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Found in the distant Himalayan regions, Shilajit is a sticky substance. It is used as a significant ayurvedic medicine to improve vitality, strength, and immunity. It may also affect our sexual wellness and promote better metabolism. The substance is very effective and safe for use. 

What is most intriguing about using Shilajit is that it consists of nearly 84 different minerals. This may range from Iron, Copper, and Zinc to Lead. Silver is also an important mineral present in it. So, you can expect Shilajit to help ward off the risks of Diabetes, obesity, and even lethargy from your body. In males, it can be very helpful for the improvement of their fertility by enhancing testosterone levels. For those suffering from memory loss and Anaemia too, this substance may work wonders. 

This is the reason why over the years, many ayurvedic brands have started to leverage the power of Shilajit for health and well-being. Zandu Care also makes the most of it in many of its potential products. Zandu Shilajit capsules are one of them. The treatment is 100% ayurvedic, natural and vegetarian. So, you can opt for it now from their online website. Now that we know what is Shilajit, here’s more about this wonderful substance.

List of Shilajit Benefits 

1. Eliminates Risk Of Low Testosterone Levels 

Testosterone is a male hormone that helps build a good sex drive. It may help manage muscle mass, fat distribution, and even strength in the body. In other cases, it may also help produce sperm and red blood cells in the body. This means that a low level of this male hormone in the body could disrupt all these functions that it has to offer to the body. 

As a result, you may start experiencing low sex drive, loss of muscle mass, and even more muscle fat. Apart from this, you may also start to experience hair loss and exhaustion that may be hard to combat. 

With Shilajit, it becomes easier to eliminate the risk of low levels of testosterone. Shilajit benefits may allow you to also avoid the risk of erectile dysfunction, which is a common impact of low testosterone levels. 

2. Reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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We all feel tired every once in a while. Especially after working for long hours, we are bound to feel exhausted. But if you start feeling fatigued for no apparent reason, it may be a sign of a chronic health condition. 

In many cases, chronic fatigue syndrome may also occur. This is a long-term health problem wherein a person is bound to feel exhausted all the time. It might occur due to a considerably low level of energy in their body. 

With Shilajit benefits for males and women, the likelihood of reducing chronic fatigue syndrome effects is possible. When consumed in the right doses, one can easily avoid its impacts for long. 

3. Eradicates High Altitude Sickness 

When one reaches a high altitude in a flight or a helicopter, nausea, and feelings of sickness are common. Your head may start to feel dizzy, and the body may feel pain. You may also experience Insomnia, lethargy, and Pulmonary Edema in certain cases. But that is not all. 

Certain people may also experience Hypoxia and Dementia as common symptoms of high altitude sickness. This implies that there is a dire need for the right treatment. Shilajit makes it possible. 

Shilajit benefits for female and male individuals may be possible in this case. Make sure you speak to the doctor before you consume this ayurvedic treatment for relief. 

4. Helps Combat Infertility 

Cases of infertility in both men and women are quite common today. In fact, the statistics continue to grow due to poor lifestyle choices, eating habits, and lack of sufficient exercise. Thankfully, Shilajit can help make a difference in this case. 

The benefits women and men allow individuals to combat problems of infertility while there is still time. If you continue to consume the ayurvedic remedy as per your healthcare provider’s recommendations, you are bound to see changes in your fertility. In men, it can help improve sperm count significantly. 

5. Better Heart Health 

better heart health

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Heart conditions are also common today among all other problems. Since cardiac arrest and strokes can be fairly deadly for the human body, it is important to prevent them as much as possible. Shilajit can help with that too. 

Shilajit usage allow it to act as a dietary supplement against poor heart health. However, if you have active heart disease, it is recommended to avoid taking these medications at all. In case you do, make sure you visit your healthcare expert at the earliest to avoid any health complications. 

6. Helps With Graceful Aging 

Cellular damage and free radicals become common when aging. Although aging is a natural process that every human body undergoes, it is important to slow the signs so that one can age gracefully. This is especially useful in the case of women who are often afraid to experience the fast process of aging. Shilajit helps improve longevity. It may also help you to age more gracefully and naturally. Thus, your process of aging grows slower. 

7. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder wherein a person may experience poor thinking, memory loss, and deteriorated brain functions. Their behavior may also be distorted in this process. Although there are many drug treatments available to help cure Alzheimer’s, many of them come with potential side effects that may worsen the condition. Shilajit, on the other hand, is safer for use. 

Since Shilajit contains antioxidants, it can help prevent Alzheimer’s. So, make sure you leverage it while you can if you suffer from the same brain disorder. 

8. Eliminates Iron Deficiency Anemia 

When you experience Iron deficiency Anemia, you are more likely to experience blood loss and a low-iron diet. This may also lead to your body failing to absorb sufficient amounts of Iron. As a result, you may begin to experience fatigue, irregularity in your heart beat, and cold hands. You may also experience cold feet, weakness, and headaches. Shilajit helps improve iron levels in the body. This automatically helps eliminate Iron Deficiency Anemia. 

9. Reduces The Risks Of Cancer 

fight cancer

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During cancer Chemotherapy, free radicals are generated. These free radicals may be very harmful to the body. It can be painful. With Shilajit, the destruction of free radicals is possible that may sometimes trigger cancer symptoms. Since Shilajit contains antioxidant properties, it can help kill the free radicals emitted from chemotherapy. 

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The tissue damage that occurs in cancer can also be treated using Shilajit. That is why we continue to talk about its benefits. If you think you might want to reduce the risks of cancer spreading too, this ayurvedic remedy can help. 

10. Eliminates Respiratory Tract Infection 

Children may commonly experience respiratory tract infections. Since Shilajit can work well against HRSV, it can help eliminate respiratory tract infections too. Since Shilajit contains anti-viral properties, it can eliminate this virus on time. 

If there are any blockages in the respiratory tract, Shilajit may eliminate them as well. This way, it may also improve immunity in no time. So, speak to your doctor urgently and find out if Shilajit is what you need. Once your doctor approves, you can go ahead to leverage the effects of this ayurvedic remedy on time. 

Shilajit Uses

Shilajit can be used in a variety of ways. While there are many Shilajit capsules available for your use, you may even find certain tablets that may help. Shilajit powder is also available for use. So, make sure you purchase one that you are most comfortable using. 

However, if you are using the Shilajit capsule, you can easily avail of that from Zandu Care right now. The price of 60 Zandu Shilajit capsules is Rs. 499* only. In fact, there is a buy one, get one free offer on the same.

To consume Zandu Shilajit capsules, you need to take one or two capsules daily. You may also consult your medical expert before consuming these capsules to make sure you incur no health complications at all. This helps you stay on the safe end. 

Ingredients Present In Zandu Shilajit Capsules

If you know about Shilajit, you will know about these capsules too. But the question is, what is it made of? Well, here’s the answer to it. 

1. Shilajit Extract 

Shilajit Extract

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We have already explained the Shilajit extract above. It is authentic, 100% vegetarian, and contains no added preservatives. Shilajit extract is known for a wide variety of benefits. Shilajit benefits for skin are also well-known everywhere. It can help with slower aging and promote better immunity. 


It may also eliminate the risks of infertility and improve metabolism. Apart from this, it is bound to help improve strength and vitality and lower the risks of memory loss as well. That is why people consider Shilajit capsules as they are enriched with this extract. Team Zandu has listed different ways to identify pure Shilajit & guide to buy Shilajit product.

Are There Any Shilajit Side Effects?

Shilajit is a herb. It is an ayurvedic medicine, so naturally, the side effects are minimal. However, it is advised not to consume this substance in its raw or unprocessed form. Since the raw form of Shilajit may have free radicals, fungus, and even heavy metal ions in it, the medication may do more harm than good. 

Whenever you purchase Shilajit online, make sure it is in its pure form. Saying of form, you can also check other form known as Resin. Also, the brand you buy it from must be credible and reliable. Zandu Care is one such online store to purchase it from. It is also advised for patients with Sickle Cell Anemia to abstain from consuming these capsules. 

Apart from this, if you feel dizzy, develop a rash or experience an increased heart rate, stop consuming Shilajit immediately. It is important to visit your health care expert to get diagnosed for any medical urgency too. So, do not avoid it for safety reasons. 

The Bottom Line 

Your health is all that matters. If your health is perfect, you will have a good life. The stress will be minimal; you will be able to manage tasks properly and balance your family life too. That is why if you experience any signs of exhaustion, weakness, or disease in the body, it is best not to leave it untreated. 

Shilajit acts as a protective shield for all those people who want to experience better health and well-being. It makes room for better mental health and physical health and also uplifts your spirit. Try it out now!


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