Skin Whitening Treatment

Do you find salon skin treatments are expensive and less effective on your skin and need help to get healthy and glowing skin?

Well! Healthy skin does not happen on its own and certainly does not happen overnight. It requires some effort and a small quantity of extra care. However, what if we tell you the key to healthy and glowing skin might just be hiding in your kitchen, and you can make the best Ayurvedic solutions for skin whitening treatment at your home!

A study published in the Journal of Dermatology states, "The Herbal natural face packs are a mix of the goodness of natural ingredients and vitamins needed to keep our skin healthy and radiant.

According to a PwC report in Riding the growth wave Wellness, "77% of Indian households use Ayurvedic products and there’s increasing demand for Ayurveda in India.

*Note: Before applying any face mask, taking a small patch test on your face or body is essential. This test will help in checking for allergies or sensitivity.

Top 15 Skin Whitening Herbs, Medicines & Treatments to Use At Home

1. Honey & Baking Soda

Ayurvedic medicine for skin whitening

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Honey comes with antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, which make it a great fit for your pimple and acne-prone skin. Also, honey is a top humectant that keeps the skin moisturized and not oily. Additionally, if you want to remove blackheads from the pores and tighten the skin, honey is what you need to smoothen the skin and make it glowing.

Pro Tip: You can apply some raw honey on the face and leave it there for ten minutes before using lukewarm water to wash it off. The skin will seem smooth and hydrated after about two to three applications.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Make a face mask with a teaspoon of baking soda, lemon juice, and a tablespoon of honey.
  • Step 2: Put this on the face and neck and leave it on for twenty minutes before rinsing it off.


  • This remedy works as a gentle exfoliant, a skin cleanser, which helps to remove dead skin and gives a brighter complexion.

  • It helps to regulate the PH balance, which deeply cleanses the skin and unclogs pores.

  • It gives a brightening effect and improves skin tone and texture.

  • Lock in moisture and hydrate the skin, giving skin a smoother & radiant glow.


  • People with sensitive skin should take precautions while using this paste.

  • It is important to note that use this method sparingly. It may cause dryness or irritation on the skin.

  • After applying this face pack, direct sun exposure might harm your skin, so remember to apply sunscreen for added protection.

Skin type: Combination with oily skin

2. Besan, Turmeric, & Aloe Vera

Besan is the essential ingredient available in everyone's kitchen and has so many valuable properties that you can use it from head to toe. This golden powder puts an incredible glow on your face. Gram flour is highly versatile and uses in several skin care face recipes. You can mix it with yoghurt and apply it on your face, which helps to remove suntan.

Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It shields the skin against environmental damage while restoring its natural glow. It will help maintain your skin's freshness and natural shine while improving your collagen production. 

Aloe vera, A clear transparent gel, contains medicinal properties and can be used directly on your skin during summer. It will cool your face and give you fresh skin. Aloe vera will not only treat your skin but your hair, eyes, and your entire body.

Pro Tip: Keep aloe vera leaf in the freezer and keep it on your eyes to reduce the dark circle and stress.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Take a glass bowl and combine one tablespoon of Turmeric, one tablespoon of besan, and two tablespoons of Aloe Vera to prepare a thick paste.
  • Step 2: Put this mixture on your skin and keep it there for fifteen minutes before washing the face mask off thoroughly.

Read more details about immunity.


  • This fantastic mix will deep clean your skin, create a protective shield on your face, eliminate all the impurities and excess oil from your skin, and give you a radiant glow.
  • The scrubby texture of gram flour will remove an upper layer of dead skin from your face and deeply purify your pores.
  • Turmeric holds moisturising and anti-bacterial properties that maintain optimal hydration and give you healthy and glowing skin.
  • Aloe vera is a calming attribute that will nourish and calm your skin.


  • Before using these products, do a skin sensitivity test for any adverse reaction to your skin sensitivity.
  • Avoid this combination if your skin is allergic to these ingredients.
  • Contact a dermatologist if you encounter any redness and irritation after using this mask.
  • Remember to moisturise your skin after applying this face pack to lock the goodness.

Skin type: Oily acne-prone skin to combination skin.

3. Sugar & Lime Juice

Ayurvedic medicine for skin whitening

Image Source: Photo by Mateusz Feliksik via Pexels

Sugar is well known as a natural exfoliator that helps remove all the dirt from your skin; you can use it directly or in powder form. It rejuvenates the skin by cleaning all the impurities from its pores and provides healthy and clean skin. 

Lime juice: One of the sources of vitamin C and citric acid, which helps to remove dark spots and plays a vital role in skin lightening and brightening. The antioxidant properties of lemon can treat acne, dark spots and improve the collagen in your skin.

Pro tip: Never use lemon directly on your face. Remember to mix it with the primary ingredient.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Add two tablespoons of lime juice and sugar in a glass bowl and mix it well.
  • Step 2: Now, scrub your skin by applying this mix evenly on the face in round motions.
  • Step 3: Leave it for 1-2 minutes on your face.
  • Step 4: After this, wash the face using lukewarm water. Use the remedy at least twice a week to get the best results.


  • Sugar is the natural scrubbing agent which naturally detoxifies your skin.
  • Remove all the outer layers and give a transparent texture.
  • It gives natural cleansing and removes all excess dirt.


  • If using lemon juice in any face pack, apply sunscreen while stepping out into the sun.
  • Do not exfoliate too much with sugar; it can cause skin damage.
  • Make sure when you apply the lime juice mixture, keep away from eye contact. It may cause irritation and discomfort.

Skin types: Normal to combination skin.

4. Coconut Oil

It can nourish your skin from deep within to leave it silky smooth. Rest assured, you will not be able to stop touching your skin. This oil's medium-chain fatty acids also contain antimicrobial qualities. Therefore, promoting skin health can prevent infections like athlete's foot, folliculitis, cellulitis, and acne.

Steps to apply:

  • Step 1: Take about two tablespoons of coconut oil and warm it slightly. 
  • Step 2: Apply that evenly on the face in constant circular strokes
  • Step 3: Leave this oil on the front for the night.
  • Step 4: Then rinse it off with normal water.


  • Coconut oil is the primary ingredient containing fatty acids that nourish and hydrate your skin.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties, fighting bacteria and curing fungal infections.
  • They have anti-inflammatory which helps relieve psoriasis and other skin problems.
  • You can also use this as a gentle makeup remover.


  • Overuse can increase oiliness in your skin, so First, take a small amount according to your need and then apply.

  • Each person has a different kind of skin, so make sure how your skin reacts after using this and avoid if you see any bad results.

Skin type: Normal to dry skin.

5. Kumkumadi Taila

Ayurvedic medicine for skin whitening

Image Source: Photo by Monstera via Pexels

Kumkumadi taila or kumkumadi oil is nothing short of an Ayurvedic elixir that can make your skin brighter and softer. Kumkumadi taila literally means ‘saffron oil,’ though it is a mix of several elements like sandalwood, manjistha, and more.


This product is from an ancient recipe from traditional Indian medicine, which includes rare and valuable herbal components with high-quality saffron oil. It is well known for reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Several mixtures, such as Almond oil and sesame oil, have in this, which nourish your skin.

Pro tip: To achieve the best results, you must focus on your lifestyle, diet properly, and exercise regularly to see the best results.

Steps to use:

  • Step1:Wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser or pat dry.
  • Step 2: Take 2-3 drops on your palm and then start massaging around your neck area or face.
  • Step 3: Then leave it at least 30 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water.


  • It helps reduce ageing signs, such as fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles.

  • Regular use of this product will give you an even skin tone.

  • The revitalising quality makes the skin look healthy and glowing.


  • This product does not give sun protection, so after use on your face, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

  • Use a small amount of this oil because applying too much will make your skin feel greasy.

Skin type: Normal, dry and combination skin.

6. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon is a well-known spice in Indian kitchens. It exhibits antimicrobial and anti-fungal Properties. You can add this ingredient as a valuable addition to your skincare routine. It deals with bacteria and helps to reduce pimples. It is a magical ingredient for acne-prone skin and will help reduce scars. It evens out the skin texture and helps in controlling eczema.

As we know, it includes warming properties, improving blood circulation, and making your skin glow. And reduces signs of ageing and provides you with flawless skin.

Pro Tip: Add cinnamon in coconut oil to achieve plump lips and scrub your lips; leave it for 2 mins and clean it with a wet cloth.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Wash your face with your regular gentle skin cleanser.
  • Step 2: Mix some powder with honey, yoghurt, aloe vera, and paste.
  • Step 3: Apply this paste on your face for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse the mask with normal water.
  • Step 5: Now apply moisturiser to hydrate your skin.


  • Combining cinnamon and honey will help control the enzyme, a common skin condition.
  • It helps to heal the rough and dry skin.
  • Heals acne-prone skin.
  • It has rich antioxidant, which helps to reduce anti-ageing signs.
  • The grainy texture of cinnamon work as a natural scrub and removes all the dead cells.


  • Make sure to avoid this product from the eye area.

  • Use this frequently because excessive use can make your skin dry!

Skin type: a combination skin to acne-prone skin

7. Sandalwood & Rosewater

Sandalwood is an aromatic wood coming from the Santalum tree.

It is well known for its precious fragrance and excellent benefits. The combination helps to enhance the skin's complexion and reduces scars, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It, moreover, gives a more radiant glow to the skin. It has a soothing property that will help calm and relax the skin and tighten or reduce the pores.

Rosewater: The floral essence is created by infusing water with natural rose petals. This ingredient works like magic in winter because it contains perfect and hydrating agents and deals with acne-prone or dry skin .it works effectively during summers and removes the suntan.

Pro tip: Use rosewater as a toner for your skin and apply it under your armpits to reduce sweat.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Clean your face with your regular face wash and dry it with a clean towel.
  • Step 2: Take a bowl and add these two products, make a paste, and then apply from your face.
  • Step 3: Leave to set this paste for at least 20 minutes. It works like magic.
  • Step 4: When the mask is completely dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water.


  • The mixture of these products helps brighten the complexion and calm the irritation of the skin.

  • It reduces redness and inflammation because it has a soothing effect.

  • This combination profoundly hydrates the skin and prevents dryness.


  • Ensure there are no added colours in your rose water and it is not expired.

  • Sandalwood powder must be original.

Skin type: Everybody can use this.

8. Orange Peel Powder

Orange Peel Powder

Orange peel powder contains copper, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin A and other B vitamins, dietary fibre and vitamins C  - All of them are important elements for skin.

Moreover, using this during summer will help to deal with sun tanning too. It contains natural oil that nourishes the skin, helps reduce dullness, and gives healthy skin.

Pro tip: Peel powder is an excellent exfoliator that helps to deep clean skin and treats acne and dark spots. For that, mix 2 tbsp of orange peel powder with rose water. Leave this mixture for 2-3 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

Steps to use:

  • Step1: Take a clean bowl and mix this product with yoghurt.
  • Step2: Cleanse your face and pat it dry with a clean towel.
  • Step 3: Then apply this mask to your face.
  • Step 4: Let it dry for at least 20 minutes.
  • Step 5: Once it has dried, rinse it off with lukewarm water.


  • It acts as a natural exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin cells and close pores.

  • Beneficial for acne-prone skin

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help make skin calm and soothe.


  • It increases skin sensitivity, so make sure that you take proper sun protection.

  • Do not overuse it.

  • Avoid applying in the eye area.

Skin type: Normal to combination skin

9. Red Lentils

Red lentils do magic on your skin when you use them as a face mask as a blend with a suitable ingredient.

You can use it as a fine powder that keeps your skin healthy, shiny, and tight. It prevents skin issues like rapid skin ageing and acne. It is a great natural ingredient for tan removal and skin lightening.

Pro tip: Add Red Lentil powder with some curd & 2-4 drops of lemon. Apply it on your hands and feet; leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it with cold water. You'll get baby-soft skin.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Take 100gm of red lentils and grind them in a blender until they convert to fine powder consistency
  • Step 2: Mix two teaspoons of powder with water and rose water in a clean bowl and make a paste if desired. So you can also take other ingredients, such as honey, Turmeric or lemon juice, according to your skin type.
  • Step 3: Now clean your face before applying this, and remove dirt or makeup
  • Step 4: Apply this paste to your face.
  • Step 5: Allow the mask to dry for at least 15 minutes. During this may be your skin feel a tightening sensation.
  • Step 6: Wash your face with normal water and apply any moisturiser.


  • It includes rich antioxidants and vitamins which help brighten the skin and improve the complexion.

  • This mask can heal your dark spots and pigmentation.

  • The texture of Red lentil powder work as a gentle scrub and removes all dead.


  • It has a scrubby texture, so use carefully and don't rub it too much on your skin.

  • Make a fine powder of lentils and grind it well.

  • Those who have sensitive or allergic skin, please avoid this mixture.

Skin type: Normal to combination and oily or acne-prone skin

10. Rice Flour

Rice Flour

It is one of the simple ingredients that you easily find in your kitchen cabinets. Rice Flour includes natural compounds that can help brighten the skin and even tone the complexion.

It exfoliates your skin and helps your skin to remove dead skin and repair it gently.

Pro tip: Soak some rice overnight, and strain the water. Now make ice cubes of it. And then gently apply it on our skin daily. It reduces dark spots and gives relaxation.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Prepare the pack in a clean bowl. All you need to do is mix two tablespoons with milk or yoghurt.
  • Step 2: Gently clean your face with a cotton pad.
  • Step 3: Apply that paste on your face.
  • Step 4: Wait at least 20 minutes to set the mask on your face
  • Step 5: Then rinse with normal water and gently massage your face in a circular motion.


  • A combination of milk and rice flour will give you flawless skin
  • It contains oil absorption properties that can help to nourish your skin and reduce shiny and greasy skin areas.

  • For those who have sensitive or irritated skin, it helps to reduce redness and inflammation.


  • Ensure you grind this mixture properly; otherwise, it will affect your skin.

  • Don't over-rub your skin; it might give you redness.

Skin type: All skin types.

11. Potato

It contains natural bleaching properties, which can give Brighton skin and reduce Dark spots. Potato is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, which can help to protect against environmental damage or pollution. It has a high-water content that can Hydrate your skin.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Peel your potato into these slices
  • Step 2: Take the potato slices and start rubbing them from your skin.
  • Step 3: You can also massage potato juice on your skin or leave it for around 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Wet your face with normal water.


  • Regular use of this ingredient promotes a more even skin tone.

  • It includes enzymes which can gently cleanse the skin and remove all the dead skin.


  • Those who have sensitive skin and feel any discomfort so do not use it.

  • Please don't leave it for a long time; use it ASAP.

Skin type: This suit is for those with oily or combination skin and works with dull skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

12. Ripe Banana

Ripe Banana

The natural skin whitener gives a more luminous tone to the face. Packed with rich vitamin C, which can help to produce melanin and heal pigmentation, and provides a more even skin tone. The natural oil and moisture in this ingredient helps balance skin moisture.

Pro Tip: It has anti-ageing properties, which help to deal with fine lines and wrinkles.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Peel the ripe banana and mash it properly.
  • Step 2: Apply on your face.
  • Step 3: Let the mixture stay on your face for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse it with mildly warm water.
  • Step 5: Dab the skin dry with a clean towel.
  • Step 6: Apply any regular moisturiser to protect the skin. 


  • It enhances skin radiance.

  • It increases collagen production, which gives elasticity to the skin

  • Regular use of this ingredient can natural and healthy skin


  • If you have an allergy to bananas, please avoid them.

  • Avoid contact with eyes.

  • If your skin feels irritated after applying this, rinse it with IcedS water.

Skin type: Everyone can use this.

13. Milk

Milk is known for its moisturising and exfoliating properties. It is one of the liquids suitable for almost every skin type. Milk has numerous qualities that can add to a natural skincare regime. It can revitalise and hydrate your skin and give you a healthy and radiant glow.

Pro tip:

  1. Take milk in a bowl and dip a few cotton pads in it. Now, freeze those dipped cotton pads and use them directly on your eyes to lighten up your dark circles.
  2. Add milk to a bowl and a few drops of lemon. Now mix it and dip a cotton pad in it. Now apply it on your face and leave it for 2 mins. Clean it with a cotton pad and rinse it with cold water.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: In a bowl, combine the two tabs of milk, one tablespoon of honey one tablespoon of oat flour (you can grind oats to make that flour) to form a smooth paste.
  • Step 2: Cleanse your face and pat it dry.
  • Step 3: Apply the milk face pack on your face and cover your neck, avoiding the sensitive eye area.
  • Step 4: Leave the pack for 15-20 minutes.
  • Step 5: Rinse it off gently with Lukewarm water.
  • Step 6: Apply any regular moisturiser to protect the skin, and don't forget to apply sunscreen.

Benefits: By using this milk face pack regularly, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Milk's Anti-bacterial properties, combined with honey's soothing effects, can help reduce acne and the appearance of acne spots.

  • A milk face pack will provide relief from skin irritation.

  • This combination will exfoliate and moisturise your skin deeply.


  • Ensure that you use fresh and high-quality milk for maximum benefits.

  • Avoid using milk if you have a dairy allergy or skin sensitivity.

  • Everyone has unique skin, so if you experience any discomfort or irritation while using this face mask, discontinue the use of this mask.

Skin type: Dry to Normal, Normal to oily

14. Neem & Tulsi

Neem is full of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it powerful and highly effective in combating acne, reducing blemishes, and soothing skin irritations and issues. This magical antioxidant helps in promoting youthful-looking skin.

Tulsi is well known for its anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties. It helps in purifying and detoxifying the skin, unclogging the skin pores and reducing excess oil production from the skin. Tulsi also rejuvenates the skin and leaves the skin fresh and tight.

Pro Tip:

  • Take 1 litre of water in the pan and add fresh tulsi and neem leaves, boil it thoroughly and strain the liquid when it cools down; use this liquid as a toner. It will help to reduce acne and blemishes.
  • Make a paste of fresh leaves of neem, pudina, rose and tulsi by adding 2-4 tabs of water and combining it with Multani mitti, Chandan powder and a few drops of lemon in it. Mix it well. Now make ice cubes of this mixture and apply it on your skin as an ayurvedic soap; you'll notice tremendous changes in your acne and acne spots.
Steps to use:
  • Step 1: Combine one tablespoon of neem powder and one tablespoon of tulsi powder in a bowl.
  • Step 2: Add Rose water to the mixture to form a smooth paste.
  • Step 3: Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat it dry.
  • Step 4: Apply this pack evenly on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
  • Step 5: Allow the pack to dry for 15-20 minutes.  
  • Step 6: Rinse it off gently with regular tap water in a circular motion and dry pat your skin.
  • Step 7: Lock the benefits with moisturiser and sunscreen.

Benefits: By using this Neem & Tulsi face pack regularly, you can experience the following benefits:

  • The combination of neem and tulsi helps detoxify the skin and gives you a clearer complexion.

  • A mixture of neem and tulsi provides relief from skin irritation.

  • This paste will control the sebum production in the skin and keep the skin oil-free.


  • Ensure you use fresh leaves of neem and tulsi.

  • After using the face pack, apply sunscreen before stepping out.

Skin type: Normal to oily, Acne-prone skin

15. Beetroot


Beetroot is a delicious vegetable and a remarkable ingredient for the skincare routine. It contains essential nutrients and antioxidants that calm and soothe irritated skin. It is also a natural source of moisture, helping to hydrate and nourish dry and irritated skin.

Pro tip: Boil the beetroot in 1-litre water and strain the liquid when it cools down; use this as tonic water on the scalp and skin to eliminate irritation and dryness.

Steps to use:

  • Step 1: Combine the mashed beetroot (boiled) in a bowl and add yoghurt and honey to create a smooth paste.
  • Step 2: Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat it dry.
  • Step 3: Apply this pack evenly on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
  • Step 4: Allow the pack to dry for 15-20 minutes to allow the nutrients to penetrate the skin.
  • Step 5: Rinse it off gently with regular tap water in a circular motion and dry pat your skin.
  • Step 6: Lock the benefits with moisturiser and sunscreen.


  • The natural pigments in beetroot help bring out the natural skin colour and leave a natural and healthy glow on your skin.

  • The moisturising properties of beetroot keep the skin soft and supple.


  • If you experience any discomfort or irritation while using this face mask, discontinue the use of this mask.

  • Don't over-apply the face pack.

Skin type: Normal to oily, Acne-prone skin


In case you are suffering from any skin condition, talk to your doctor before trying out any Ayurvedic remedy. Your skin can be allergic or super-sensitive to certain ingredients. So, take care of that before you use any natural medicine.



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