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Zandu Balm - India’s No.1 Natural Pain Relief Balm (Pack of 3) Zandu Balm - India’s No.1 Natural Pain Relief Balm (Pack of 3)
Zandu Balm - India’s No.1 Natur...

Relieves Headache & Body ache |...

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Punarnava Capsules (60 Caps) Punarnava Capsules (60 Caps)
Punarnava Capsules (60 Caps)

Maintains Kidney Function | Det...

Sale price₹200.00 Regular price₹250.00
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Sonachandi Chyawanplus (900g) Sonachandi Chyawanplus (900g)
Sonachandi Chyawanplus (900g)

Improves Memory | Useful In Cou...

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Chyavanprashad (450g) Chyavanprashad (450g)
Chyavanprashad (450g)

No Added Sugar | Builds 2X Immu...

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Sonachandi Chyawanplus (450g) Sonachandi Chyawanplus (450g)
Sonachandi Chyawanplus (450g)

Improves Memory | Useful In Cou...

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Chyavanprashad (450g)(Pack of 2) Chyavanprashad (450g)(Pack of 2)
Chyavanprashad (450g)(Pack of 2)

No Added Sugar | Builds 2X Immu...

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Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juice (1L) Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juice (1L)
Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juic...

Good For Immunity | Maintains D...

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Kesari Jivan - FFD (450g) Kesari Jivan - FFD (450g)
Kesari Jivan - FFD (450g)

Boosts 2X Immunity | Provides E...

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Zandu Ayurvedic Papaya Leaf Tablets (20 Tabs) Zandu Ayurvedic Papaya Leaf Tablets (20 Tabs)
Zandu Ayurvedic Papaya Leaf Tab...

Increase Blood Platelet Count |...

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Chyavanprash Avaleha (900g) (Pack of 2) Chyavanprash Avaleha (900g) (Pack of 2)
Chyavanprash Avaleha (900g) (Pa...

Boosts 2X Immunity | Provides E...

Sale price₹900.00
Kesari Jivan (450g) Kesari Jivan (450g)
Kesari Jivan (450g)

Boosts Immunity | Provides Ener...

Sale price₹420.00
Snez Cure (6g) (Pack of 3) Snez Cure (6g) (Pack of 3)
Snez Cure (6g) (Pack of 3)
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Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juice (500ml)(Pack of 2) Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juice (500ml)(Pack of 2)
Aloe Vera + 5 Herbs Health Juic...

Good For Immunity | Maintains D...

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Amla (1L) & Aloe-vera (1L) Herbs Juice Combo Amla (1L) & Aloe-vera (1L) Herbs Juice Combo
Amla (1L) & Aloe-vera (1L) Herb...

Boosts Immunity | Keeps Infecti...

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Zandu Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Products: Nurturing Your Wellbeing

Well-being is every individual’s ability to be in the best of health, mind, and spirit. It is the experience of happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind, and fulfilment. Wellness also has the potential to manage stress and feeling well in our daily life. 

Well-being is cardinal to almost any person you come across today. Since it is linked with a list of positive attributes, everyone wants to enjoy its impacts. But daily life stress, poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, and poor lifestyle habits are all inching us far from it. No wonder the risk of health ailments is increasing too.

But the truth is, health & wellness are the easiest factors in our daily life. All they require are simple tips that have little to no side effects on our overall being. How to take the necessary steps toward it? Let’s find out!

What is Good Health And Wellbeing?

Health & wellness are a collective term for quality life. Both are equally cardinal to empower the well-being of physical, mental, and social health put together. Both are an active set of processes that individuals must upgrade time and again to abstain from a degraded quality of living. 

Someone rightly said, “Health & wellness are more than just the absence of ailments.” In the contemporary age, people often believe the same. But you look closely and realize they are far from a healthy life and well-being. Why? Simply because they are unhappy with their careers, dissatisfied with their love life, and can’t find peace at home. The list is endless. 

Good health & wellness is an active step towards a successful existence, each sphere of our lives, their effect on our well-being, and our response to them form a solid structure of well-being. 

The experience of good health & well-being can draw you closer to a full life. It is the state of mindfulness, social connectedness, good nutrition, sound sleep, and a well-balanced lifestyle. It is to have all your physical and mental organs operating correctly alongside feeling satisfied with life. A feeling of grace and gratitude is also a step closer to wellness. 

Why is Overall Wellbeing Important?

Well-being not only promotes healthy living. It also instigates us to lead a quality life. Well-being can help us manage our daily stress, solve regular problems with mindfulness and enjoy their positive impacts. It also encourages a better family and social life where you may feel more connected and embraced.

Well-being also has a substantial connection with solitude. Learning to be comfortable in your skin, love yourself for who you are, and embrace being you, are all attributes of wellness. Thus, well-being includes a realm of positive goals and aspirations that drive us to the finish line of longevity, speedier recovery, and better immune health too. 

5 Important Types of Well-being

1. Physical Wellbeing

Wellness encourages us to ward off physical stress, exhaustion, and health ailments and enjoy good physical strength. It empowers speedy recovery, physical activeness, and positive lifestyle behaviour through regular exercise, good food, proper sleep, and more. 

2. Economic Wellbeing

Wellness that fosters prosperity, abundance, and a healthy economic life. These attributes are encouraged with employment, good career life, a satisfactory financial position, and economic growth. 

3. Social Wellbeing

Wellness that encourages better social connectedness and growing social intimacy. Keeping consistent connections with friends, spending quality time with loved ones, and engaging in volunteer work are certain factors that contribute to social well-being. 

4. Psychological Wellbeing

Wellness that motivates better mental health. Mindfulness, emotional balance, healthy stress management, and a positive mindset are all attributes of psychological well-being. 

5. Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional well-being is the ability to administer stress, embrace our emotions, take charge of them, and adapt to change.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Health & Well-being at Home

1. Declutter Your Room

Decluttering your personal space is a great way to perform catharsis. This activity has a direct link with your psychological well-being which helps manage stress. Later, organizing the space in a neat and tidy order can further enhance psychological well-being since you no longer have to stress about hunting for things you need. Getting rid of certain unnecessary items can improve well-being further by making room for more important objects. 

2. Eliminate the Risk Of Accidents

At home, we come across varied tools and technologies that may increase the risk of accidents. This can take a detrimental toll on our physical and mental well-being. Eliminating these risky objects or storing them in a safe spot can be helpful. Any unnecessary object that may cause severe health implications is best disposed of safely. Floors littered with peels of vegetables or shoes can also be cleaned up in this process. 

3. Organize the Kitchen for Healthy Cooking

A messy kitchen can lead to more accidents, spillage, and, eventually, excess work. This can truly affect your peace when wanting to indulge in a focused experience. Creating a seamless kitchen experience using organizers and easy access to tools can amplify healthy cooking. This way, one is more likely to enjoy the activity and foster better psychological well-being. 

4. Add Planters to Purify the Air 

Using planters to purify the air can be an intelligent practice. It helps reduce stress, good health, welcome positivity, and balance emotions. Planters can also eliminate toxins that purify the air and pave the way for a healthier lifestyle. Snake Plant and Peace Lily are our top picks for this purpose. 

5. Create a Bedroom that Radiates Peace

Light-coloured walls, movable furniture, and soft decor light reflect a sense of peace. When infused into your bedroom, together, they can promote optimum wellness and health. Blackout blinds and curtains can help induce sound sleep, which is another important factor in empowering well-being. 

Top 6 Ayurvedic Health & Wellness Products offered by Zanducare

1. Snez Cure

The Ayurvedic product is a natural remedy against allergies. It is fast-acting, provides comprehensive relief, and is non-steroidal. Snez cure comes in a pack of 3 and can effectively help reduce sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. 

2. Kesari Jivan

This 200g pack provides immunity-boosting properties, encourages good energy levels, and provides Calcium for better physical strength. The richness of Pearl and Saffron in this Ayurvedic product empowers better stamina and strength too. 

3. Kesari Jivan FFD 

This ayurvedic product is a much more enhanced version of the Kesari Jivan above. It boosts 2x immunity, promotes better energy levels, and improves stamina as well. By consuming 1 to 2 tablespoons of this product every morning, you can indulge in a healthier living. Consume it with milk or honey as per your choice. 

4. Sonachandi Chyawanplus

This 900 grams ayurvedic product is helpful for the improvement of memory. It can also relieve cough and cold due to the immunity-boosting properties present in it. This product contains the goodness of nearly 51 traditional ayurvedic ingredients that can help eliminate infections and a variety of health ailments too. 

5. Punarnava Capsules

The Ayurvedic product comes in a pack of 60 capsules. It maintains kidney functions, strengthens the functions of the liver, and also detoxifies the body. It is made using 100% pure extracts that can also treat urinary functions effectively. 

6. Aloe Vera Gel + 5 Herbs Health Juice

This product not only boosts immunity but also maintains good digestive health and supports skin health as well. It is made with the richness of Marica, Lavanga, Suthi, Khajur, and Yavanai. The herbal juice is natural and 100% safe for use too. 



Well-being is a holistic approach to a good life. We hope that this guide can encourage you to understand both health & wellness accurately. But we also hope that you can implement them in your daily living the right way and leverage them for the years to come. 

Wellness must be encouraged among everyone so you can tread towards a quality life with everyone in association. Journaling can help measure your state of wellness time and again. This can assist in realizing what aspects of life require enhanced doses of wellness so you can improve your quality of life without feeling hindered. 


  • Well-being is every individual’s ability to be in the best of health, mind and spirit. (CDC)

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