In Ayurveda, Giloy has been cited as an “Amritavalli” plant which stands for “the root of immortality.”

It is for this reason that the Giloy plant's stem carries a more beneficial compound. However, its leaf is also useful and is widely used in Ayurvedic remedies.

Since Ancient times, the Ayurvedic Herb has been used and appraised for its abundant medical properties, and its benefits are also certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Ayurveda is also known for the miraculous benefits of these powerful herbs. It is only these herbs that give ancient medical science its identity and unique recognition.

Today are exploding in talks across the borders. Globally people are using Giloy and are thankful to Ayurveda for bringing such a heavenly elixir to them.

Apparently, if you have been recommended to consume Giloy by someone, it must have a great reason. So, without losing a moment, let’s take a look at some astounding benefits of Giloy.

How this natural ayurvedic product is an answer to your multiple health challenges, explained below.

Medical Properties of Giloy

The stem of Giloy has been found more beneficial to health compared to other parts of the whole plant. The main nutritional content found in this tiny small stem are alkaloids, glycosides, steroids, and other compounds that are found helpful in the treatment of numerous medical conditions of the patient. Below is a brief on four major compounds that make Giloy extra special –

  • Alkaloids

People who have eaten raw Giloy stem sense a bitter taste that comes from Alkaloids available in the herb. Alkaloids are helpful in the treatment of malaria, body pain, blood pressure and intestine problems.

  • Terpenoids

One of the richest compounds found inside Giloy is Terpenoids. Terpenoid has been found to have some powerful antiviral, anti-diabetic, and antibacterial properties and is also responsible for giving the plant its gorgeous green texture and taste.

  • Lignans

The compound inside Giloy makes this herb a complete source of antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties like Ginger. This results in higher efficacy of Giloy in blood purification. 

  • Steroids

Steroids availability in Giloy makes the herb good for health and skin. It even infuses some amazing healing properties inside Giloy. 

Giloy are guaranteed with the availability of all these four major compounds because the nutritional value of Giloy stem can be accessed in tablet form.

List of Giloy Benefits

The ayurvedic herb is recognized for its astounding health benefits. The description of each is given below. Take a look

1. Improves Eyesight

eyesightimage source: Image by maryannandco photography: Pixabay

The use of Giloy has been said to be very beneficial for the eyes. There is an abundance of antioxidants inside Giloy because a substance called Lutein is found inside the herb, which is very beneficial for eyesight. To get the benefits of Giloy for the eyes, you take Giloy leaves, boil them in water and make the mixture. Apply on your eyes and make sure the mixture is cool. 

2. Treats Arthritis

For patients that are fed up with inflammation in joints and chronic pain in the joint is causing situations bad to worse, then you must try Giloy. It has been found that symptoms associated with any arthritis condition are treatable with this powerful ayurvedic herb. However, the herb may not provide a complete cure to the problem, but it can reduce the severity of the case to a great extent. You can consume Giloy medicines like powder or Giloy tablets with warm milk for instant results.

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3. Giloy for Chronic Fever

Giloy has long been used by ayurvedic experts in the treatment of chronic fever. The herb is useful in fighting chronic and recurrent fevers. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties of Giloy that make Giloy Ghan Vati prevalent for fighting any infection associated with chronic fever. The ancient root-based herb can relieve patients struggling with dengue fever and malaria; it may ensure instant recovery.

4. Controls Blood Sugar Level

blood sugarimage source: Photo by Mykenzie Johnson: Unsplash  

An imbalance in the blood sugar level can explode some unexpected crises within the body and in real life. Modern medicines are, however, helpful in relieving patients, but their side effects are well known to us. This is where Ayurveda's gift to humanity comes to the rescue. Giloy has been named "Madhunashini" by ayurvedic experts, which translates to "destroyer of sugar".

Giloy usage aids in the production of insulin, which simultaneously balances blood sugar levels, and as a result, a diabetic patient can relieve from major challenges. ½ tablespoon of Giloy powder twice a day can fight diabetic complications like kidney problems and ulcers. 

5. Giloy for Dengue Fever

The efficacy of Giloy in managing dengue fever has been praised by many healthcare experts. The anti-inflammatory properties and antipyretic properties of Giloy increase platelet count inside the body, and by boosting the immune system, fighting dengue fever becomes easy for the patient. Patients with dengue fever are advised to drink Giloy juice on a regular basis.

The anti-inflammatory properties of dengue have been scientifically proven and cure a wide variety of diseases apart from dengue. Adding a few tulsi drops is also advisable, as it makes the whole dose more effective.

6. A Natural Immunity Booster

Giloy is a natural immunity booster; it makes your body immune to multiple diseases and disorders, thereby making fighting unwanted health-related challenges easier. Giloy is full of antioxidants, and daily consumption shields your body from viruses and bacterial attacks on the body.

Regular intake of Giloy releases toxins from the body, which makes this ayurvedic herb the best source for body detoxification. Detoxification even helps in bringing a glow to the skin while keeping your life untouched from heart-related problems. 

7. Youthful Skin

As said, Giloy intake detoxifies the body, and the results start to reflect on the skin as well. Giloy is also loaded with antioxidants that contribute to improving blood circulation flow and slowing the ageing of the skin. Rashes on the skin and pimples are also easy to eliminate with the daily intake of Giloy.

The ayurvedic herb bestows a natural glow on the skin by making it clear, supple and super glowing. The benefits will be even more phenomenal if consumed with Amla and Haridra. You can even take advice from ayurvedic experts if you want to use Giloy for your skincare routine.

8. Improves Respiratory Health

respiratory healthimage source: Photo by Karolina Grabowska: pexels

Giloy has a direct positive impact on the respiratory health of humans. Traditionally, the root of immortality was used in the treatment of chronic cough due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Respiratory issues like cough, asthma, cold and cough are also curable with the Giloy based product, making the ayurvedic herb a single solution for multiple breathing problems. By reducing inflammation in the respiratory system, Giloy facilitates a smooth air passage enabling a person to breathe more freely and effectively.

9. Improve Digestion

It has been seen that all health tribulation arises from poor digestion. If your digestion isn't strong, your body won't effectively extract nutrients from the food. This will result in weakness and a breeding ground for multiple diseases and disorders in the body.

But Giloy is the best cure for any digestion-related problem. Whether it is hyperacidity, vomiting, colitis, or diarrhoea, Giloy’s efficacy has been found helpful in the cure of multiple digestion-related concerns.

How to Use Giloy?

After learning in detail about the benefits of Giloy, it’s time to learn steps to use it. Since Giloy root isn't accessible everywhere, it can be found in tablet forms from reputed ayurvedic product shopping sites like Zandu. Still, if you have found Giloy roots, you can consume this herb as per the quick guide given below –

  1. Boil Giloy stem in water
  2. Boil the water until it changes its colour
  3. Strain the Giloy water and cool it down
  4. Drink it and keep up with this routine 

giloy tabletsimage source: zanducare

You can even purchase 100% original Giloy tablets from Zandu, which carry all the nutritional value that you find in the raw Giloy root. Each capsule is carefully developed to ensure the consumer can extract complete benefits from the product.


The use of Giloy in the treatment of multiple diseases and disorders has been around for a long time. Healthcare experts are already praising Giloy ayurvedic aushadhi’s miraculous health advantages. Still, more studies are underway to investigate the other chapter on the helpfulness of this powerful herb.

The herbal supplement is safe to use and makes a body immune to multiple diseases and disorders.

Whether you are already going through health-related challenges or you are a fit person seeking protection against modern outbreaks of diseases, you can start consuming Giloy tablets routinely, and the results will truly work as a miracle for you.


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