8 Heart-Healthy Chicken Recipes To Help Enjoy The Winter

Chicken is one of the significant proteins you need to have if you want to take care of your body, especially your heart. But, regarding heart-healthy recipes with chicken, you need to focus on lean meat with less than 10% fat. Going for skinless chicken will be a great call to consider over here. But, it doesn’t always have to be grilled chicken or chicken soup to invest in. There are some fantastic heart-healthy chicken recipes that you can enjoy this cool winter month!

The heart-healthy recipes with chicken breast are subject to change than the ones dealing with chicken thighs. However, below are some mouth-watering recipes to give out a try for those with a weak heart who still want to enjoy the winter months with some delicious home-cooked meals by the side.

1. Grilled chicken thighs with special ginger sauce

Want that warmth to feel inside your body? If so, the ginger sauce is a perfect soul mate to try out! It is one of the major heart-healthy recipes with chicken thighs, known for its flavor-packed ingredients. It will be one of the most flavorful chicken thighs you might have ever had! The dressing will be a simple ginger-scallion sauce, a perfect combination of sweetness from the scallion and heat from the ginger to soothe your cold body!

2. Grilled chicken thighs with corn, bell pepper relish, and pineapple

Most people won’t think of mixing fruits with chicken to create the best heart-healthy meals with chicken. Well, not all fruits go great with chicken, but the acidity and sweetness you get from a pineapple will be a perfect mix with your grilled chicken thighs. 

This grilled chicken recipe is set to boast phenomenal flavors from savory-sweet relish. And the best part about this meal is that it is under 250 calories! So, your heart is in good hands.

3. Herb-wheat berry and roasted tomato salad with grilled chipotle chicken breasts

If you are looking for heart-healthy recipes with chicken breast, then this herb-centric recipe seems to be taking the cake for sure! It has a perfect mix of wheat berry and roasted tomato for that extra level of sweetness to it. The chicken breasts are grilled with that famous chipotle sauce for that extra drop of flavor on your plate.

The fresh wheat berry tomato salad will pair perfectly with the chicken breast. If you want, you can substitute wheat with cooked Farro or Barley for a change in flavor.

4. Skillet chicken with some seared avocados on the side

Want to get that char-grilled flavor in your chicken? If so, then going in with the skillet chicken recipe will be a perfect one to follow. Then you have some seared avocados on the side for that smooth and creamy texture without adding unwanted fat to your body. Avocado is highly proven to be soothing for your body and mind! Using the tiniest bit of sugar will help the avocado halves to char in the pan itself. That helps in adding that robust and toasty flavor to the entire dish!

5. Garlic roasted chicken with Kale and Radicchio Caesar salad

If you are looking for one of the best and easy heart-healthy recipes with chicken, this garlic-infused chicken recipe with extra greens by the side will be a great call to address. This is a roasted chicken you are dealing with, so no oil or fat is involved. The only fat available is the one added with the chicken pieces. Try to keep that less than 10%. 

Not just known for its amazing taste that will just explode in your mouth, but the perfect combination of greens and chicken will be a perfect power booster for your heart!

6. Use of chicken sausage and broccoli Rabe penne

It is really hard to come across people who don’t like pasta! Penne pasta is soft and creamy, and adding chicken to it will boost the flavor big time. Try out the chicken sausage with broccoli and add that to your Rabe Penne. This is one of those heart-healthy recipes with chicken thighs, which will fill you up but in a good way.

In just one bowl, you will be getting good carbohydrates from the pasta, protein from the chicken, and vitamins and minerals from green vegetables like broccoli. So, it is a power-packed meal that can help you easily get through the day.

7. Chicken pitas with Greek slaw

It is not all the time that you want to have something super rich, and sometimes, going for light meals in between can help! Well, if you want something soothing for your stomach and soul, this Greek slaw and chicken Pitas will be a perfect pack.

Here, you will come across Rotisserie chicken, which is well filled up with stuffed pita. It helps you to create the perfect dinner menu to enjoy with the whole family. And the best part is that this entire meal is going to get ready within just a span of 15 minutes, to the max! So, when you don’t have enough time in hand and still need to cook delicious meals for the family to enjoy after a hard day at work, then this one is it!

8. Grilled chicken with pine nut gremolata and mint

Much like chicken, nuts are also important for your heart. It has the power to keep up with good cholesterol and will keep bad cholesterol at bay. So, if you are not allergic to nuts, then this grilled chicken recipe with mint and pine nut gremolata will be a good hold to consider. It is also considered one easy and tasty heart-healthy meal with chicken

This is one of the low-cholesterol chicken recipes to try out, which will surely meet heart-healthy guidelines. In this recipe, you will have less than 10g of total fat and 3 g of saturated fat per serving. And the additional mint will add that extra level of freshness you want from a dish any time of the day.

Try out, anyone!

These are some of the top-notch chicken recipes which are not just tasty but heart-friendly at the same time. Give them a try now, and you won’t regret making this decision. There are so many such recipes available on the internet. Do your research, pack the items from the grocery stores and start cooking some delicious meals at home!

Get the fresh ingredients all the time

It is highly recommended to always get fresh ingredients from the market, making the recipe tastier and healthier. Everything is available from your local grocery market, from the chicken to the fresh vegetables you need to cook it with. You can even visit the farmers’ market to obtain fresh greens and fruits daily. Some online stores even deliver food items from your home's comfort. So, you can give that method a try as well!

Visit online websites of reputed chefs and they are currently making chicken-based meals for the heart patients out there. Try getting the lean meat possible with as much less fat as possible and that will make the food tasty, without compromising your health. Create a list of the recipes you want to try!

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