Simple Steps to Overcome Constipation

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from constipation, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be. You may have tried all sorts of remedies with no success. Don't give up! In this blog post, we will discuss simple steps that you can take for constipation relief. We will also talk about some of the most common causes of constipation and how to prevent it. So if you're ready to say goodbye to constipation and get natural constipation relief, keep reading!

What is constipation? 

natural constipation relief

Constipation occurs when you have difficulty in passing stool easily, or there are fewer bowel movements. It can lead to more time on the toilet and excessive straining which can cause pain. It can occur because of various factors, so it is vital to change your lifestyle and everyday routine a little bit to prevent the condition from happening.

Causes of constipation: 

Constipation can occur because of various factors, but here are some common factors:


When the stool doesn't move through your intestine easily, it can lead to straining, which can further cause pain. Multiple factors can lead to constipation, like dehydration, taking drugs, medications, etc.

Nerve issues: 

People who have neurological problems can also go through constipation because it makes the movement of stool difficult. It can be a massive issue for people who have Parkinson's disease. 

Pelvic floor dysfunction: 

Pelvic muscle can weaken various muscle functions, which can contribute to facing constipation. It is essential to move around and stay active to avoid such situations. 

How to prevent constipation: 

Let's talk about ways to prevent mild constipation and make simple changes in our routine. Here are some prevention tips: 

Drink lots of water: 

It is vital to drink lots of water because that will prevent dehydration which will further prevent constipation. Drink eight glasses of water to avoid constipation. It would be best to avoid excessive caffeine intake, as it can cause dehydration. 

Do not control the urge: 

There are times when people control the urge to go for it which can cause constipation. So make sure to use the toilet whenever you feel the urge. Please do not wait for it because it can cause chronic constipation. 

Stay active: 

natural constipation relief

If you want to get severe constipation relief, then you need to stay active. Make a workout routine and regularly follow it because that will help in moving the stool through the colon. 

Fiber intake: 

Start with making a few changes in your diet and add foods that consist of fiber in it. You can consume fruits and vegetables to improve your gut function and bowel movements. Make sure to consume high-fiber fruits like apples, watermelon, and pears because they will help in passing the gas. 

How to relieve constipation? 

Here are some ways to treat constipation at home and get relief. You can go for natural constipation relief methods or try home remedies for constipation in order to feel better. 

Change what you consume: 

The first step to treating your constipation starts with eating and drinking the right things. It would be best if you started eating more foods that consist of high fiber in it. It is also essential to drink lots of water because that will help pass the stool and keep you hydrated at all times. 

Try bowel training: 

You need to try bowel training not only for natural constipation relief but also because that will help you become more regular and prevent constipation from happening. Try to make a schedule either after breakfast or when you feel is the most comfortable time for you. Then it will become a habit to use the bathroom at the same time, or you will become more habitual to going as soon as you need to. Try to relax your muscles and give yourself more time when you are in the washroom. 

Take laxative stimulants: 

Laxative stimulants help in improving bowel movements and also reduce pain. It will help with stool movement, further reducing the chances of constipation or avoiding it altogether.

Use a stool softener: 

One way to get severe constipation relief is by using a stool softener. One of the common causes of constipation is dehydration which can make your stool hard. Using the stool softener will help in making it pass through easily and also pulls water from the intestine. The toxins will exit your body easily, and you will not go through the pain. 


It would help if you started doing cardio or light exercise every day. You can start with yoga, jogging, or just walking in order to encourage bowel movements. Exercising helps in improving the blood flow through your abdomen, which further helps with treating constipation. 

Natural remedies for constipation: 

Here are some fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can consume to get rid of constipation. 


home remedies for constipation

Guava is the most common fruit in any household, and it helps in providing severe constipation relief and various health conditions. It is an excellent source of multiple nutrients which act as a laxative and help in easing constipation. You can consume one guava every day in order to get rid of the condition and feel better. 

Betel leaf:

Betel leaf is an amazing constipation remedies that helps in providing relief to your digestive system and also helps with the secretion of digestive juices. You can consume betel leaves in order to get relief from constipation. You can either use the leaves in tea or chew some fresh betel leaves every day after your meals. It will help with improving your digestion and will also provide relief from constipation. 


Castor is a natural constipation relief which is that helps relieve various conditions. It can also help with constipation. You need to take the roots of the castor and use it in the milk in order to treat constipation. Take some dried castor root and then grind it into a powder form. Mix the powder in a cup of warm milk and then consume it. It will help in providing instant natural constipation relief to your stomach. 

Black gram: 

Consuming black grams daily can help improve irregular bowel movements and promote blood flow in the abdomen. You can fry some black gram seeds and then grind them to make a fine powder. You can consume the powder with milk or buttermilk in order to get relief from constipation. 

Bay leaves: 

It is a commonly used Indian cinnamon that is easily found. You can add bay leaves to your foods or dishes as it helps with indigestion and also gives severe constipation relief. You can also boil the leaves in water for a few minutes and use it in the tea.

Bottle gourd: 

The leaves of bottle gourd have laxative properties which help in providing natural constipation relief. You can prepare a chutney out of it or use it in any food to consume. It will help in treating constipation and will make you feel better instantly. 

Eat more fruits: 

Eat more fruits as they have various nutrients which can help improve your health and relieve constipation. You can eat fruits like oranges, berries, apples and much more. 


Dates help strengthen your digestive system and also provide relief from constipation. You can eat a few dates in the morning with black pepper powder or ghee, and it will help in improving indigestion. Make sure to drink a glass of warm water after consuming dates, as it helps with digestion and also treats constipation. 


Ginger is a natural digestive aid that helps in providing natural constipation relief. You can take a small amount of ginger and consume it in tea or any food to treat constipation. If you feel comfortable, then you can also chew one slice of ginger or drink it with hot water. 

Ghee and milk: 

Another effective way to treat constipation is by consuming ghee and milk. You need to take one glass of milk and add a tablespoon of ghee to it in order to get instant relief from constipation. If you are lactose intolerant, then you can consume ghee in a warm glass of water, as dairy products might make it worse for you. 

Lemon water: 

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Lemon water consists of vitamin C which helps in stimulating your colon and makes the stool pass through easily. You can drink lemon water first thing in the morning to treat constipation and relieve colitis. It is a safe solution for both children and adults to give severe constipation relief.

Senna tea: 

Senna tea is a herbal blend that has various health properties. Senna tea has elements that can help with the digestive tract and also stimulate bowel movements. Avoid using senna if you are pregnant or on other medications. It can be used occasionally to relieve constipation, and too much consumption can cause damage to your digestive tract. 


Various home remedies for constipation are effectiive as they helps with improving digestion. You can speak to your healthcare professional to treat constipation and the kind of natural remedies you can use. Make sure to make necessary changes in your daily life to treat constipation and improve the digestive system.


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