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The topic of human sexuality ignites controversy as much as curiosity. But sometimes, it is considered to be taboo, especially if the topic concerns masturbation.

Although the act of masturbation has been there since human existence, it is often shrouded in societal stigma and mystery. While some people consider it to be a healthy act of living, others are well aware of the side effects of daily masturbation.

Although daily masturbation is a personal choice, the effects of masturbation can go beyond the physical realm. It often imposes an impact on intimate relationships, sexual health as well as overall well-being. This article will focus on highlighting the side effects of excessive masturbation and discuss how it impacts an individual negatively. 

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation refers to the act of stimulating oneself through genital touch to secure sexual pleasure or potentially reach an orgasm. Masturbation serves various purposes for various individuals. For some, it may act as a way  for exploring one’s body, clearly understanding personal sexual responses and realizing one’s sexual preference and desire.

Although masturbation has been associated with several benefits like improved sleep, stress reduction and enhanced sexual satisfaction, excessive masturbation brings in some side effects that can invite a lot of problems as well as disrupt a healthy lifestyle both physically and psychologically. Here, you can check related sex facts and quotes.

Is Masturbating daily Good or Bad for Health?

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Masturbation is a personal choice, and its frequency varies from one individual to another. Considering its impact on our health, there have been numerous opinions. While masturbation may not necessarily be harmful for individuals, experts suggest that excessive or daily masturbation interferes with everyday life, relationships and responsibilities and serves as a sign of compulsive sexual behaviour. 

If excessive masturbation leads to emotional distress and emotional stress and affects your ability to engage in daily activities, the frequency must be moderated by evaluating your daily habits. 

List of Masturbation Side Effects

Although daily masturbation is an individual choice that may be considered normal and healthy by many, Below are mentioned some side effects that may stem from excessive masturbation:

1. Physical discomfort

Excessive masturbation often leads to irritation and physical discomfort especially  in the genital area. The repetitive pressure and friction tend to cause soreness, redness or minor abrasions, as the genital is composed of sensitive tissues that become irritated when handled roughly. 

In some cases, tissues may also become inflamed as a result of repetitive stimulation and release of fluids as a response to sexual arousal. Excessive or daily masturbation also leads to muscle fatigue and overstimulation of the ending of the nerves present in the genitals. 

Other than this, prolonged or intense masturbation without the use of proper lubrication may lead to skin dryness.

2. Impact on relationships and daily life

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Engaging in frequent masturbation can also interfere with personal goals, daily responsibilities, social activities as well as hobbies. As a result, it tends to consume a significant amount of focus and time, which may lead to reduced productivity. 

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However, if masturbation becomes a primary source of sexual gratification, it may also impact intimate relationships. This is because it doesn’t concern engaging in sexual activities with the partner. To maintain a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship, it is essential to enhance a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

3. Decreased sensitivity

Daily masturbation with intense and prolonged stimulation often leads to decreased sensitivity temporarily, which desensitises the genitals. Thus, it might take a higher intensity and increased stimulation to achieve a similar level of orgasm or sexual pleasure. 

This can, however, hamper an individual’s ability to engage in passionate sexual intercourse. It is only with time and rest that sensitivity returns to normal. 

4. Psychological and emotional effects

Some individuals may confront psychological and emotional distress as a result of excessive or daily masturbation. Individuals may get feelings of anxiety, guilt and shame due to religious and cultural beliefs, which may negatively impact their mental health. 

Moreover, personal internalized attitudes are also often responsible for emotional distress. Addressing these emotions is extremely important. One can also seek support through counseling or therapy if needed. 

5. Fatigue and energy depletion

Excessive masturbation leads to temporary feelings of fatigue and depleted energy as a result of the release of hormones, response of relaxation and physical exertion. This causes a temporary decrease in energy levels. 

Therefore it is essential to engage in self-care and listen to the needs of your body when it needs adequate rest. This will help you to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

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6. Interference with sexual function

Excessive masturbation, especially when associated with intense or non-standard techniques, results in difficulties with sexual function. This may also lead to delayed ejaculation, challenges in achieving orgasm, or erectile dysfunction issue in some individuals hampering their sex life. This may also eventually result in reduced sexual intensity and passion.

How to Get Rid of Masturbating Habbit Everyday?

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If you have planned to reduce the frequency of your masturbation or refrain from daily masturbation, here are a few suggestions that may help:

1. Set goals that seem realistic

The best way to deal with these effects is to set realistic goals for yourself rather than attempting to stop masturbation completely. You can start off by reducing the frequency and engaging yourself with other work when you feel the urge to masturbate. Make sure you reduce the desire to a level that you are comfortable with.

2. Identify triggers

Pay attention closely to the triggers that lead you to the desire for masturbation. This may be a specific emotion, environment or situation. Once you identify this trigger, it will become easy for you to manage them efficiently and improve your sexual performance over time.

3. Look for alternative activities

Distracting your mind is essential to alleviate the effects of excessive masturbation. You can distract your mind by engaging in various other activities that can keep you occupied. This may involve hobbies, reading your favourite novel, spending time with friends, learning something new, as well as physical exercise. Resorting to enjoyable and fulfilling activities can assist you in redirecting your focus away from the urge to masturbate. 

4. Look ways for a modification of your environment

Make necessary changes to your environment that will eventually help in discouraging you and minimising the urge for masturbation. For instance, you can engage in meaningful activities like rearranging your room. 

Removing visual stimuli that trigger sexual thoughts in you, if any, or refrain from accessing devices that contribute to the development of that habit. A change in the environment will automatically change your mindset, and you will not frequently be preoccupied with the same thought.

5. Seek help

If you find that controlling the urge is becoming unmanageable for you, you can also consider reaching out to your friends or therapist for helpful advice. They will offer you the right guidance by understanding your case and advise you on strategies to overcome the challenges that you may face in refraining from engaging in masturbation every day.

6. Practise self-care

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For managing sexual urges, you can consider your engagement in self-care activities. They help a lot. This may include practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing. You can also focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercising, cooking healthy meals and getting adequate sleep.

You must also remember that changing habits takes significant time and effect. Therefore you need to be patient with the results. Therefore you need to avoid feeling guilty and self judge yourself for not being able to live up to your promise all the time.

If you feel setbacks or relapses, consider them as your lesson and focus on ways by which you can get back on track rather than being preoccupied with perceived failures. Also, make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet

However, it is also essential to note that everyone’s journey is different and unique in its own way. Therefore what may work for one person may not work for another. Therefore consider approaches that will align with your long-term goals and personal values. 

Once you find things are going out of control after trying all these strategies, you must consider consulting a therapist or a healthcare professional who can offer you personalised guidance and support.

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