Top 15 Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice According to Ayurveda

Sugarcane juice is one of the most demanding and refreshing drinks in the summer. It not only cools you down but also benefits the overall body in many ways. It can quench your thirst by beating hydration. The reason is it is packed with abundant water content along with proteins, essential vitamins, carbohydrates, and most of the vital minerals.

In short, nothing is more remarkable than chilled sugarcane juice on a hot summer day. You will be surprised to know that sugarcane juice is a grass plant that is found in around 36 varieties and has no fat which makes this drink a 100% natural drink.

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Facts About Sugarcane

India is the world's largest producer of sugarcane, followed by Brazil, because of which it is readily available all over the nation at an affordable price. Basically, sugarcane juice is prepared from the sugarcane plant scientifically called Saccharum Officinarum. Sugarcane juice has a high sugar content which is why it is not advisable for diabetic patients.

But if you are normal and want to add flavor to your taste, have or serve this cool drink with ice with a flavored dash of lemon or sizzled with mint, salt, and ginger. Additionally, sugarcane is also a key ingredient in many products like rum, biofuel, ethanol, jaggery, and molasses. Furthermore, one mature sugarcane plant can quickly grow up to 30 feet tall and takes around 9-24 months to become mature. 

Above all, if you extract sugar from sugarcane juice, it only contains 15 calories. However, if you serve 8 ounces of sugarcane juice without any additives or chemicals, it carries a handful of 180 calories, which is undoubtedly very low.

On top of that, raw sugarcane juice contains around 13 grams of dietary fiber per serving, which is very helpful in carrying out many body functions.

Cultivation of Sugarcane Juice

The growth of sugarcane needs a temperate or tropical climate with 60 centimeters of annual moisture. Along with this, this crop also requires a continuous supply of water. You will be surprised to know that this is the one and only plant which has the ability to convert 1% of incident solar energy to biomass. That means the sugarcane plant is very environmentally friendly.

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Top 15 Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

1. Works as an energy booster

Sugarcane juice indeed has a high content of sugar, but it doesn't offer any negative health effects like other fruit juices. It is purely natural and helps hydrate the body of the individual in the summer season. 

However, to add more taste to the juice, you can also add various other ingredients that boost the energy instantly. This instant energy booster is best for workers who want to endure fatigue. 

2. Cures acne

Having sugarcane juice regularly also cures various skin problems like acne. So, if your skin is prone to acne, try a sugarcane juice face mask for the best result. To prepare the face mask, take sugarcane juice and multani mitti.

Mix multani mitti in the sugarcane juice to make the medium consistency liquid. After that, apply the mask on the face and neck gently. Leave it for around 20 minutes and after that, use a wet towel to clean the face and neck.

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3. Helps cancer patients

Up to some extent, sugarcane juice is very helpful in preventing cancer. The reason, it is high in alkaline content, which means iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, etc. If a cancer patient intakes sugarcane juice regularly, cancer cells will not survive in an alkaline environment by which breast cancer or prostate cancer will be at bay.

4. Improves digestion

Some of the studies show that sugarcane extracts are high in dietary fiber. So, adding sugarcane juice to the diet relieves symptoms of bloating, constipation, and cramping. 

Apart from that, drinking sugarcane juice after lunch or dinner also improves digestion. Moreover, it also heals the inflammation in the gut and in stimulating peristaltic motion. So, add sugarcane juice to your home juice bar and offer this juice if any of your family members is suffering from digestion issues.

5. Benefits in kidney functioning

If you take sugarcane juice on a daily basis, it boosts the protein levels in your body, which automatically maintains the functioning of the kidneys. However, taking this sugarcane juice in diluted form, like with lime juice and coconut water, reduces the burning sensation.

Furthermore, sugarcane juice is also good for chronic kidney disease as antioxidants in this juice help boost the immune system and fight infections in the body. 

6. Ensures safe pregnancy

If pregnant women take this juice regularly, it will be very helpful. The reason is it facilitates quicker conception and safer pregnancy. Sugarcane juice contains trace amounts of folic acid or vitamin B9, protecting the baby from congenital neural disabilities like Spina bifida. 

One of the research also shows that this juice minimizes ovulating issues in women, thus increasing the chances of conception. 
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7. Fights cavities and bad breath

Undoubtedly, it is loaded with minerals like calcium and phosphorus, essential to strengthening the teeth' enamel and protecting them from decay. On top of that, nutrients in this juice fight against bad breath due to nutrient deficiency.

8. The best remedy for Jaundice

As per traditional Ayurveda, sugarcane juice is a remarkable boon to strengthen the liver, eventually, the best remedy for jaundice. This sugarcane juice is high in various antioxidants because it fights against infection by maintaining the bilirubin level of the body. 

Apart from that, it also replenishes the body with all the lost proteins and nutrients which is needed to recover from all types of ailment quickly.

9. Cures febrile disorders

Health experts suggest that sugarcane juice is a well-known liquid in curing instances of febrile disorders, which is very common in growing kids. This disorder is very notorious and causes frequent fevers with very high temperatures. This fever also causes protein loss which is quite harmful to the body. But in this condition, taking sugarcane juice replenishes this loss of protein.

10. Prevents aging

Are you looking for some remedy for anti-aging and fine skin lines? If yes, sugarcane juice is the right remedy. It has a high content of antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic acid which moisturizes the skin by making it soft and glowing.  

Moreover, the glycolic acid in the sugarcane juice maintains the skin's overall radiance.

11. Aids people suffering from diabetes

Most people think that Sugarcane juice is not good for diabetic patients as it has high sugar content. But you are mistaken. In reality, sugarcane juice is good if consumed in moderation. 

 Sugarcane has sucrose which has a low glycemic index and helps in controlling the blood sugar level. One of the studies shows that if an individual drinks sugarcane juice, it will alter the blood glucose level of diabetic patients drastically. But ensure to consult the doctor before drinking.

12. Speeds up the process of wound healing

This juice is rich in natural sucrose, a vital ingredient in making the healing process faster. It is a wonder drink, which is also helpful if you apply this juice to the affected area. 

13. Treats sore throat

Most people have an issue of sore throats, because of which they feel sudden itching or irritation in their throat. So, to soothe this problem, have a glass of sugarcane juice with a dash of lime and black salt.

 It is an unsurpassed remedy for sore throat as it contains vitamin C. 

14. It helps in losing weight

These days everyone wants to stay fit and lose weight. So, if you are one who wants to lose weight then sugarcane juice is the best drink. Since it has natural sugar, this juice reduces unhealthy cholesterol levels. Also, it is rich in soluble fiber that helps the individual to reduce weight easily and quickly.

15. Makes strong bones

Sugarcane juice contains lots of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are very important to make human bones strong. That means if you habitually take sugarcane juice in summer, the risk of osteoporosis is very low. 
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The Bottom Line

Sugarcane juice is the best drink in summer for a healthy and robust system. It not only offers amazing health benefits rather acts as an instant energy-booster. But if you are suffering from diabetes and febrile disorder make sure to consume it in moderation to remain healthy.



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