Types of Body Toxins

Our life has become quite hectic, which is one of the reasons why one has to endure so many health problems. Whether you are suffering from any skin problem or dealing with inflammations and aches, several issues pop up suddenly, but finding a proper solution is complex. After all, people nowadays rely more on cures than precautions. That's why you need to understand why these diseases occur first and if there is any way to prevent the situation. 

Why are health problems increasing each day?

The first thing that we need to understand is why health problems are occurring rapidly every year. Medical professionals, doctors, and researchers have studied a lot and concluded most health problems are the results of high toxicity levels in the body. 

Toxicity level is determined as the total and differential concentration of toxins in your body. In other words, when the toxins in your body increase in concentration from the upper limit, your body becomes toxic. As a result, health problems start appearing, like skin infections, digestive problems, aches and inflammations, and many more. For complete body detoxification, it would be best to choose Zandu Lalima syrup. It is a blood purifying tonic which is very beneficial and safe.

What are some of the common toxins that are found in the human body?

common toxins in human body

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Knowing about different body toxins is essential to know if your body has the same harmful chemicals. Keeping this in mind, we have listed the most common toxins in the human body. 

  • Ammonia

The proteins you eat are broken down into amino acids, and your body then utilizes them for cell and muscle growth. However, the liver converts the excess amino acids into uric acid and urea. Apart from this, the cells release other nitrogenous compounds, of which ammonia is the most dangerous. 

If your body doesn't function properly, especially the liver and the kidney, ammonia starts accumulating, resulting in a higher level of uric acid in the body. 

  • Complex sugars

One of the most common types of toxins that can be found in the body is complex sugars. Ideally, when you take starch or any other food item having carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose and maltose, which are the simplest forms of this particular nutrient. 

Your body utilizes glucose and maltose to power up the metabolic reactions; the rest are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle tissues. However, there are specific sugar molecules that are hard to digest and remain in the blood in their original form. 

These complex sugars reduce your body's responsiveness toward any medicine or treatment method and cause several digestive and liver problems. Too much sugar can also cause kidney problems, from urinary tract infections to changes in the urine.

  • Bisphenol A

People usually eat packaged and canned foods like canned tuna, tomatoes, mushrooms, plastic juices, and many more. These packaging units are made from various chemicals that cause reactions in the food items stored inside, making them toxic for consumption. Yet when you take them, the Bisphenol A or BPA concentrations will increase in your body. 

The presence of such toxins in the body symptoms can be easily seen through the changes in estrogen levels. For instance, a sudden decrease in fertility results from low estrogen levels since the hormone cannot be secreted. 

  • Polycarbonate hydrocarbons from aromatic groups

One of the significant toxic elements that can be found in the human body and require detoxification is aromatic polycarbonate hydrocarbons. These chemicals are volatile and often present in grilled and braised food items. 

When you grill different food items and incorporate the smoke, the fat drips often contain these hydrocarbons. As a result, they get easily absorbed into the food items, rendering them inedible. However, when you consume food cooked in huge smoke and at higher temperatures, the hydrocarbon body toxins can lead to different cancers, including the kidney, liver, and prostate. 

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  • Trans-fat

Trans fat in human body

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One of the most common toxins that can be found in the body of most people is trans-fat. These are mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids that do not have any benefit for humans. Instead, these fatty acids increase the LDL cholesterol level in the blood, thereby putting the heart at risk

  • Coumarin

This chemical compound is often found in cinnamon in solid bark and powdered forms. Unfortunately, it causes several cancers and even leads to other health problems, especially concerning your digestive system. 

Therefore, consuming too much cinnamon can increase the toxic level, putting your health at risk. For example, studies have shown that kids who consume a lot of cinnamon powder in their foods are at a higher risk of developing pediatric cancer.

  • Heavy metals

Heavy metal is one of the major types of toxins that have proven to be fatal for the human body. Different kinds of heavy metals enter your body through different food items. For example, the chances of mercury poisoning increase when you eat seafood collected from polluted water. 

Similarly, other food items with higher concentrations of lead and chromium are also considered harmful to health. This is why doctors are often concerned with people eating food sourced from polluted areas.

  • Cyanide

There are many plant species in which cyanide is present in different forms. For example, cassava, stone fruit, and even sorghum are some plant species with this harmful chemical. It proves to be one of the fatal toxins in the body, which is why avoiding such plants in your diet is essential. 

Although cyanide can be removed through detoxification, the mortality chances increase when the compound’s concentration is way more than the recommended limit that can be detoxified. 

  • Furocoumarins

Eating vegetables and greens is often considered healthy and better for improving immunity and adding more fibers, vitamins, and minerals to your body. However, certain plants and plant-based products, like parsnips, celery roots, and more, contain furocoumarins. 

These compounds can cause massive damage to digestive health and also lead to abnormalities in the kidney and liver. So, it would help if you looked out for the toxins in the body's symptoms to understand the probable health risks and mitigate them through detoxification.

  • Botulinum

One of the most common but fatal toxins in the body is botulinum. It is usually present in chicken and other proteins when cooked sparingly. Sometimes, tinned or canned food items can also have higher concentrations. 

These microbes lead to botulism- a paralyzing disease that can cause one to become immobile a person. Therefore, eating such food or not cooking chicken and other items properly should be avoided strictly. 

Can the toxicity level be reduced?

Toxic level

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Yes, it is possible to reduce the toxicity levels in your body through a process known as detoxification. However, although several medicines can cure health problems, they cannot reduce toxin levels or make your body immune to harmful chemical and biological components. 

Therefore, even after becoming free from a particular health problem, you will be at risk of developing the same if you cannot control the toxin levels in your body.

That's why the need to know what detoxification is, the process, and the wide range of benefits has become crucial for everyone. Most nutritionists and dieticians form diets where the person can take more detox foods and eliminate toxins. 

But dieting isn't the only way through which detoxification can be facilitated in any human being. Instead, it is a practice of using several combined techniques in a balanced proportion to ensure the body excretes out the toxins and properly cleans all the organ systems.

What are the types of detoxifications that can be done?

types of detoxifications

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To understand what detoxification is and incorporate the same principles in your lifestyle, you must know the different types of detoxification you can do. Keeping this in mind, we have explained the categories briefly for your better understanding and clarification.

  1. Full body cleansing: from the name itself, you can understand that complete body cleansing is a process through which you can detoxify your entire body by engaging your kidneys, liver, skin, and several such excretory or purification organ systems. These organs remove the toxins present in your blood and the chemical deposits.
  2. Mind cleansing: toxicity is not just present in the physical form of any human. Several incidents and events led to increased toxins that rendered hormonal functions useless. For example, when your body has higher toxin levels, serotonin, and dopamine, the two most important neurotransmitters for controlling stress and not secreted in enough quantity. As a result, you should opt for mind detoxification to ensure your psychology doesn't negatively impact your physical health.
  3. Nasal cleansing: from the name itself, you can understand that nasal cleansing is a process through which your nasal passage, nostrils, and even the trachea can be cleaned of any toxic deposition. Most often, when you inhale air, the impurities and other chemical compounds get trapped in the mucus layer. Allowing these chemicals to grow in concentration in the mucous membrane can lead to several respiratory problems, including edema, allergies, and so on. That's why nasal cleansing is essential for people living in polluted areas.
  4. Ayurvedic detoxification: one of the best ways of toxin removal from your body is Ayurvedic detoxification. Here, several natural ingredients and healing methods are implemented in the routine to push the toxins out of your body and cleanse the entire system. Apart from this, Ayurvedic detoxification also makes your body immune to the harmful effects of any chemical or biological compound.

What are the health benefits of detoxification?

health benefits of detoxification

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Understanding the health benefits of detoxification is vital because you will only be able to make a well-informed decision once and if you have 100% clarity. Unfortunately, many people think that detoxification is tiresome as there is no need to do so because if diseases are diagnosed, there will be other treatment methods. 

However, that is not the truth because several such health problems cannot be treated or give the doctors enough time to initiate the treatment process. Therefore, it would be best if you learn about the advantages of toxification and then decide whether it will suit you.

  1. First and foremost, detoxification is the best way to remove toxins from your body, ensuring you can live longer without suffering from chronic or fatal diseases.
  2. Several toxins are poisonous to your health, and the symptoms appear almost at the advanced stage. But if you continue to detoxify your body from the beginning, you will have higher chances of efficiently eliminating that health risk.
  3. Also, eating foods that detox the body removes the harmful chemicals from your blood and ensures no organ system or the various metabolic functions of your body are at risk. In other words, eating these foods prevents your body from responding to any toxic element and increases the overall immunity power.
  4. Thanks to your toxification, your skin problems will be resolved quickly without having to use tons of ointments or consume too many daily tablets. Detoxification is also said to be one of the natural ways to improve the skin's health, thereby making it supple and softer.
  5. When you consume foods that detox the body, you pave more ways for the secretion of several neurotransmitters and hormones that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, you will detoxify not only your physical health but also your psychological health simultaneously.


Since so many toxins are in the body, it's high time you understand their impacts and start working on methods to prevent them from entering your system. For example, if we consider the coumarin chemical in cinnamon, eating fewer ingredients will help balance the chemical compound concentration in your body. 

Similarly, if you take fewer sugar items, like chocolates, candies, and so on, your body will receive the complex sugar molecules that are hard to digest. Therefore, relying on preventive measures and detoxification will help reduce toxicity levels and significantly change your overall health and lifestyle.

Zanducare is one of the best platforms for you to get your solution for body detoxification. They have multiple options in the form of medicine, syrup and chooran; so you could make a choice as per your preference.


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