Foods to avoid in Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

Whether it is due to the stressful lifestyle you lead or the daily hassles you go through, your body's toxicity level mostly remains high. In medical terms, body toxicity means elevated concentrations of nitrogenous products like urea, ammonia, uric acid, harmful chemical compounds, and free radicals or oxidants. Suppose your body is exposed to all these elements for a prolonged time. In that case, health problems are bound to appear, like skin infections, dietary concerns, urinary infections, reduced immunity power, etc.

This is where the concept of detoxification comes into play. It is a procedure through which the toxins can be flushed out of your body through urine, feces, and so on. Although your body has a detoxification system naturally, like your liver, kidney, skin, and so on, they cannot remove all the toxins or reduce the growing toxicity levels. That's why proceeding with detox or body cleansing is crucial. 

What happens with higher toxicity levels in the body?

Foods to avoid in Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

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Before you can follow any method for cleansing the body, you must understand the symptoms of higher toxicity in your body. In addition, you must know how toxins affect your body in various ways to ensure you can identify the science on time and get the treatment done. To help you in this, we have discussed some of the significant identifications you should keep an eye on to know if your body has become toxic.

  1. Digestive issues: one of the significant symptoms of a higher level of toxicity in the body is suffering from chronic digestive issues, including indigestion, bloating, Constipation, and so on. It usually happens because the toxins in your body prevent the cells from secreting the enzymes required for digestion.
  2. Fatigue and tiredness: when your body has multiple toxins, the hormones required for keeping your body active or the metabolic rate are hampered. As a result, you will often feel fatigued, even after eight hours of sleep.
  3. Depression: one of the most prominent symptoms of body toxicity is depression. These toxins do not allow your body to release dopamine and serotonin, the two most critical stress-relieving neurotransmitters. As a result, depression starts to grow and soon develops into a chronic psychological problem.
  4. Skin infections: As we have already discussed earlier, toxins can be easily known with various skin infections in your body. It can be any seasonal allergy or an autoimmune disease like eczema or psoriasis. For best ayurvedic treatment of pimples, it would be best to consider using Lalima Syrup from Zanducare.
  5. Reduced immunity: apart from this, if your body's immunity decreases significantly by a whopping amount, it means that the toxins present in your blood prevent your body from maintaining the immune power and releasing lymphocytes and monocytes.
  6. Inflammation and joint pains: toxins also lead to inflammation, both externally and internally. You can often find swellings in your joint areas, especially the knees, elbows, fingers, toes, and vertebrae.

Is Ayurveda an effective body-cleansing process?

Foods to avoid in Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

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Now that you know the symptoms that signify toxicity in your body, it's time to know which detoxification process will be ideal for your health. There are several ways in which people detoxify, like massage therapy, spa sessions, psychiatrist sessions, and so on. However, these methods have one or more side effects that are difficult to deal with. for example, if you opt for a massage therapy or spa session as a detoxification method, you can get relaxation only in terms of your psychological health and not physical.

That may be why many people rely on the Ayurvedic body cleanse method. Ayurveda, the ancient form of medicine, originated in India, and news spread worldwide. Although the practice of using this ancient treatment process was somehow lost in thousands of pages of history, it has recently gained momentum worldwide. People now rely more on Ayurveda because it involves using natural substances to treat any kind of health problem, including toxicity buildup.

Ayurveda is the best toxin remover because it improves physical and psychological health and enhances the immunity power to deal with any kind of toxin present in your body.

Zandu Punarnava Pure Herbs is considered beneficial for the detoxification of the kidney and treating urinary problems. So, it  would be best to take these capsules from Zanducare as they are 100% pure and safe.

Types of body cleansing techniques in Ayurveda

Foods to avoid in Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

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Ayurvedic detoxification is often termed purvakarma and panchakarma. This is because the two methods highly depend on removing toxins from your body through elimination and rejuvenation. Ideally, in purvakarma, the toxins are released from your body through the skin and extrusion system using steams, oil massage, and the famous Shirodhara treatment.

On the other hand, if we talk about panchakarma, it means allowing your body to rejuvenate and remove the toxins that also include emotional barriers. As the name suggests, it has five treatment processes which are:

  1. Virechan or cleansing your body using pastes, powders, and medicinal plants
  2. Vaman, also known as purging or forced vomit
  3. Basti that includes enema and massage
  4. Rakta moksha, which means detoxification of your blood
  5. Nyasa that concerns with nasal clearance

Often professionals suggest following a proper ayurveda diet to facilitate the detoxification process and make the best out of the treatment. Physical activity is also essential because it is crucial to your metabolism.

What happens during the detoxification of your body through Ayurveda?

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During Ayurvedic detox, several natural elements and techniques are combined based on your health problems, age, comorbidities, and so on. The combination must be perfect because natural healing elements or techniques alone cannot extract toxins from your body. For example, suppose you eat healthy foods that facilitate detoxification. In that case, it will take much longer if you do not add physical activities like yoga, pranayama, meditation, and so on to your lifestyle.

Similarly, oil massage is the best process for professionals to remove physical toxins from the skin. Here, various combinations of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, tea tree oil, lemongrass, and so on are combined with different massage techniques to relieve tension and reduce inflammation. So, it is evident that the detoxification process through Ayurveda depends on your health requirements, current health status, and how fast you would like to get the detoxification done or completed.

Will your diet have any effect on the detox process?

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Often people ask whether the detox diet will have any effect on the ayurvedic detoxification process or not. To answer this question, let us first understand what diet means and its role in your health. First and foremost, diet is a form of eating food where all the nutrients will be in the correct proportion based on your body's requirements. It is not just having fewer carbs, more proteins, maximum vitamins and minerals, and almost zero fat. As suggested by nutritionists, most diets comprise carbs and fats but in a balanced proportion compared to fibers, proteins, and macronutrients.

If you want to speed up the detoxification process through Ayurvedic treatment, you must follow a proper diet. This is because the food you eat contains antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, and several other components essential for improving the body's overall immunity and response toward the detoxification process. So, you must follow the diet correctly and eat food not recommended during detoxification to expect the best results.

What food should you avoid during ayurveda detoxification?

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While the ayurvedic detoxification process yields meaningful results and is much faster than expected, there are certain food items you need to avoid at all costs. To help you out, we have discussed the primary foods to avoid during Ayurvedic detoxification or body cleansing methods.


One of the major food items that you need to avoid at all costs during Ayurvedic detoxification is meat. Although meat is a beautiful source of protein and fiber that your body requires for cell growth and digestive health, including it during Virechana can have adverse effects. This is because, in Ayurveda, animal-based food is strictly avoided.


If your body receives less sugar, that overall detoxification process will continue, and the results might not be as expected. Besides, chocolate made from cocoa beans often has a certain percentage of caffeine. This compound is harmful to your body and will also disrupt the metabolic rate and process, slowing down detoxification.


No doubt taking alcohol during aid with the ayurvedic cleanse method can prove to be fatal for your health. This is because the chemical compounds usually present in different types of alcohols, like whiskey, rum, beer, and so on, interfere with your body's natural rejuvenation and healing process, thereby leading to slowed detoxification. Consuming too much alcohol can render the detoxification process useless, especially if your body fails to release the toxins.


While spices taken individually can be good or in the right combination, overeating spicy food can lead to improper detoxification of your body. For example, when you take too much chili powder, cumin powder, and so on, the gut flora in your digestive system cannot function properly. As a result, having relief from digestive problems like Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, and so on will become quite tricky.

Dairy protein

People often believe that taking dairy protein can improve overall health because it helps in proper cell division and muscle gain. However, depending on dairy protein will only be helpful if you take Ayurvedic detoxification to solve digestive problems. It will lead to Lactose intolerance, thereby causing Constipation or diarrhea. Plus, when you take dairy protein, your body receives a substantial concentration of gluten, which is unsuitable for your digestive health.

Canned or frozen food 

People usually have a habit of storing food for several days and reheating the same during meal time. Although the process can bring change in your life, reducing your efforts to cook different meals, it is unsuitable for your body when it is undergoing detoxification through Ayurveda. This is because when you reheat frozen food, several toxins form inside, and you unknowingly consume chemical compounds that aren't suitable for your body.


One of the primary foods to avoid during Ayurvedic detoxification is sugar. However, it doesn't matter whether you get a sugar high because taking this compound can increase the blood glucose concentration, which will further put excess pressure on your liver, slowing down the detoxification process. 


Not having tea or coffee sounds like a massive punishment, mainly when you depend on these beverages to function daily. However, caffeine can lead to inefficient Detoxification results, especially when you choose the Ayurvedic treatment process. Therefore, instead of taking tea or coffee loaded with caffeine, switch over to green tea, white tea, herb tea, oolong tea, black tea, and so on. Also, try to reduce the number of times you drink espresso, late, and so on.

In what ways is Ayurvedic detox much more efficient?

Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

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If you are wondering why ayurveda detoxification is much more efficient than any other process, the following factors will help clarify your doubts.

  1. First and foremost, Ayurveda targets your physical and psychological health, ensuring both can be improved simultaneously to reduce the toxicity levels in your body.
  2. As no harmful chemical compound is used for Ayurvedic detoxification, you won’t have to worry about suffering from side effects.
  3. Ayurvedic detoxification contains maintaining proper dioxide and several other ancient healing and rejuvenation techniques like massages, streams, etc.
  4. Even if the results take longer to become more prominent from the Ayurvedic detoxification process, they are long-lasting and ideal for your health.
  5. Last but not least, Ayurvedic detoxification is meant for everyone. There is no hard and fast rule that kids or elderly cannot undergo this cleansing process because it is harmless and doesn't involve taking any supplements or medicine.


In this article, we have explained the foods to avoid during Ayurvedic detoxification to ensure the results are accurate and efficient as per your comprehension. Try to include more fruits and vegetables in fresh form in your diet along with vegan ingredients, like tofu, plant-based butter, and so on. Cut off sugar content from your diet, whether it is by reducing the use of sugar crystals for making any drink or beverage or avoiding alcohol consumption.

Zanducare’s ayurvedic medicines are the most effective when it comes to body cleansing. You can also choose health detox chooran or neem body detox syrup for best results.


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