5 Exercises to Help You Get Rid of Constipation

There are times when we may feel bloated, uncomfortable or even in pain due to constipation. And while there are many exercises to relieve constipation, some may work better than others depending on the individual. The most healthy and effective way to relieve constipation is to combine several different methods that work together. 

It is because  of this that we have compiled a list of exercises to help you get rid of constipation. Read on to find out about these instant Indian home remedy for constipation.

How does exercising help with constipation? 

exercises to help treat constipation

Exercising can help in relaxing the muscles of your intestine and reduce the pain. It allows your stool to pass through easily and reduces the pain. Exercising also helps reduce the amount of water absorbed by the body, making it hard for stool to pass through the intestine. You can also take constipation syrup for better digestion.

If you start exercising regularly, you will feel better with bowel movements and reduce the constipation symptoms. You can also drink lots of water in order to get rid of the symptoms. Here are some exercises to relieve constipation

Exercises for constipation:


ayurvedic treatment for constipation

Cardio is one of the most effective exercises to relieve constipation that can help in reducing the symptoms. It helps in pumping blood to your body which further prevents constipation. You can run, cycle, dance, or do any cardio exercise. It will increase your breathing and also stimulate your bowel system. If you do not feel like exercising, you can go for a 30-minute walk to relieve the constipation symptoms. Cardio not only helps with constipation but also helps in relieving stress.


Instead of taking ayurvedic medicine for constipation, you can try yoga to get rid of constipation. It is a great way to relieve constipation and help with bowel movements. There are certain yoga poses that help in getting rid of stool easily and also flushes out the toxins from the body. There are three effective yoga poses that can ease the symptoms of constipation:

Wind-relieving pose: 

It is the pose that helps ease the discomfort of bloating and improves the overall digestion system, which helps relieve constipation symptoms. You can start by lying down on your back and straightening your leg. Then slowly raise the right knee to your chest and hold it with your arms for a few minutes. Then slowly release the position and perform the same exercise with another leg for 20 more breaths. You can also perform this exercise by holding both legs close to your chest. It gives the same results as the constipation syrup.

Supine twist: 

It is another yoga position that helps in easing constipation and blood flow in the stomach muscles. You need to lie down on your back and bring both knees to your chest and then slowly stretch your left leg out.

Then move your right knee across your body to the left and look in the opposite direction. Hold this position for a few minutes and release. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg. The exercise will help in reducing stress and pain and also help with reducing constipation.

Seated twist: 

It is an effective yoga position that is an instant Indian home remedy for constipation. You need to sit down on the floor with your legs fully extended in front of you. Then bring your left knee up, so your foot is flat on the ground. 

Then twist your core by placing the right elbow on the opposite side of your left leg and look over the shoulder. You need to take five to six deep breaths and then release. Do the same thing for the opposite leg. 

Pelvic floor exercise: 

It is among those exercises to relieve constipation that helps with blood flow in the muscles and improves bladder and bowel movements. It can also build up strength in your muscles and push out the stool easily. You need to sit on the floor with your knees folded.

Then put pressure to stop the gas from passing, as that will help you in squeezing the muscles. You need to hold this position for ten counts and then release. Repeat this exercise at least five to six times for effective results. 

Breathing exercises: 

ayurvedic exercises for treating constipation

Deep breathing exercises help in improving digestive functions and also relieve stress. You can take a few minutes and then sit in a relaxing position. Then breathe your mouth and exhale properly.

While doing this exercise, you need to keep your lips closed and only inhale and exhale through your nose for four seconds. Then hold your breath and count till seven and exhale completely. Repeat this exercise at least three times for better bowel movements. 

Garland pose: 

For this exercise, you need to stand on the mat with your feet apart. Then bend your knees slowly and come in a squat position. You need to bend your elbows and bring the palms together. Now slowly, take your arms inside your knees and press your elbows on your inner knees.

While performing this exercise, you must keep your neck straight and shoulders relaxed. Make sure your spine is in a neutral position, and then stay in this pose for at least a few seconds. You can do deep breaths in order to hold the position for five breaths.

Ayurvedic medicines for relieving constipation: 

There are various ayurvedic medicines and syrups which are effective for relieving constipation. If you are feeling sick and want to treat constipation as soon as possible, then go for the ayurvedic treatment, as it will help formulate and induce bowel movements. There are various effective ayurvedic medicines for constipation:


It is an effective constipation syrup that helps in relieving the pain and improves the bowel system for the stool to pass through the intestine smoothly. Haritaki, the most effective herb for constipation, is the main element in this syrup. It helps facilitate bowel movements and also treats indigestion, cramps, and bloating. 

Triphala tablet: 

Triphala is also an effective herb that helps relieve your stomach and reduces pain. It helps in treating various kinds of gastric issues and improves the blood flow in the body. You need to take one tablet of Triphala every day after the meal so that it helps with your bowel movements and also supports your digestive system.

Triphala is an instant Indian home remedy for constipation which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, which help improve digestive health and clear skin. You can take one teaspoon of Triphala powder and gulp it down with warm water. You can also gargle the medicine and swallow as it will help in better bowel movements.

Laxinol-H capsule: 

If you are suffering from mild constipation, then you can take the capsule, as it will provide instant relief to your stomach. It is the best ayurvedic cure for constipation and has all the organic ingredients in it, which helps with bowel movements. There are no side effects or addiction because of the tablets. It helps in relieving the pain and feeling better.

Gandharvahastadi Kwath: 

It is one of the most effective ayurvedic medicines for constipation which helps in providing relief from constipation and also cleans the gut. The medicine consists of effective herbs like ginger, haritaki, castor, and others. The herbs act as laxatives and help in easing constipation symptoms.


Senna is an ayurvedic medicine for constipation that helps in giving relief to your stomach within 6 to 12 hours. It is a safe medicine for adults and children both, and you can take the medicine for one week for an effective result. It is recommended not to use this medicine for a longer duration. Senna is also not good for people who have these health conditions: 

  1. Heart disease 
  2. Stomach inflammation 
  3. Intestinal blockage 
  4. Hemorrhoids 
  5. Anal prolapse 
  6. Ulcerative colitis 
  7. Dehydration 
  8. Appendicitis 

It is also recommended to consume senna with other herbal medicines because that will help in relieving the pain. You cannot consume senna directly because your body doesn’t have enough potassium levels. 

Himalaya herbolax: 

It is an ayurvedic remedy that helps in effective bowel movement and eases out the pass of stool from the intestine. It is essential to talk to the doctor before taking this medicine as it is not recommended for children. As there are various other ingredients that are not for kids, and there is a certain limit to the dosage. So make sure to talk to a medical professional before taking this medicine. 


You will have to try certain exercises in order to understand the one that will work out the best for you. It might take some time, but you will get there. It is essential to stay physically active because that helps in reducing stress levels and also manages your constipation properly. You can consult your doctor if you want to make a new exercise chart in order to avoid any strain on your body.

Make sure that you are using effective methods and that it is not straining your body. There are various yoga positions and exercises which will help in relieving constipation. You can also take constipation syrup, as it will help in easing your pain and reduce the constipation symptoms.


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