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A common cold is an upper respiratory illness that generally affects your throat, nose, sinuses, and windpipe. There are over 200 distinct viruses that can cause a cold, but the primary cause is usually the rhinovirus. The common cold is as common as its name suggests and is likely to be the disease you experience the most in your lifetime.

Adults typically get two to three colds yearly, while children are prone to catch common colds at least four or more times a year. Even though colds generally do not require seeing a doctor, sometimes some symptoms indicate when to see a doctor for the common cold.

Can a common cold turn dangerous?

As mentioned earlier, common colds are common and last only about a week or 10 days. However, in some cases, the common cold symptoms like mild fever, sore throat, and cough can become more severe. A cold may begin as a typical viral illness, later transforming into a bacterial infection in your upper respiratory tract. These infections may lead to sinus pneumonia, requiring medical supervision and antibiotics.

common cold

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According to medical experts, you have chronic obstructive lung disease or asthma if you have an infant or an older person. Other such disorders, you are prone to be vulnerable to major cold-related issues. A basic cold can lead to serious diseases like bronchitis or pneumonia for people with the conditions mentioned. Therefore, you must know when to see a doctor for a common cold if you suffer from lung issues.

When should I see a doctor for cold symptoms?

As you already know, the common cold may lead to various other issues in some cases, especially for people who are already vulnerable to cold; you must keep in mind a few common cold symptoms for which you may need to see a doctor. They are:

Continuous coughing


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Common cold results in scratchy throat and cough, but that usually heals after you take proper medication or homemade methods. However, if your cough persists, it may be caused by postnasal drip, when mucus leaks from your nose into your throat. However, it can also be related to asthma or GRED (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), and it's best to visit a doctor in this case.

Sometimes, your cough may also get violent with time instead of healing, even after you have taken the required remedies. If you see the condition of your cough worsening after 2-3 weeks of steam or gargling, you must visit a doctor and undergo some tests to check whether you have whooping cough or not.

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Otitis Media

Otitis media is a serious ear infection that is caused when germs and viruses get behind your ear drum. You will know when to see a doctor for a common cold whenever you see symptoms like extreme earaches and the recurrence of a fever after a cold.

otitis media

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Severe breathing issues and chest discomfort

Sometimes, a common cold may develop into pneumonia or bronchitis, especially in children and the elderly, and lead to breathing problems and chest pain. You shouldn't have breathing problems in case of a common cold or flu. If such symptoms show, you are suffering from serious issues like pneumonia, asthma, or even heart problems. In this case, you must immediately contact a doctor.

Prolonged fever and vomiting

Common cold usually causes mild fever, which goes down within a day in most cases. But if you are an adult suffering from a fever of 101° F for three or more days, it is not normal, and you must immediately visit a doctor. Sometimes, along with fever, you will lose your appetite and suffer from nausea and vomiting. Even infants and children may suffer from this problem. If you have a high fever and are unable to drink anything without throwing up, you must immediately go to the emergency room or else you may suffer from dehydration.

Severe throat infection

throat infection

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Another symptom of when to see a doctor for the common cold is if you have been suffering from a throat infection for a long time. The throat infection may include scratchy throat, tonsils, sore throat, swallowing issues, and cough.


Common colds may also occur from allergies, leading to a stuffy nose with mucus and a severe sinus infection. In this case, you may undergo continuous headaches, and it would be best to visit a doctor.

What can I do to prevent severe cold symptoms?

Poor immunity often causes the common cold to grow into something serious, which may require a doctor's assistance. Therefore, you must take measures to boost your immunity to prevent these infections.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C-enriched fruits and vegetables are the best way to boost your immunity and keep the common cold in check. Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, etc., are rich in Vitamin C. You must have these fruits and vegetables in abundance to make yourself strong from the inside.

vitamin c

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Chyawanprash is the best Ayurvedic substance you can consume to build your immunity, and it is very effective if you want to prevent a cold. Chyawanprash contains ingredients and antioxidants rich in Vitamin C, which help improve your immune system. Additionally, it also aids in keeping your respiratory tract's moisture content balanced.

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Honey is another ingredient that helps to keep your body warm and prevent cold. ZanduCare sells Ayurvedic honey, which may contain Giloy or ginger, to help boost your immunity within a short period.


Even though the common cold is not very severe, a few issues can cause more serious infections due to the common cold. If you are wondering when to see a doctor for cold symptoms, you must watch out for the symptoms mentioned in the above article. It's best to opt for natural Ayurvedic remedies and keep on building your immunity to prevent severe infections. You will find authentic natural medicine for cold on Zandu Care, which will help you prevent severe colds.



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