Zandu Satavari


Zandu Satavari Pure Herbs is an Ayurvedic supplement made using 100% pure extracts of satavari. Especially beneficial for women's health, satavari herb is known to improve milk production in lactating mothers. Being a rasayan it boosts strength in women and delays the ageing process.

How to Use

1-2 capsules, twice a day or as directed by a physician.
Rs. 250

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Product description

Zandu Satavari is extracted from shatavari which is considered to be a general health tonic to improve vitality

Benefits of Zandu Satavari

Helps promote lactation
Satavari’s nourishing properties promote lactation or milk production in nursing mothers
Helps restore energy
Satavari’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties promotes overall health
Promotes reproductive health
Satavari is said to soothe and balance the Vata and Pitta, and enhance reproductive health

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