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Having a sharper mind or a better memory is something that almost every human desires. However, intelligence can only be increased through practice, dedication, and a strict lifestyle routine. It is not something that one can gain from heredity or in courtesy from the ancestors. Instead, intelligence is often considered self-made because you are responsible for your focus, concentration, and memory.

 Apart from this, studies have shown that there are several factors on which a person’s intelligence and memory power depend. Stress, anxiety, sleep schedule, lifestyle, people, etc. However, the dependency on intelligence and memory power on a diet is a little weird but needs proper attention. Studies have shown that the food we eat daily has several effects on our body and mind, including memory sharpness and intelligence power.

Therefore, every single person must follow a proper diet that can help in increasing focus, concentration, and overall brain intelligence.

List of Best Ayurvedic Diet or Herbs for a Sharper Mind & Memory power



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One major problem with brain activity and memory power is the buildup of a protein named amyloid beta. It often leads to mental blocks, preventing the person from concentrating on a certain factor or task. That is why taking turmeric as one of the best Ayurvedic herbs is quite useful, especially since its active ingredient, curcumin, can overcome this mental barrier and remove the accumulation of protein from the brain neurons. Besides this, turmeric also has several other health benefits, as it can prevent inflammations of the cells and tissues. Inflammations in the brain layers, also known as meningitis, can reduce memory power. That's why turmeric can help reduce meningitis inflammations, increasing overall memory power and sharpness. For best treatment, you must take the Zandu Brahmi Pure Herbs. It is one of the best tablets for boosting memory.

2. Ashwagandha 

With Ashwagandha memory booster ayurvedic herb, your brain power will increase, and your body will detoxify. Being an adaptogen, it easily allows the brain to adapt to different situations, which is why you won't have to worry about not being able to mug up properly. It also has several anti-stress components that trigger the release of natural neurotransmitters- dopamine and serotonin. These hormones significantly reduce stress levels and ensure your brain can focus and concentrate on the task instead of dealing with increased stress levels. This ayurvedic herb boosts overall memory function and reduces depression and anxiety, which is why it is preferred as one of the best herbal foods to include in your diet. 

3. Shankhpushpi

Known to be the best herbal brain tonic, Shank pushki is one of the best herbs you should include in your Ayurvedic diet to increase memory power and sharpness. It has a direct effect on mental fatigue, albeit positively, where it reduces tightness in the neurons and keeps them active for a long time. Besides, it comes with numerous flavonoids and antioxidants that increase the overall memory capacity, concentration and focus, alertness, and calmness of the brain. Several studies have also shown that people taking this particular herb for prolonged periods have enhanced reasoning and cognitive abilities. It is also quite helpful in preventing any chance that might lead to Alzheimer's disease in a later stage.

4. Guggulu

Known for its antioxidant concentration, this Ayurvedic herb reduces oxidative stress and damage to the brain's neurons related to memory power and intelligence. It also prevents premature aging of the brain cells, thereby reducing the chances of Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease by a significant level. This Ayurvedic herb is loaded with several anti-inflammatory components that help protect your brain from meningitis or any other inflammatory disease that might limit concentration and focus power.

5. Nuts and seeds

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Although nuts and seeds are not directly considered ayurvedic herbs, they form an important part of any Ayurvedic diet due to several helpful nutrients. Most nuts and seeds have omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that help boost brain power and increase the DHA. Almonds, when eaten in raw form, have an excellent effect on brain power as it helps in increasing overall memory sharpness and intelligence. Similarly, mixing raw seeds like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and so on can also help increase intelligence and memory power.

6. Foods with antioxidants

Most often, the brain cannot function properly due to oxidative stress, which is usually caused by free radicals present in the body. Therefore, you should include food items that are rich in antioxidants. These compounds reduce the number of free radicals in the body and prevent oxidative damage to your brain, thereby keeping the neurons highly active and increasing memory power by a whopping level. There are several Ayurvedic herbs and regular foods where antioxidants are present in higher quantities. Including them in their diet will be quite helpful since they will reduce the stress on your brain and ensure the neurons are functioning properly.

How Ayurvedic considered the Best Diet for Memory Sharpness and Intelligence?

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One of the most debatable questions concerning a person's intelligence and memory sharpness is the compatibility of the Ayurvedic diet with brain functions. Several arguments state how relying only on natural herbs, and other food items can slow down the process and might not offer 100% assurance.

Had it been two decades ago, these statements would still be acceptable. However, Ayurvedic medicine has undergone a huge transformation lately. It is no longer an ancient method of healing or a therapeutic process. Instead, ayurveda is more like connecting people with nature and helping them to leverage their natural powers and bring significant positive changes in their lives. 

Perhaps that's why it is considered the best way to increase memory sharpness and intelligence in people of all ages. Zandu Ashwagandha capsule is a great way to increase brain activity. It is a combination of natural herbs, which helps in improving mental performance and is an excellent solution for people looking to sharpen their mind and improve memory power.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing an Ayurvedic Medicine to Increase Minde Sharpness and Memory? 


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Ayurveda indeed has an excellent effect on brain intelligence and memory power. However, there are certain considerations you need to make before you shift towards a diet plan based on natural herbs and other such substances. This is because introducing a sudden shift in your diet can hurt your health. If you are not physically fit, there is no way your brain will be able to function properly. Therefore, your plan of increasing your concentration and intelligence power will go down the drain.

 To help you out in this endeavor, we have described some considerations you should make before choosing ayurveda as a natural process of increasing memory power and sharpness.

  1. Time-consuming: the first and foremost thing you should know is that depending on Ayurvedic herbs and natural food items to increase memory power is time-consuming. In other words, you cannot see the results almost immediately because your body still needs to acclimate to the change in the diet and accordingly send signals to your brain.
  2. Extensive planning: whenever you start a new thing, you must focus on strategic planning to become successful and make the most out of the plan. Similarly, when you focus on adopting a new diet plan consisting of natural food items that positively affect your brain, you need to plan the diet according to your health conditions. Ignoring the same can lead to severe problems, something you do not want later.
  3. Detoxification: your body secretes many neurotransmitters that have different effects on how your brain functions. As a result, you have to focus on detoxification because if the toxicity levels in the body increase, there is no way these neurotransmitters will act expectedly. For example, higher toxicity levels suppress the release of dopamine and serotonin, the two anti-stress neurotransmitters, thereby preventing your brain from thinking clearly and sharply.
  4. Gradual transformation: as already discussed earlier, you cannot expect your body to acclimate to the changing diet immediately. Therefore, you must give yourself enough time to your body so that the memory booster Ayurvedic medicine can function accordingly without any problem.
  5. Lifestyle change: the Ayurvedic diet suitable for increasing memory power and intelligence will never function as you expect unless and until there is a significant change in your lifestyle. For example, if you are surrounded by toxic people or your mind is always stressed, there is no way you will be able to think rationally and practically. Therefore, it won't have any meaning to rely on an Ayurvedic diet and completely change your eating habits.

How to Boost Cognitive Development through Ayurvedic plans?

Although we have discussed the food items you should include in your diet plan to increase memory sharpness and power, you must know that several things can cause a cognitive block. These mental blocks render a person less intelligent, with almost zero to negligible focus and concentration power. We have explained several ways to use ayurveda and its principles to boost overall cognitive development and eliminate mental blocks.

1. Eliminating processed food

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No matter how mouthwatering processed foods sound, including those in your diet, they will negatively impact cognitive development and brain power. For example, bakery meat bread, processed cheese, fast food, processed meat like sausage and bacon, and so on do not have the appropriate nutrients for your brain and body. Although these are delicious and easy to make, their health benefits are almost insignificant. That is why you need to eliminate processed food to get the most out of the air Vedic diet of following.

2. Meditation

Ayurveda is not just about eating food items derived from nature or rich in antioxidants. Instead, this particular branch of medicine and science also incorporates positive lifestyle changes. Meditation seems to be the most efficient Ayurvedic process to develop your cognitive brain power and remove the mental block. When you meditate, you channel your energy from your body to the mind, forcing the brain to focus on a particular subject. It might be a problem initially, but with practice, you will realize how beneficial meditation can be.

3. Yoga

Undoubtedly, Ayurvedic treatment or lifestyle involves yoga because it is a natural way of establishing a proper balance between your physical and mental life. However, if you are uncomfortable with yoga, start with the basic postures that can increase blood flow, digestive health, absorption of nutrients, and even facilitate detoxification. The main goal is to establish the balance between your mind and body so that the brain can function better and your memory can become sharper. 

4. Stop multitasking


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Another popular notion that should be discarded to increase the brain's power and focus is that multitasking is possible and ideal for every person. No, multitasking cannot be done because you cannot simultaneously engage your brain in multiple things. This will not only create confusion between the neurons engaged in different activities, but you also won't be able to find that concentration. That's why you do a single task at a time, focus on it, finish it earlier, and then move on to the next task.  

5. Appropriate sleeping schedule

One of the major ways you can facilitate the cognitive development of your brain and increase memory power is by correcting your sleeping schedule. You cannot rely only on your Ayurvedic diet to bring positive changes in how your brain works. Sleeping for at least eight hours a day gives your brain enough time to rest and rejuvenate for the next day. As a result, lack of sleep or an improper sleep schedule can distort the body clock and prevent your brain from actively participating in every activity you perform. 


This article explores some of the major benefits of using Ayurvedic diets and food items to increase memory power and sharpness. Besides, we have also listed a couple of Ayurvedic herbs and foods that can help reduce premature aging of the neurons, inflammation of the brain layers, and oxidative damage to the cells. Therefore, including these in the diet will help you greatly because you can complete a task with more focus and concentration.

Zanducare has some of the best Ayurvedic products that can help in improving brain power and enhance the potential of your neurons. So, if you are looking for an easy, natural way to improve your cognitive development, these Ayurvedic products are a great choice. 

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