Tulsi Tablets (60 Units)

Immunity Booster For Family | Protects Against Cold & Cough | Protects Against Flu

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Zandu Tulsi Pure Herbs is made using 100% pure extracts of Tulsi leaves. It is an Ayurvedic supplement for improving respiratory health. Tulasi works as an immunity booster and helps protect you from influenza viruses and also common cold and cough. A natural stress-buster Tulasi helps you to stay calm in a natural way.

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules twice a day, or as directed by physician.
Zandu Tulasi Ayurvedic Pure Herbs: Tulasi is the best natural remedy for any kind of respiratory ailments like cough, cold,congestion, flu etc. It is regarded as a powerful adaptogenic herb which is a blessing for dealing with stress on a daily basis. Apart from this, ayurveda prescribes this herb for gas, flatulence and intestinal worms. It also works well against fever, allergic disorders and maintains the urinary system.
Consuming super herbs like Tulasi in its purest form over time will help you breathe easy for a long time. To help you look after your daily health needs, we give you Zandu Tulasi, Ayurvedic Pure Herbs.

It delivers the same natural properties of Tulasi in a convenient and easy to consume capsule. Build an internal immunity shield in a natural and herbal way, try Zandu Tulasi.

Benefits of Zandu Tulasi

Protects Against 
Respiratory Ailments:
It protects us against influenza, cough and cold throughout the year.
Helps Manage Stress:
Helps maintain healthy cortisol levels that helps manage stress daily.
Immunity Booster For All:
It acts as an adaptogenic immunity booster for
your entire family.
Promise of Convenience
In today’s fast paced life, we don’t have time
for preparing and consuming herbs for overall health. 
Tulasi or Tulsi, is a specialist for respiratory
wellness and is traditionally consumed through a difficult and time taking process.

Choose Zandu Tulasi, a hassle-free solution for daily health needs enriched with all the necessary goodness of pure and natural herbs.
Minimal Processing
Ayurvedic herbs are fragile and perishable.
Therefore they cannot be processed beyond a certain point. This is why we follow minimal processing to keep their potency intact.

Every capsule is packed with 100% natural
extracts of a single herb in its pure, unaltered, natural composition without any added flavours, sugars and preservatives. 

Dosage: 1-2 capsules, twice a day or as directed by physician.

Zandu Pure Herbs Tulasi: Ayurvedic Respiratory Wellness

  • Manufactured in the advanced ayurvedic research facilities of Zandu healthcare, under the careful supervision of our trained R&D scientists.
  • Made with responsibly sourced, powerful ingredients, which are Pure, Authentic and 100% Vegetarian.
  • Consume daily for best results.

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