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Most of the people living in India rely on Ayurveda to take care of their health needs. They can do anything, starting from chewing leaves to drinking juice, as it offers tremendous health benefits like no other. Here if you talk about one plant that has been talked about for generations for delivering health benefits is neem. 

Neem is known as a medicinal herb and one of the famous ingredients used in Indian Ayurveda.  It is also known as Arishta, Holy Tree, and Indian Lilac, which basically grows in the Asian subcontinental regions of India. In Ayurveda, every part of the neem tree, like leaves, fruits, oil, roots, bark, and neem juice, are used for medicinal purposes. The neem is also called the village pharmacy' as every part of the neem tree delivers health benefits.

If you talk about neem juice contains several phytochemicals that fight against various diseases. If you need to learn more about neem juice, continue reading.

Nutritional Benefits of Neem Juice

Neemjuice contains plenty of phytochemicals like:

  • Quercetin  
  • Beta-Sitosterol    
  • Nimbin    
  • Nimbanene    
  • Nimbandiol    
  • Nimbolide    
  • Nibiol    
  • 6-Desacetylnimbinene    
  • N-Hexacosanol    
  • 7-Desacetyl-7-Benzoylazadiradione,    
  • 17-Hydroxyazadiradione    
  • Vitamin C    
  • Amino Acids1  

What is Neem Juice?

Making neem juice at home is not at all tricky and doesn't take much time. For your convenience, I will talk about two options for making neem juice. So, whatever method you choose, make sure to wash the leaves thoroughly to remove dirt and various other impurities.

Fresh leaves

Soak fresh leaves around 10-15 in water for just 5 minutes. After that, discard the water and blend the leaves altogether by adding some water. Make sure not to store the juice.

Fresh neem leaves

Image by Pixabay

Dry leaves

If you prepare juice with dry leaves, you can store it. First of all, sun-dry a big bunch of neem leaves for at least three days but in a shaded area. After that, grim, then dry to make a fine powder. Store this powder in an airtight container, and to make juice add 1 tbsp of powder in one glass of water to enjoy fresh neem juice.

Health Benefits of Drinking Neem Juice

1. Improves digestion

Drinking fresh neem juice early in the morning helps in relieving digestive problems. The reason is it has astringent properties that reduce the formation of gas and bring down flatulence, abdominal issues, and bloating. 

Apart from that, this potent drink also helps the person to get rid of constipation and various other issues.

a woman keep hand on her stomach

Image by Pixabay

2. Boost immunity

Neem also strengthens the immune system of the body as it contains 130 biologically active compounds that relieve viral and bacterial diseases. According to the research, the extracts of neem enhance the action of the immune system. 

Additionally, neem juice is also a solid immune stimulant which is why it keeps the overall health of the immune system in good condition and keeps away all the nasty infections.

3. Destroys cancerous cells

Neem juice comes with numerous medicinal properties, but one of the vital things that neems juice does is kill cancerous cells. No doubt, every individual body has cancerous cells, but normally, they are disorganized. But if an individual creates certain conditions, these cells will get organized. 

In short, until these cancerous cells are loafing around, it will be an issue. If they are at one place and hit it off, it will become an issue. In this situation, taking neem juice on a daily basis keeps all the cancerous cells within a specific limit and will gang up against the system.

4. Promotes hair health

Neem seeds have one active compound that fights against parasites that harm the hair and skin. That means drinking neem juice can ward off lice and dandruff by inhibiting the parasite’s reproduction process. 

The reason is that neem has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that can prevent all hair issues.

5. Delivers clear skin

Almost every individual has some or other type of skin issue; because of this, they feel low. But don't worry! Washing your face and body with neem juice will offer clean and radiant skin. 

Additionally, neem paste also acts as an excellent antibacterial cleanser that you can run on your body before taking a bath. 

Flawless skin of a woman

Image by Pixabay 

6. Heals the wound faster

Neem leaf extracts or juice can also promote the wound healing process, which is clearly observed in several studies. That means if you meet with an accident or suffer from some wound, you can apply neem juice to the affected area. 

It will prevent the wound from getting infected. But ensure to consult the doctor before using neem juice.

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7. Reduces inflammation

Neem has both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Every individual body has free radicals, which can result in chronic diseases with the passing of time. If you neutralize these free radicals, it prevents various health conditions as it destroys the free radicals in the body.

Apart from that, the anti-inflammatory property of neem juice also reduces inflammation and swelling in the body. 

8. Promotes dental and oral health

People living in villages chew neem sticks, and then it is used as a toothbrush. However, you will be surprised to know that in almost every organic toothpaste, neem bark is the main ingredient. The reason being it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties, which promote oral health. (You can also check oral care products from Zandu)

Having neem juice daily cures tooth decay, and many studies show that neems also minimizes the bacteria's ability to colonize and reproduce on the teeth surface by reducing plaque formation.

9. Neem juice purifies the blood

Neem is rich in detoxifying properties, which purify the blood. For best results, drink a glass of neem juice every morning to get rid of all the toxins from the body. 

Moreover, having neem juice regularly also improves blood circulation. In short, having neem juice delivers a win-win situation.


Photo by Unsplash

10. Controls diabetes

In the lab studies, it has been found that neem has anti-diabetic properties, which deliver positive effects on blood glucose and help in reducing the activity of the glycosidase enzyme. 

These activities manage diabetes. But make sure you contact your health experts before taking neem juice on a daily basis.

11. Protects liver

Neem extracts have the excellent potential to protect the liver from damage. These positive results were observed during animal studies. But you must contact your healthcare provider in case you are suffering from any liver issues. 

Possible Side-Effects of Neem Juice

Neem is no doubt a medicinal plant that is used by people in many ways and ayurvedic medications. But still, it can cause several side effects, especially when you are allergic to this plant. Some of the side-effects this plant offers are:-

1. May cause infertility

Neem has cell-damaging properties, due to which it is considered a natural contraceptive and leads to miscarriage in women. One of the studies states that the aqueous extract present in the neem stabilizes semen, but it quickly destroys human sperm within no time. 

That means, when women consume neem juice, it kills the sperm, and if a male consumes 3 mg or more neem juice, it offers adverse effects on male fertility.

2. Causes nausea and vomiting

If neem juice is not digested properly it can also cause nausea and diarrhea. Moreover, if taken in excess, it offers adverse side effects like seizures, kidney failures, metabolic acidosis, and many more.

A picture about vomitting

Image by Pixabay 

3. It may lower blood sugar levels enormously

Taking neem juice in moderation can surely stabilize blood sugar level. But even one high dosage of neem juice can lower the blood sugar level significantly.

4. Not safe for children

By listening to its health benefits, you may think of giving neem juice to children. But for your information, I must tell you neem can cause Reye's syndrome in infants. That means even a small amount of neem juice will offer a negative impact.

Therefore, consult the doctor before giving neem juice to the children.

A group of children

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

5. Disturb skin and stomach lining

If neem juice is not able to be undigested in the body, it will deliver harmful side effects. The reason being it contains Azadirachtin, an active agent which quickly disturbs the stomach lining.

6. It can be toxic to the body

Neem juice can cause neurologic disorders in both adults and children if taken in excess. Moreover, it can lead to symptoms like brain swelling, vomiting, seizures, etc. 

Interaction of Neem Juice with other drugs

Most of the people who take acetaminophen regularly do not drink neem juice as it will lead to liver toxicity. On top of that, ensure not to drink neem juice after learning its properties and without consulting the doctor. Also, if you are taking some kind of regular medication, always consult the doctor and prevent yourself from serious health consequences. 

The Bottom Line

Neem is indeed bitter, but its healing wonders that no other herb offers to people. This is the reason it has an important place in Ayurveda and is considered one of the prominent medicinal herbs to cure several severe medical conditions. 

So, start having neem juice today and see the magical result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often must one drink neem juice?

You can drink neem juice on a daily basis as it offers a number of health benefits. But make sure to have it in moderation and or consult the doctor before making it part of your routine.

2. Is it safe to have neem juice on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can drink neem juice early in the morning and an empty stomach. It will prevent diabetes and nourishes the cardiovascular system. But ensure not to have it in excess.

3. What benefits neem juice offers to the skin?

Neem has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, due to which help reduce inflammation and swelling of acne. Apart from that, it also purifies the blood.

4. What are the different diseases neem juice can cure?

Neem juice has all the benefits which make the individual's body healthy and disease-free. For example, it contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, and antifungal benefits. This is the reason neem juice is highly effective in cancer, malaria, smallpox, and in curing many more ailments.

5. What are the side effects of neem juice?

There are several side effects neem juice can offer to the body if it is taken in excess amounts. So, make sure to have it in moderation; otherwise, get ready for the negative impact. 


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