consume these tablets for immediate relief overnight. One-two tablets need to be consumed with water during bedtime. Once you are in a deep sleep, the tablets start doing their job. By the time you wake up, you will be relieved of your constipation. 

The ayurvedic tablets are available at Zandu Care for a nominal price of Rs. 30 for a pack of 10 tablets and Rs. 94 for a pack of 30. You can purchase the tablets as per your requirement and convenience. However, we recommend seeking medical attention in this case. It will help relieve any complications, if at all. 

Safety Information To Avoid Zandu Nityam Tablet Side Effects 

  • It is important to only consume as per the recommended dosage. Do not consume more than that without your medical expert’s approval. It could cause health risks. 
  • Please go through the label carefully before you consume the tablet. It has all the necessary information for your safety and dosage. So, do not miss it. 
  • Store the tablets in a cool and dry place. Make sure it is away from direct sunlight, as that can harm the nature of your tablets. 
  • These tablets must be kept out of reach of children to avoid any health complications and unwanted side effects. 

The Bottom Line 

Constipation among all individuals, irrespective of babies or adults can be painful, uncomfortable and irritating. But don't worry, as the cure for this condition is also fairly simple. In case you find it difficult to self-cure it, you can indulge in Zandu Care’s ayurvedic Zandu Nityam tablets on time. 

At Zandu Care, you will encounter numerous ayurvedic products that are made of 100% natural ingredients. Each ingredient is further made of organic components that enhance the product’s quality and nutritional content.


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