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Best Ayurvedic Medicines & Products Oline in India

Find the best Ayurvedic Medicines & Products to support your health and wellness that blend harmoniously with the natural world. These products are made with potent, pure ingredients and are rooted in ancient wisdom. Their goal is to support overall well-being. Our selection meets all of your demands, whether you're trying to improve digestion, strengthen your immune system, or find natural skincare treatments.

Every product undergoes strict quality controls to guarantee its effectiveness and safety. Accept Ayurveda's ability to help you live a healthy, fulfilling life. Put your faith in ZanduCare's dedication to quality and genuineness.

Why Choose Zanducare Ayurvedic Products?

Here are five reasons to choose Zanducare's best ayurvedic products in India:

  • The premium ingredients used in Zanducare's products come from nature, guaranteeing their efficacy and purity.
  • With its roots in Ayurvedic medicine, Zanducare products combine cutting-edge research and age-old wisdom to provide comprehensive wellness solutions.
  • Zanducare places a high priority on safety by staying away from dangerous chemicals and additives and by offering healthy, natural substitutes.
  • Zanducare products, supported by thorough research and testing, help clients reach their health objectives by providing noticeable results.
  • Zanducare prioritises customer satisfaction and offers top-notch assistance and service to ensure every user has a great experience.

List of the Best Ayurvedic Medicine Online by Zandu

Zandu Nityam Vati Tablet

Senna, Haritaki, Triphala, and Castor Oil are among the tried-and-true Ayurvedic components used in creating Zandu Nityam, a tablet that offers mild relief from periodic constipation. Zandu Nityam Tablets are made with the highest quality and strict adherence to standards, promoting regular bowel movements that leave you feeling light and refreshed.

Ashwagandha Capsules for Stress and Anxiety

The Zandu Ashwagandha pill is a safe supplement that offers the same natural benefits of ashwagandha in a form that is easy to use and ensures that you take the recommended dosage of the herb each time. Zandu Ashwagandha capsules support improved brain function, natural stress management, and increased immunity.

Zandu Ayurvedic Shilajit Capsule for Strength & Power

When taken daily, Shilajit pills help manage blood sugar levels, promote joint flexibility, and decrease stress. They offer convenient consumption anytime, anyplace, as they are made with the cleanest components while maintaining the plant's natural qualities.

Zandu Pancharishta Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic

The tonic infuses the goodness of thirty-five powerful Ayurvedic herbs. It also improves hunger and immunity and helps to address the underlying cause of dyspepsia. A combination of herbs like Arishtas and Asavas can effectively treat the core cause of many digestive problems, including gas, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, and acidity.

Ayurvedic Cough Syrup

A unique combination of sixteen Ayurvedic herbs, Zandu Ayurvedic Cough Syrup immediately relieves persistent cough and throat irritation. It offers a homoeopathic solution that does more than just numb the sensations.

Zandu Triphala Capsules

The distinctive ayurvedic method of Zandu Triphala medication consists of three potent, essential components that improve gut, immunity, and digestive health. Additionally, it lessens the symptoms and helps treat diseases like constipation.

Zandu Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother

Zandu Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drink is a multipurpose, all-natural, organic vinegar that is perfect for a modern lifestyle. It promotes digestive health, immunity, healthy weight maintenance, healthy skin and hair, and aids in detoxification.

Karela Jamun + 3 Herbs Health Juice

The health juice Zandu Karela Jamun + 3 Herbs is enhanced with Tvak, Jamun, Methi, Neem, and Karela. Thus, this juice aids in blood purification and efficiently lowers elevated blood glucose levels. It also increases appetite. These juices are safe and natural; they don't have artificial flavours, colours, or extra sugar.

Zandu Lalima Syrup

An all-natural, internal blood-purifying tonic, Zandu Lalima is derived from Ayurveda. It eliminates impurities that lead to dull skin, acne, and pimples while also cleansing and purifying the body. It has been clinically demonstrated that using lalima keeps your face clear of acne and glowing.

Zandu Ayurvedic Hair Growth Vitaliser Capsules

Research has shown that using this Ayurvedic Hair Vitaliser will accelerate hair growth. These capsules can also prevent skin infections on your scalp, stop hair loss, keep your hair healthy, nourish your hair and scalp to delay the onset of grey hair, and enhance your physical and emotional well-being. These capsules contain no toxins, chemicals, parabens, gelatin, or sulphates. Say yes to naturally stronger, more beautiful hair by releasing yourself from damaging chemicals with Zandu Hair Growth Vitaliser!

100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin

Fulvic acid, necessary minerals, and other components that maintain vitality and enhance general well-being are abundant in shilajit resin. It is also regarded as one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for giving men vigour, strength, and endurance.

Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules

The distinctive Ayurvedic health supplement Vigorex Max capsules from Zandu are made with ten potent minerals and plants that are known to increase strength and endurance. A peculiar combination of the benefits of Gokshur, Kesar, Safed Musali, Kaunch Beej, Gold Bhasma, and ashwagandha is present in the product.

Seniorz Complete Joint Expert

The 100% vegetarian and Ayurvedic Zandu Complete Joint Expert tablet is a safe treatment for joint-related problems. We have created these tablets, which act on joint pain and inflammation. They are constructed of rich, effective Ayurvedic herbs including Vetas (Willow Bark), Kunduru (Boswellia), Haridra, and Sunthi.

Zandu Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar

The Zandu Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar, one of the first Ayurvedic ACVs on the market with twice the potency of its mother, has been introduced. It is composed entirely of pure, vegan, Ayurvedic components that are acquired from immaculate Himalayan farms, and it has no artificial additives at all. The raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered Zandu Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar has no artificial flavour, colour, salt, or sugar added to it.

Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Lepa

Muscle and joint pain can be relieved with Zandu Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Lepa With Inflam Relief Plus. Scientific testing has been done on this Lepa, which helps with neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain relief as well as stiffness reduction and flexibility improvement. Ingredients like eucalyptus oil, menthol, sunthi, clove oil, and wintergreen oil are all-natural, vegetarian, and Ayurvedic.

Zandu Vigorex For Her Capsules

To help women maintain their energy levels during their everyday activities, Zandu has launched Female Vigorex, an Ayurvedic power capsule. The benefits of soy, saffron, ashwagandha, satavari, and eight more herbs are added to Zandu Vigorex For Her to assist in preserving overall female health, boost performance, and increase vitality.

Zandu Ayurvedic Papaya Leaf Tablets

Natural Carica papaya leaf extracts are used to make Zandu Papaya Leaf Tablets, which are high in immunomodulatory qualities and antioxidants like vitamins C and E. The abundance of enzymes in papaya leaf extract aids in bettering bowel motions and digestion while also relieving stomach issues.

Seniorz Daily Health Booster Granules

Ingredients like moong, banana, pomegranate, apple, ashwagandha, and triphala are all natural and Ayurvedic. These are a few of the nutritional powerhouses that medical professionals and nutritionists typically recommend. In Ayurveda, they have been studied and utilised for many years. These professionally tested granules are free of salt, sugar, and preservatives.

Seniorz Daily Health Booster Syrup

Zandu Seniorz Daily Health Booster Syrup was produced with elderly persons in mind.  It is a concoction of 24 rich components that were carefully chosen from the vast wealth of Ayurveda. It contains some of the most well-liked and suggested constituents from Ayurveda, including ashwagandha, amalaki, arjuna, mandukaparni, and sunthi, which are known to treat a variety of illnesses and offer a host of health advantages.

Zandu Neem (60 Tablets)

Zandu Neem Tablets are made with 100% pure neem extract to improve the health of your skin. Neem is good for your skin and helps to prevent skin infections like acne and rashes since it functions as an antibacterial. Zandu Neem Tablet is enhanced with the goodness of genuine Neem plant and is carefully prepared to meet your daily health needs.

Zandu Turmeric (60 Tablets)

Each Zandu Turmeric Tablet is precisely constructed using the natural extract of 100% pure Haldi (turmeric). Curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric tablets, has various biological properties, including antibacterial, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. These characteristics combine to make these tablets highly effective at warding off illnesses and enhancing general health.

Zandu Giloy (60 Tablets)

Zandu Giloy Tablets enhance general health by preserving normal blood sugar levels, enhancing skin and liver function, and enhancing immunity. Our tablets provide the health benefits of Giloy in a handy, ingestible form.

Zandu Amalaki (60 Tablets)

Improve your well-being with Zandu Amlaki Tablets, which are meticulously prepared from pure amalaki extract. Renowned in Ayurveda as a Rasayana medicine, amalaki has numerous advantages for mental and physical health. Amalaki, a natural powerhouse rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid), is believed to boost immunity, stimulate metabolism, ward off infections, and support good digestive function.

Bone Care Juice with Seva & Amalaki

Asthisamharaka (Cissus quadrangularis), also known as Hadjod in Hindi, is one of the main constituents of Zandu Bone Care Juice. This precious herb has several therapeutic applications. Because of its capacity to support and enhance bone health, it often takes the form of a bone or a bone joint and is utilised in Ayurvedic formulations.

DiaBTS Tablets

These tablets, which are made entirely of the Ayurvedic herb salacia, present a potential option for anyone looking for an efficient Ayurvedic medication to keep their blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

Detox Juice with Wheatgrass & Amla

The best Amalaki (Amla) fruit and Godhum (Wheatgrass) plant are used to create Zandu Detox Juice. Juice is made from blended, pasteurised, and packaged ingredients that may be quickly and easily consumed at work or on the road. It aids in blood purification and detoxification. It helps digestion, prolongs the ageing process, increases energy and immunity, supports good skin, hair, and bones, and keeps blood sugar levels in check.

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Potli

With 17 Ayurvedic herbs, this Zandu Ayurvedic Pain Relief Potli is a one-stop shop for treating all kinds of pain. In addition to lowering pain, stiffness, and swelling, it improves blood circulation. It contains 100% natural and Ayurvedic pain-relieving herbs including Eranda, Nirgundi, Rasna, Bala, and Kundru to help you relieve pain naturally.

Ayurvedic Medicines Price in India

Ayurvedic Products Price
Zandu Nityam Vati Tablet Rs. 422
Ashwagandha Capsules for Stress and Anxiety Rs. 200
Zandu Ayurvedic Shilajit Capsule for Strength & Power Rs. 499
Zandu Pancharishta Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic Rs. 179
Ayurvedic Cough Syrup Rs. 280
Zandu Triphala Capsules Rs. 239
Zandu Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother Rs. 349
Karela Jamun + 3 Herbs Health Juice Rs. 238
Zandu Lalima Syrup Rs. 180
Zandu Ayurvedic Hair Growth Vitalizer Capsules Rs. 299
100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin Rs. 499
Zandu Vigorex Max Capsules Rs. 250
Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Rs. 314
Zandu Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar Rs. 199
Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Lepa Rs. 269
Zandu Vigorex For Her Capsules Rs. 399
Zandu Ayurvedic Papaya Leaf Tablets Rs. 359
Seniorz Daily Health Booster Granules Rs. 584
Seniorz Daily Health Booster Syrup Rs. 465
Zandu Neem (60 Tablets) Rs. 160
Zandu Turmeric (60 Tablets) Rs. 160
Zandu Giloy (60 Tablets) Rs. 160
Zandu Amalaki (60 Tablets) Rs. 160
Bone Care Juice with Seva & Amalaki Rs. 359
DiaBTS Tablets Rs. 359
Detox Juice with Wheatgrass & Amla Rs. 279
Ayurvedic Pain Relief Potli Rs. 412

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ayurveda products really work?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine originating in India, and it has been used for over hundreds of years. It uses a variety of treatments including herbs, dietary practices, and lifestyle changes to provide a holistic result for every kind of health issue. The effectiveness of Ayurvedic products can vary widely depending on several factors.

What is the difference between Ayurvedic and Herbal products?

Ayurvedic medicines and products are made using the ancient holistic system of Ayurveda, utilizing herbs, minerals, and lifestyle practices tailored to one's constitution (doshas). Whereas herbal remedies are prepared following global traditions and focus on using specific plant-based ingredients, often for treating specific symptoms or conditions.

Can I trust Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a centuries-old medical system that has been used and trusted globally. It promises to cure all issues in your body and may even help in preventing future issues. Ayurveda uses traditional formulations and guidance for treatment, hence it generally has no side effects compared to other treatments.

What does Ayurvedic medicine treat?

Ayurveda is effective in treating a wide range of health conditions by addressing imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit. It can address digestive disorders, joint and musculoskeletal issues, respiratory conditions, skin problems, stress-related disorders, women's health issues, metabolic and hormonal imbalances, and chronic conditions.

What are the most popular Ayurvedic treatments?

Some of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments include herbal remedies, dietary modifications, yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises), Panchakarma (detoxification therapies), Abhyanga (oil massage), meditation and mindfulness practices, Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations, and Rasayana therapies (rejuvenation therapies).

Is Ayurvedic medicine safe to use?

Ayurvedic medicines are generally made using herbs and spices and are considered safe if consumed after consultation with a qualified practitioner.

Does Ayurveda have any side effects?

No, Ayurveda generally does not have side effects; in fact, it may enhance health and protect against future health risks.