Feeling Bloated??? Try Out These Ayurvedic Remedies

Following are the best and effective Ayurvedic remedies for bloating

Cumin (Jeera)

The active constituents present in cumin are known to have carminative and anti-flatulent properties, which helps in preventing and relieving excessive intestinal gas.


The main components like linalool and thymol present in coriander stimulates digestive enzymes and promote digestion and reduces the risk of bloating.


The active component lepicol present in the fennel seeds promote bowel movement and aids in treating indigestion.

Black pepper

This herb promote digestion and prevent trapping of gas in the stomach.


The active constituent like gingerols and shogoal present in fresh ginger improves the activity of gastrointestinal tract, promotes digestion, and treats bloating.


The essential oils present in the clove stimulate production of digestive enzyme and promote digestion.


Active constituents like curcuminoids present in turmeric stimulates digestion and promote bowel movement.

Improper eating and unhealthy eating habits is one of the most common reason behind bloating, Modifications in eating patterns and following a healthy diet with regular exercise is the simplest and most effective way to reduce bloating.

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