Digestive Wellness and Immunity - A Surprising Link

The digestive system and the immune system

Our digestive system comprises of all the organs from mouth to the large intestine, which help in ingestion of food, absorption of water and other nutrients from the food.

A suboptimal function of the digestive system may lead to:

Our immune system is responsible to fight against infections and protect us from diseases. Easier considered as different entities, these systems are now being viewed as an inter-related system.

Role of the Gastrointestinal Immune System

The gastrointestinal tract tissues comprise about 70% of the immune system. Our gut is populated with bacteria, fungi and viruses known as gut microbiota. It helps to:

It is known that gut microbiota is unique for every individual and helps to keep our gut healthy. Needless to say, our diets have profound effect on our gut microbiota.

Foods for a Healthy Gut and a Strong Immune System

There are some foods that improve both gut and general health. They include:

Additionally, exercise, enough sleep and a check on stress levels also plays an important role in improving gut and overall health.


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