An Ayurvedic Kit for Gut Health and Immunity


  • Zandu Amlapitta Har Vati: This Ayurvedic acid reflux suppressant is made with Yasti and Muktashukti extracts. Regular use of this vati strengthens the digestive system and promotes gut health thereby improving immunity.
  • Zandu Draksha Pachan Churna: This Ayurvedic digestion enhancer not only gives relief from indigestion but also reduces bloating and flatulence. Made with Draksha, Sali, Kumuda, and Yasti, regular use of this product can also boost immunity.
  • Zandu Amalaki: An Ayurvedic supplement, rich in vitamin C, Zandu Amalaki boosts immunity and protects from infection. This antioxidant booster, made with pure amla extracts, also helps treat acidity and dyspepsia.

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An Ayurvedic Kit for Gut Health and Immunity

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