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Did you know there’s so much you can do to mitigate the risks of health ailments by improving your bedroom scenarios with your partner?


From boosting your mood to reducing chances of heart ailment, having sex can be health beneficial. But is daily sex good for health?

Let’s dive into the following points to understand more on this front.

Wondering Why Daily Sex Is Good for Health? 

In Ayurveda, sex holds paramount importance. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, sex offers in-depth nourishment to the body. Going by the terms, the body is made of seven ras, and rasa falls under Shukradhatu or sexual fluid. From the fluid, another form of rasa is formed that is referred to as Ojas. An oasis is the foundation of new life.

Another factor that affects your sexual energy, according to Ayurveda, is Apana Vayu. This factor regulates menstruation, orgasm, and reproduction. Having sex daily alleviates stress, produces oxytocin, and boosts immunity. Now that you have discovered the Ayurvedic importance of sex, let’s closely examine the health benefits. Mentioned below are the benefits you need to learn:

List of Health Benefits of Regular Sex 

Once you get into the habit, your sole purpose while having sex is satiating the other person’s longings. Maintaining a healthy and good sex life does not mean instructing your partner to listen to you but communicating with them about your longings and vice-versa.

To boost your intimacy in bed, asking and understanding your partner’s desires is important. This makes your bedroom scenarios more intriguing and fun. If you are trying hard to increase your libido for better arousal, everyday sex can help you out.

Let’s learn the points below to understand how sex is good for your health:

1. Say Goodbye to Sleep Deprivation

    Passionate and intense sex releases happy hormones. Once endorphins and oxytocin are released, it boosts your intimacy and eagerness. The hormones improve your sleep pattern and lead to a healthier life. Besides, it boosts your immune system and improves your mood too. 

    2. Mitigates Risks of Higher BP

      Hypertension is caused due to excessive stress, resulting in an increased blood pressure level. Since sex is a great way to ease anxiety and stress, it also prevents individuals from the risks of high BP. In fact, it calms your nerves and strengthens you from the inside.

      3. Be In the Present by Alleviating Anxiety

        During sex, you allow your body to feel the sensations during sex. But did you ever realize it’s an effective method that alleviates anxiety?

        By definition, anxiety is the anticipation of something dangerous occurring in the future.

        Therapists suggest practicing different ways to eliminate anxiety by being in the present. Being in the present helps ease stress and anxiety. And having sex is the best way to deal with stress and anxiety while keeping you peaceful and calm.

        4. May Alleviate Risks of Abnormal Cell Growth

          Did you know that sex can actually mitigate the risks of prostate cancer? Daily sex can reduce the risks due to ejaculation. In short, prostate cancer is caused due to abnormal cell growth caused by sperm releases for a prolonged duration. A healthy sex life can mitigate the risk in men. So, that’s a great benefit sex can have in your life.

          5. Enjoy the Morning Glow

            You might have tried different creams and serums, but there’s nothing better than having sex. Does that sound too clichĂ©d? Well, surveys suggest that having sex every day gives you glowing skin. By offering a vibrant texture to your face, healthy sex can release happy hormones and improve positive thinking. All in all, you experience a healthy relationship with your partner with a strengthened emotional bond.

            6. Increased Libido

              Not everyone can hold their longings for quite a long time, which results in an unsatisfied sex life. But you can improve your condition by having sex every day. Besides, you can get several supplements that improve your libido. Supplementing with Shilajit or Ashwagandha can increase your sex drive.

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              Not to forget, you must understand your partner’s desires too. Ensure that you sensitively handle the matter rather than being aggressive.

              7. Eliminate Period Cramps and Discomfort

                For ladies, period cramps are the worst nightmare. But having sex every day can actually help you out. If you are suffering from discomfort, physical intimacy with your partner helps you ease the condition.

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                Also, sex during periods has fewer chances of pregnancy, which is a perk for women who want to concentrate on their careers currently. However, not everyone loves the concept of having sex during periods. For them, it is a better way to enjoy orgasm by enjoying intimacy with your spouse or mate.

                8. Great for Weight Management

                  Are you planning to reduce weight?

                  Your bedroom activities can do the favor. Having sex every day reduces the chances of dangerous ailments and burns calories, which is great for weight management.

                  Did you know a couple who enjoys intense sex can burn around 108 calories within half an hour? Also, kissing burns calories way faster than you ever imagine.

                  9. Improves Your Heart Condition

                    Did you know daily sex can reduce the risks of heart ailments? If you enjoy everyday sex, you will have fewer blood pressure and stroke chances. During your sexual intercourse, you breathe. And this act improves your heart condition by making your heart more functional.

                    10. Improves Immunity

                      Still wondering if everyday sex good for health? Well, the secret to living longer is by improving your immune system. And having sex can be the right answer on that front. Everyday sex helps you live longer. But you should not neglect your diet. Devote to a diet routine that includes walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate, avocados, watermelon, and bananas. Do not forget that an active lifestyle will add more pleasure to your love life.

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                      11. Makes You More Focused

                        Experiencing difficulty in being productive for a longer period of time?

                        You can consume supplements for sharper and better memory. However, surveys suggest that everyday sex can also make you more focused. In fact, regular sex can have positive impacts on a woman’s concentration level.

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                        It is believed to be related to the hippocampus’s stimulation. Note that the hippocampus happens to be a part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memorization. Daily sex improves it and makes you more concentrated and productive throughout the day. 

                        12. Say Goodbye to Depression

                          The healthier your sex life is, the happier your body is as it releases more happy hormones. Everyday sex helps release feel-good hormones such as:

                          • Dopamine

                          • Serotonin

                          • Endorphins

                          • Oxytocin

                          These happy hormones eliminate depression and even lower the chances for depression to reoccur. 

                          13. Perfect Balance in Hormones

                            Everyday sex improves the levels of estrogen and testosterone. In a man’s body, there’s a higher content of testosterone and lower content of estrogen, and vice-versa. Having sex every day boosts the production of these hormones in both women and men.

                            As a result, it leads to a better sex drive, improved heart rate, and a stronger musculoskeletal system. With a higher level of estrogen, there will be a lower chance of developing heart ailments in women. And lower testosterone boosts a calm personality in a man.

                            4 Herbs that Improve Your Sex Life

                            If you want to pave the Ayurvedic paths to improve your sex life, here are the most common spices and herbs to use to improve your libido:

                            • Ashwagandha: You can consume it by adding the ingredient to your tea. Or you can also find Ashwagandha supplements in the form of tablets from the market. Here, you can read more about ayurvedic supplements for sexual health.

                            • Shilajit: It is a powerful herb that boosts your sex life. Find 100% pure Shilajit tablets from the market. Or you may also get vitality supplements, with Shilajit being the most important ingredient. Check indepth list of food to increase sexual power in men and women. Let's understand about Shilajit more!

                            • Kaunch Beej: The best way to supplement with kaunch beej is by blending one tablespoon of its powder with milk or water. Alternatively, mix it with one teaspoon of honey to get a better taste.

                            • Gokshura: Another way to improve your sex drive is by supplementing with Gokshura. Find the best tables that do not include preservatives or added sugar from the market. Get 100% pure Gokshura tablets and experience an improved libido.

                            If you are happy with your sex life, improvement is still possible. On that note, you can try the supplements mentioned above to be effective. Get an insight into Zanducare products to improve sexual wellness. 

                            Top Products for Sexual Wellness offered by Zanducare

                            Given below are top products available in the market for improved sexual health:

                            1. Shilajit Capsules

                              Shilajit is a powerful natural remedy to enhance sexual health & stamina. It helps in improving libido and promotes overall well-being by providing essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins and amino acids necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. It increases blood circulation, helps in reducing stress levels and enhances energy levels.

                              2. Vigorex Capsules

                                Vigorex Capsules are an Ayurvedic formulation that helps to improve physical strength and vitality in males. This capsule contains natural ingredients like Kaunch Beej, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Safed Musli and more. These ingredients work together to provide relief from stress and fatigue and help to improve overall physical strength.

                                3. Vitality Booster

                                  This product is full of natural herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Saffron that are known to provide numerous health benefits. By taking regularly, it helps combat stress and anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels while boosting energy and stamina. This supplement can help reduce fatigue so that you can lead an active life without the worry of being too lethargic.

                                  The Footnote

                                  Healthy sexual lifestyles can improve your overall lifestyle. Enjoying a great bedroom time with your partner can also improve your mental connection with them. One of the best sex health tips is understanding your partner’s fantasies is the foundation of an improved sex life.

                                  So, with the supplements mentioned above, you can also try communicating with your partner about your mutual sexual desires and longings for a better sex life. 

                                  With these things in mind, you can improve your carnal desires and have a better time in bed. If you are feeling uncomfortable discussing your decreased sexual desires, choose the best supplements for sexual wellness. 


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