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Have you ever felt like you are not able to get rid of your constipation?

It can be quite a nuisance and it is often hard to find an effective remedy. Despite the availability of many conventional over-the-counter medicines, Ayurvedic constipation medicines offer a safe, natural approach to treating and preventing constipation.

In India, more than 80% of the population rely on ayurvedic remedies for their health problems. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing system, which has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years. In the section below, we will discuss the most effective natural remedies for constipation.

Let’s get started.

List of Constipation Causes in India

ayurvedic remedies for constipation 

There is not just one cause but several factors that lead to constipation. Though the most common factor is empty bowel movement which can get better after making a few changes in everyday schedule. You need to take care of your eating habits in order to get immediate constipation relief. Here are some other factors that can cause constipation:

  • Fiber deficit diet 
  • Not drinking enough water 
  • Constipation can occur because of underlying conditions like Lazy Bowel Syndrome 
  • Constipation can be a common issue among pregnant women 
  • Lack of exercise 
  • Frequent traveling 
  • Irregular diet and eating habits 

Ayurvedic Approach for Constipation 

Ayurveda consists of three doshas which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas are responsible for forming energy in the body and also flushing out toxins. If there is an imbalance in the doshas, then it can lead to various health issues like constipation. Ayurvedic is considered the most effective. The doshas usually depend on an individual’s body shape, health vulnerabilities, and characteristics.

  1. Vata: It is the energy that is responsible for space, movement, and air. 
  2. Pitta: It is the energy that is responsible for fire, water, and metabolism in the body. 
  3. Kapha: it is the energy that is associated with earth, water, and body structure. 

The combination of all three doshas regulates the body functions and also improves the balance in the body. Ayurvedic medicine helps in getting rid of imbalance and improves the functioning of the body. 

List of Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Constipation at Home

1. Triphala 

One of the most effective remedies for constipation is Triphala which can cure constipation and help in feeling better. It is a fruit that helps in relieving pain and easing bowel movements. You can have this in the form of tea by taking one-fourth teaspoon of Triphala and half a teaspoon of coriander seeds and cardamom seeds. 

Then grind them all together and consume this tea twice every day. Triphala has glycoside, which has laxative properties and helps relieve indigestion and constipation.

2. Senna

Senna is an effective ayurvedic herb that helps stimulate bowel movement and gives relief to constipation in 6 to 12 hours. Senna is also a safe option for kids and adults both. You need to take the right dose for a week, and it will help with constipation. If constipation is a regular issue for you, then senna is not suggested because it cannot help with improving regular bowel movements.

3. Vata Dosha Diet

This hack involves changing the diet. You can prevent constipation by changing your eating habits and the food you consume. It is vital to stay away from dried fruits, cold foods and drinks, salads, and most beans.

You should eat warm foods, drinks, and well-cooked vegetables to prevent constipation. Include healthy and green vegetables in your diet as they will help in providing the right nutrients to your body.

3. Milk & Ghee

Milk and ghee can help in relieving constipation and also makes your digestive system stronger. You need to take one or two teaspoons of ghee and add it to warm milk every night before sleeping. Drink this to relieve constipation and prevent indigestion. It also helps in getting rid of all the toxins in the body.

4. Roasted Fennel

You need to take a teaspoon of roasted fennel and add it to a glass of warm water, as it will act as a laxative for your body. There are essential oils in the fennel seeds which can help with digestion and also promotes the production of good gastric enzymes. You can drink this glass of water every night before sleeping.

5. China grass

China grass is an effective remedy that will help in immediate constipation relief. China grass which is also known as agar agar is dried seaweed that has substances in it that can relieve constipation symptoms. You need to cut it into small bits and cook it with the milk so that it becomes a gelatinous substance. Then you can consume it by adding it to different food products.

6. Bael Fruit

The pulp of bael fruit can help in relieving constipation and also improves bowel movements. You need to take half a cup of bael fruit pulp and add a teaspoon of jaggery to it. You can consume it before dinner to relieve constipation. You can also consume bael fruit sherbet with some tamarind water and a little bit of jaggery in it, as it will help in immediate relief. 

7. Liquorice Root

Liquorice root is an effective herb for constipation relief. You need to take a teaspoon of powdered liquorice root and add a teaspoon of jaggery to it. Make sure to take warm water because it is more effective with that. 

To follow, you can drink one glass of liquorice root water every day as it will help in promoting bowel activity and also improves digestion. Make sure to consult your medical professional before consuming this because it might differ from body to body. 

8. Anjeer

ayurvedic remedies to treat constipation

Anjeer is among the most effective Ayurvedic remedies for constipation. You can soak anjeer in warm water and consume a few of it every day, and it will help in treating constipation. It is one of the most effective solutions for kids because anjeer is sweet, and kids prefer eating it. Figs have high fiber content in them, which helps with digestion and also improves bowel movement. 

9. Bala Kalpam for kids

Constipation is a common disorder that can happen to kids or infants also. You can try giving Bala Kalpam syrup to the kids, as it will not only treat their constipation but will also help with immunity. 

10. Ginger Tea

If you’re looking for natural remedies, always consider Ginger tea to solve constipation and also helps with inducing bowel movement. You can drink one cup of ginger tea in the morning daily to treat constipation, as it will act as an effective home remedy with no side effects and give immediate relief.

12. Porridge

You can consume a bowl of porridge which is prepared in milk every day in order to treat mild constipation symptoms. If you are suffering from constipation every day, then have a bowl of hot porridge as it will help in emptying your bowel and helps with indigestion.

13. Gandharvahastadi Kwath 

Gandharvahastadi Kwath is among the top remedies. It has herbs like ginger, haritaki, and other herbs which can help in cleansing the stomach. 

14. Raisins & Prunes

Raisins are one of the effective natural remedies and easily available snacks which are rich in fiber and other nutrients. You can soak a handful of raisins in water overnight and consume it in the morning right after waking up.

They have natural sugars, which consist of the laxative effects in it. It is an excellent remedy for babies; you can mix it with solid food. Make sure not to give whole prunes to babies as they won’t be able to consume them easily. Soak it overnight and mash it well before feeding. 

15. Coconut Oil

best ayurvedic remedies for constipation

You can consume a spoonful of coconut oil every day as it will help lubricate the intestines and also eases bowel movement. Coconut oil will help in improving digestion and will also flush out toxins. Consuming coconut oil has no side effects, but it helps with bowel movements. 

16. Fruits & Vegetables 

It is suggested to increase the consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables because they contain lots of nutrients that can help in promoting good bowel movement. Junk food and processed food products can increase constipation and create a block which is why it is essential to change eating habits to get immediate constipation relief.

17. Drink Water

It is extremely important to drink lots of water because dehydration can lead to constipation. You need to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day in order to have a good bowel movement. Water can help eliminate toxins and improve the flow.

It’s not just proper intake of food and water, and exercising is also important as it helps in managing the symptoms of constipation. You can choose the simple exercises that you want to do and make a schedule for every morning, as it will help in getting rid of constipation altogether. 


Ayurveda is an effective and holistic approach to treating various health issues like backache, constipation, and much more.

You can get short-term and immediate relief with various ayurvedic laxatives, and these remedie constipation are safe and effective.

Ayurvedic remedies not only help with bowel movement but also improves the digestive system.

Drinking lukewarm water every day in the morning can help in getting rid of constipation.



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