Ketaki Plant

What is Ketaki Herb?

  • Hindi Name: Ketaki
  • Sanskrit Name: Kemukha
  • English Name: Crepe Ginger
  • Latin Name: Costus speciosus (Koeing) Sm.

Ketaki is a perennial shrub cultivated as an ornamental appeal. Valued for its aroma, this Ayurvedic plant treats disturbances in lipid metabolism. The leaves and roots are used for baskets, bags, and mats. According to Ayurveda, it reduces pitta and kapha dosha.

10+ Evidence-Based Benefits of Ketaki

Here’s the list of benefits of the ketki flower plant:

  1. Treat Degenerative Diseases: Ketaki oil and other supplements can treat and cure degenerative diseases. 
  2. Used as a Perfume: Owing to the fragrance, Ketaki can also be used as a non-alcoholic perfume.
  3. Alleviate Headache: The root extracts can be mixed with sesame oil and as a massage oil to reduce headaches.
  4. Reduces Joint Pains: Root extracts can be used in oil to treat joint pains
  5. Helps with Convulsions: People with epilepsy can use kewra oil extract as nasal drops to treat the condition
  6. A Herbal Remedy for Hair: Ketaki roots are used with coconut oil to treat hair issues and improve hair lustre 
  7. Used as Ear Drops and Treats Eye Disorders: Kewra water can reduce eye disorders, while Ketaki oil can be used as ear drops
  8. Helps with fever and measles: The root can be used for treating cough and cold, measles, and fever
  9. Improves Uterine Muscles: Ketaki roots, when boiled with milk, can be used to enhance the strength of the uterine muscle, thereby treating dangerous abortions.
  10. Helps with indigestion and asthma: Ketaki can also be used to treat indigestion and asthma.
  11. Mitigate Risks of Cancer: Dried roots and leaves have therapeutic advantages in reducing cancer risks. 
  12. Improves Skin Complexion: Roots can remove blackheads and improve complexion. You can also check related ayurvedic medicines for Skin and allergy.
  13. Relieves Stress and Depression: Ketaki has anti-depressant properties that ease stress and depression

Ketaki Flower

Source: Canva

Ketaki for Skin

Filled with anti-inflammatory properties, Ketaki is a great Ayurvedic ingredient that can be used for a wide range of skin conditions:

  • Reduces acne and blemishes
  • Combats dry skin
  • Helps ease symptoms of rosacea and eczema
  • Reduces scarring and itching 

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Ketaki for Obesity and Hyperlipidaemia

In Ayurveda, Ketaki treats disturbances in lipid metabolism, such as hyperlipidaemia and obesity, by treating these symptoms:

  • Reduces intolerance to heat  as it induces sweating and controls body temperature
  • Alleviates fatigue and depression

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Ketaki for Face

Ketaki has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties that help treat skin conditions:

  • It can be used as a face-cleansing toner as it has cleansing properties
  • Removes acne marks from the face
  • It offers a calming effect on the skin as it helps your body to cool naturally

Ketaki for Hair

The roots of the plant can be used with coconut oil to offer natural hair remedies:

  • Makes hair silkier and shiner 
  • It gives your hair a more manageable look
  • A home remedy to treat alopecia conditions

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Nutrition Facts of Ketaki

Crepe Ginger

Source: Canva

Below are the nutritional facts of Ketaki:






80 Kcal


17.77 g


1.82 g

Total Fat

0.75 g


0 mg

Dietary Fiber

2.0 g

Vitamin C

5 mg

Vitamin E

0.26 mg


13 mg


415 mg

How Does Ketaki Work ? 

With a pleasant fragrance similar to roses, crepe ginger flowers are used as a non-alcoholic perfume. The anti-inflammatory properties in the Ketaki flower plant make it an excellent Ayurvedic ingredient that combats skin conditions like dry skin, acne, scars, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. 

Kewra or Ketaki has anti-depressive properties, so it relieves stress and may also improve potency. Owing to its medicinal properties, it can treat obesity, asthma, and intestinal worms.

Ways to Use Ketaki

Ketaki can be used in the following ways:

  1. Ketaki supplements like tablets and capsules 
  2. Kewra water to prepare Southeast Asian foods
  3. Kewra skin toner 
  4. Ketaki powder
  5. Ketaki Perfume and more

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Ketaki Facts and Myths

Facts about Ketaki

  1. Mughal empires were the first to introduce kewra water in preparing food
  2. Possess digestive properties to alleviate digestive issues like bloating, flatulence, and indigestion
  3. Kewra water can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 years 

Myths about Ketaki

Presented below are the myths about Ketaki:

  1. According to legends, Ketaki is a forbidden flower that Lord Shiva cursed for bearing a false witness of Brahma
  2. Crepe ginger is believed to be dangerous when used in food.  

Growing Ketaki at Home

If you want to grow crepe ginger at home, keep it in the sunlight for at least 3 to 6 hours. The plant also needs shade during hot summer days to prevent sun damage. For optimal growth, you must water the plant if you want to cultivate it as a houseplant. It grows in the best condition in partial or full shade during rainy seasons. 

The plant needs fertile and moist soil to grow. You can also use clayey loam soil to witness excellent growth. When cultivating Ketaki at home, keep the plant amidst high humidity and low temperature.

Where to Buy Ketaki Products

Ketaki Flower

Source: Canva

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To summarise, the Ketaki flower tree has several health benefits. Whether you are facing issues with obesity or treating convulsions due to epilepsy, Ketaki supplements can offer significant benefits. Besides, it can be used as a natural skin toner. Combining Ketaki powder with coconut or other carrier oil reduces alopecia conditions and makes hair more manageable. 


1. Can Ketaki Help Reduce Weight?

Yes, Ketaki supplements treat obesity and hyperlipidaemia. From inducing sweating to controlling body temperature, it can help you with weight management.

2. Can I use Ketaki Oil to reduce headaches?

Ketaki tree comprises healing properties, so you can use the extract with other carrier oils to reduce headaches.

3. Can Crepe Ginger Help Fight Against Cancer?

Yes, the dried root parts of crepe ginger can be used to fight against cancer.

4. How do you use Ketaki to strengthen your urinary muscles?

Ketaki’s root is boiled with milk and used to strengthen the uterine muscles. In addition, it can also treat threatened abortions.

5. Can Ketaki Relieve Joint Pains?

Yes, Ketaki can be used to treat joint pains.

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