Mulethi [Licorice] Complete Guide to the Ayurvedic Herb

What is Mulethi or Licorice?

So, what is Mulethi? Ever since centuries, Mulethi has been used as a traditional Ayurvedic herb cultivated on Indian roadsides. As per Indian mythology, the licorice tree holds significant value. It exhibits manifold advantages in treating obesity, respiratory problems, liver disorders, skin infections, and other related diseases. 

Did You Know These Other Names?

  • Hindi Name: Mulethi
  • Sanskrit Name: Nimba
  • English Name: Margosa Tree
  • Latin Name: Azadirachta indica A. Juss
  • Popularly Known as Licorice

10+ Evidence-Based Advantages of Mulethi

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Mulethi Benefits for Asthma, Cancer, Hair, Etc.

These are the prime Mulethi benefits for your health:

  • Benefits for asthma conditions: Licorice roots have antihistamine properties that offer instant relief to patients suffering from asthma.
  • Relief from mucus membrane: Another benefit of Mulethi is the natural expectorant properties that loosen thick mucus, thereby alleviating the pain.
  • Reduces inflammation: There are various reports indicating the importance of Mulethi for inflammations owing to its antiulcer properties.
  • Prevents cancer: The essential oil of the licorice root can prevent symptoms of cancer.
  • Beneficial for constipation: Calling Mulethi a wonder root is not an understatement, as it helps people with severe constipation. Supplementing with Mulethi powder is much-protective and heals fissures. You should also check related products and medicines for digestive issues.
  • Boosts the good hormones in your body: Consuming licorice every day can enhance the level of the adrenaline gland for the healthy levels of cortisol, thereby promoting happy hormones.
  • Hair Benefits: Mulethi provides you with excellent hair benefits. It helps treat dandruff and promotes the growth of healthy hair. You can include one teaspoon of licorice root powder every day in the hair pack and see the difference gradually.
  • Treats Itchy Skin: Mulethi can provide people with relief from scaly and itchy skin. So, it can be used for treating several skin conditions, too.
  • Helps with pigmentation issues: Mulethi can be used for treating skin pigmentation, thereby making your skin radiant and glowing.

Other Plants

1. Mulethi for Heartburn, Bloating, and Other Acidic Symptoms

Mulethi can treat acidic symptoms in the following ways:

  • Reduces heartburn issues
  • Promotes normal functioning of your stomach 
  • Treats conditions like dyspepsia
  • Manages heartburn 
  • Helps with people suffering from loss of appetite 
  • Relieves gas issues in the intestine
  • Helps people with nausea

2. Mulethi Supplements for Throat

Several reports indicate that Mulethi can be used for throat issues owing to its expectorant properties:

  • Reduces sore throat
  • Alleviates symptoms of throat irritations
  • Treats conditions like bronchitis
  • May loosen mucus present in your chest 
  • Eases coughing

3. Mulethi for TB

TB, or tuberculosis, is a health condition where patients suffer from bacterial infections in the lungs. Mulethi can be beneficial owing to its antimicrobial activity:

  • Manages the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria count in your lungs
  • Improves immunity during the condition

4. Mulethi for Cough and Cold

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Mulethi has expectorant properties, so it alleviates cough and cold:

  • Reduces coughing issues 
  • Alleviates the viscous mucus present in your chest
  • Thins and slackens phlegm within your respiratory tract and nasal cavities

5. Mulethi for Pregnancy Issues

Research indicates that licorice can be beneficial for both men and women suffering from infertility issues:

  • Improves the sperm count for men
  • Enhance motility
  • Reduces the testosterone levels in women with PCOD, thereby increasing conception chances

6. Mulethi for Liver and Hepatitis

Mulethi is one such herb that can help people with liver issues.

  • Effective for keeping the liver healthy
  • Protects the body from free radicals and damage
  • Treats jaundice 
  • Reduces chronic hepatitis
  • The antiviral properties can treat hepatitis and prevent the symptoms from worsening

7. Mulethi Powder, Oil, and Cream for Skin

Mulethi contains anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, so it is beneficial for the skin in these ways:

  • Contains glabrene that treats skin pigmentation
  • Prevents tyrosinase enzyme synthesis that is responsible for skin darkening after sun exposure
  • Prevents excessive melanin
  • Helps lighten dark patches and dark circles 
  • Acts as a natural sunscreen
  • Removes toxins from your skin
  • Controls acne formation
  • Soothes burning and irritation sensations 
  • Great for oily skin
  • Glycyrrhizic and glycyrrhizin acid present in Mulethi can reduce unwanted hair from the face

8. Mulethi for Fatty Liver

Mulethi comprises antioxidant properties, so it can benefit people with fatty liver:

  • Detoxification activity reduces and reverses fatty liver issues
  • Improves enzyme activities in the liver 
  • Improves antioxidant levels for detoxification
  • Treats non-alcoholic hepatitis 

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    9. Mulethi for Hair

    Mulethi is also beneficial for hair:

    • Glycyrrhizin present in Mulethi can treat scalp redness 
    • Prevents hair fall
    • Moisturises scalp
    • Regulates oil products on your scalp
    • Alleviates dandruff 
    • Reduces scalp infections and soothes scalp issues
    • Improves healthy hair growth
    • Restores the natural softness and shine of the hair
    • Conditions and smoothens your hair 
    • Makes dense hair more manageable 

    10. Mulethi for Weight Loss

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    Mulethi can help you with weight loss:

    • Contains flavonoids that can reduce excess fat in your body
    • Reduces visceral fat
    • Manages excess body weight
    • Satiates hunger and makes a person fuller
    • Helps with obesity 

    Other Plants

    Nutrition Facts of Mulethi

    Here’s the table indicating the nutritional facts of Mulethi or yashtimadhu:










    Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial

    Triterpenoids (glycyrrhetinic acid)

    Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory





    Minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium

    Various body functions

    Amino acids

    Builds proteins

    Vitamins like V E and B-complex)

    Nutritional value

    How Does Mulethi Work for You?

    Mulethi contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties that can maintain mucosal health. In addition, these properties can relieve constipation and gastric or peptic ulcers. Moreover, Mulethi boosts immunity, thereby keeping infections away.

    Since it contains flavonoids, it can help people suffering from obesity issues. That stated it helps with weight loss by keeping your hunger at bay. These supplements can satisfy hunger and make you fuller. Its glycyrrhizin properties help reduce scalp itchiness and inflammation. It can reduce dandruff and hair fall, thereby promoting hair growth. 

    Glabrene is a powerful ingredient found in Mulethi that helps treat skin issues. This compound can help people suffering from pigmentation issues, thereby preventing excessive melanin. Anti-toxic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties help remove skin toxins. Mulethi can also control acne formation and ease skin irritation and burning sensation, among others.

    It's one such Indian Ayurvedic herb that's imbued with anti-inflammatory properties, so mulethi can treat liver anomalies such as liver damage, jaundice, hepatitis and non-alcoholic fatty liver issues. Furthermore, reports suggest that it may also soothe your liver and promote good liver functions.

    Top Ways You Can Use Mulethi

    Enlisted below are a few ways you can include Mulethi or yashtimadhu products into your diet, skincare, and hair care routine:

    • Mulethi cream
    • Mulethi oil
    • Mulethi hair packs
    • Mulethi powder
    • Mulethi supplements like tablets and capsules
    • Mulethi toothpaste
    • Mulethi mouthwash

    With these uses, you can also check different Ayurvedic oral care products from Zandu. 

    Demystifying The Top Mulethi Myths and Mulethi Facts

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    Here's presenting the myths and facts associated with Mulethi:

    11 Facts About Mulethi

    • It's derived from the term Glycyrrhiza, where glykos means sweet and rhiza means root
    • It's grown in the Mediterranean region like China, India, Iran, Italy, Russia, and Spain
    • It's great for treating indigestion
    • It can relieve symptoms of congestion
    • It is known as Atimaduram in Tamil
    • Most licorice is root and is rich in compounds such as monosaccharide, disaccharide, starch, amino acids, proteins, sterols, essential aromatic oil, saponins, and flavonoids,
    • Glycyrrhizin or glycyrrhizic acid is the prime bioactive compound in this herb
    • Medicinal uses include for treating eczema, herpes, and shingles
    • It is also used in preparing beer because of its flavour and characteristics 
    • Pregnant women should not consume these supplements as they can result in lactation problems
    • Mulethi can treat diarrhea and fever 

    3 Myths About Mulethi

    • Mulethi should not be consumed every day
    • Mulethi has no benefits for brain health (fact: it improves concentration and memory)
    • Mulethi does not have any skin benefits

    Tips on Growing Mulethi at Home

    If you want to grow Mulethi at home in India, you need to sow seeds in the pot in early autumn or late spring. One should cover them as they need warm weather to grow. Wait for 2-3 weeks for the seedling to emerge. While growing, your Mulethi plant needs proper watering. Finally, you should harvest it properly. Reap it, and you will see a brownish-yellow (juicy and flexible) interior. You need to harvest the thickest root.

    The herb needs a cold and dry climate to grow, especially where the temperature varies between 250C and 50C in summer and winter, respectively.

    Best Place to Buy Mulethi Supplements

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    Our Final Words

    Mulethi tablets and capsules are comfort supplements that you can carry anywhere and everywhere. If you want to ease a sore throat, treat liver issues, and prevent excessive mucus production, it's time you look for the best product from the market. Mulethi also promises to treat your scalp health, thereby promoting healthy hair. In addition, you can also reap skin benefits by consuming or using the right dose of Mulethi every day.


    Can Mulethi help you with weight management?

    Mulethi can be used for managing weight loss. For obese people, it can make you fuller and satiate hunger.

    How to use Mulethi for sore throat?

    You can find the best supplement brand that offers Mulethi products to treat sore throat. One of them is Zanducare. 

    Is Mulethi safe for pregnant women?

    Mulethi is usually not recommended for consumption during pregnancy. But if your doctor has prescribed you, it might be in a limited dose. Consult the healthcare expert before you include this ingredient in your diet.

    How can Mulethi boost immunity?

    Mulethi has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties that maintain mucosal health in the digestive tract, thereby improving your immune system.

    Can Mulethi prevent acne?

    Yes, Mulethi can prevent acne by removing toxins from your skin. So, you can use Mulethi to reduce pimples.


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