Shilajit vs Shilajit Gold: Knowing Their Difference, Uses, Dosage & Benefits

Shilajit Gold and Shilajit are derivatives of a substance called Shilajit. The primary difference between them is that Shilajit Gold is a proprietary formulation, which contains a combination of other herbs and Shilajit. 

But Shilajit is the pure form of the substance. It is blackish-brown in colour, and found in the Himalayas and many other mountainous regions.

The substance contains fulvic and humic acids, which are organic elements and will bring great benefits to the human body. But Shilajit Gold is one formulation that contains Shilajit as well as herbs like Safed Musli, Gokshura and Ashwagandha.

Shilajit Gold vs Shilajit is completely safe for most adults to consume. But it is advised that people should consult an experienced and qualified doctor. This way, they can try a medical diet or a new supplement without facing any problems.

Read this post to know more about Shilajit and Shilajit Gold and how long does it take for to work. This will provide a clear explanation. 

Shilajit Gold: An informative and concise definition


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Shilajit Gold comes in the form of capsules and tablets. This formulation contains Gold, Himalayan Shilajit and many other minerals and herbs.

It is 100% natural and can improve your overall health and vitality. Shilajit Gold also has aphrodisiac properties that can treat sexual health issues. Moreover, it can improve sexual performance.

6 Benefits of Shilajit Gold

Once you start consuming Shilajit Gold, you will get many Shilajit Gold benefits. Let us know what are these benefits in detail.

1. Infertility

You can use Shilajit Gold for male infertility. If you start taking it twice a day after meals regularly for 90 days, you will see an increase in sperm count. Consuming Shilajit Gold can also increase sperm motility.

Sperm motility refers to the capacity of a sperm to move efficiently to reach the female egg. It is an important part of fertility.

2. Testosterone levels

Testosterone is known as the main sex hormone in men. Some men have lower-than-normal levels of testosterone. Some signs of low testosterone levels are:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • Body fat gain
  • Muscle loss
  • Tiredness

Consuming Shilajit Gold can significantly improve your testosterone levels. But it is recommended that you talk to a medical expert before using it. This way, you can take the right amount to correct the testosterone issue.

3. Alzheimer’s disease

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Alzheimer's disease is characterised as a degenerative brain condition that causes thinking, behaviour, and memory loss. The symptoms of this condition can be reduced with medication.

But scientists say that knowing about Shilajit Gold Capsule uses can slow down or stop the progress of Alzheimer's disease. Shilajit contains an antioxidant called fulvic acid, which is the primary component of the substance.

This antioxidant may improve brain health by reducing tau protein formation. Tau proteins are important elements for the nervous system, but too much of this protein can cause brain cell damage.

One of the major Shilajit Gold uses is that it inhibits the growth of tau protein and reduces inflammation. This can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. But much more clinical trials are needed to prove this statement.

4. High altitude sickness

High altitude sickness can trigger a number of symptoms, such as:

  • Hypoxia
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling lethargic or tired
  • Body pain
  • Dementia

Altitude sickness is triggered by low atmospheric pressure, high wind velocity or cold temperatures. Many researchers say that using Shilajit capsules can help you deal with this problem.

These Shilajit Gold Capsules contain Fulvic Acid, and for this reason, it provides a number of health benefits. It also acts as an antioxidant to enhance memory and body's immunity.

In this way, it can get rid of all the excess fluid from the body. Because of these benefits, Shilajit Gold is believed to help counteract the symptoms associated with high altitude sickness.

5. Slows down the ageing process

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The fulvic acid found in shilajit can protect you from cellular damage and free radicals. When you consume a Shilajit capsule or tablet regularly, it can contribute to longevity. It will also slow down the ageing process and improve your overall health.

6. Improves brain function

Powerful Shilajit Gold ingredients can greatly protect your health. The Shilajit present in it will also improve your brain function. This is because shilajit contains small bioactive molecules called "dibenzo-alpha-pyrones."

These molecules may slow the breakdown of brain chemicals needed for memory. It will improve your memory capacity, alertness, attention to detail, and peace of mind.

Consuming this formulation will act as a brain tonic and stimulant to enhance memory, problem-solving and reasoning power. In addition, it may also improve other cognitive abilities.

What is the dosage of Shilajit?

Shilajit Gold comes in capsule or tablet form. You will also find powdered and liquid versions of Shilajit available in the market. You can take Shilajit Gold Dose every day, but always take the dosage as directed.

If you buy the supplement in liquid form, dissolve a pea-sized portion in liquid and consume 1 to 3 times a day. Otherwise, you can take Shilajit powder with milk twice a day. The recommended shilajit dosage per day is 300 to 500 mg. Talk to your doctor before taking shilajit.

Side effects of Shilajit

Even though shilajit is considered natural and safe, you should not consume it raw or unprocessed. Raw shilajit may contain free radicals, heavy metal ions, fungus and many other contaminants, which can easily make you ill.

Whether you get it online or from a natural or health food store, make sure the shilajit is pure and ready to use.

Do not take Shilajit Gold if you have sickle cell anaemia, hemochromatosis, or thalassemia. It is possible to be allergic to this supplement. You should stop taking shilajit if you develop a rash, increased heart rate, or dizziness.

Last words


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Shilajit is an important and highly beneficial substance found in the Himalayas and other mountainous regions. If you want to consume Shilajit, you can take it in powder or liquid form.

Otherwise, you can opt for Shilajit Gold Capsules, which contain Shilajit but many other herbs and minerals are also mixed in it.

But if you use Shilajit powder or capsules, you must consult a medical expert. They will tell you the right dosage, how many times a day you should take it and how you should consume it.


1. How can Shilajit gold help you?

Consuming Shilajit Gold will increase the energy level in your body. You will also notice improvements in your stamina, testosterone levels and sperm count.

2. Can Shilajit reduce depression and anxiety?

Yes it can. Shilajit can give you relief from anxiety, depression and dementia. It can balance pitta and vata doshas in the body and stabilises serotonin levels.

3. How to take Shilajit Gold Capsule?

You should consume Shilajit Gold Capsule twice a day with milk. Otherwise you can follow the instructions of your doctor.

4. How to take Shilajit in powder form?

The correct dosage of Shilajit in powder or churna form is 300mg to 500mg. But be sure to check with your doctor for any specific instructions regarding dosage.


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