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Herbs have therapeutic properties that help to cure many diseases. Most of these herbs are common, and one can find them even in the house of people. One such herb is the Tulsi herb. The Tulsi plant is a staple in most households, and the medicinal herb is potent. It can treat common colds, stomach disorders, kidney stones, headaches, etc.

Introduction To Tulsi

Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is an Ayurvedic herb that benefits both body and mind. The aromatic herb of Tulsi is highly versatile in its properties and uses. Indian have always considered the plant sacred. According to Ayurveda, the Tulsi plant is the Queen of all plants. In terms of healing and cure, it remains unparalleled.

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The adaptogenic herb of Tulsi has found recognition in its ability to relax the mind and body. The bushy plant of Tulsi has a unique fragrance and distinct taste. Apart from physical ailments, the benefits of Tulsi leaves also protect people from flies, mosquitoes, and insects and the diseases they bear.

The Multi-faceted Benefits of Tulsi

The Tulsi herb is a natural way to treat and prevent various diseases. It is such a potent herb that it positively impacts the entire human body. The herb not only heals the body but also replenishes the soul of the person.

The herb contains several minerals- Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium- and protein and iron. It also contains fibre, Calcium, and vitamins B6, C, and D. All these elements are essential in the safekeeping of health and keep various diseases at bay. 

1. Tulsi Heals Infections

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One of the many benefits includes its ability to heal infections. It can cure wounds and infections. The ability to do so lies in its antibacterial and antifungal properties that reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of wounds.

The analgesic properties of the Tulsi plant make it ideal for fighting any infection. The leaves of the Tulsi plant are highly potent and replete with medicinal properties. Even oil made from the plant has antibacterial properties. Therefore, the ways to reap the benefits of Tulsi to cure infections are limitless. It is a good natural cure.

Many advise taking Tulsi on an empty stomach. It strengthens the immunity of a person from the inside. Since the plant is famous for providing more strength to the immune system, it strengthens the body from within. The body can combat any infection and virus that attacks it. 

2. Good for The Heart

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The Tulsi help in treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It lowers the lip content in the blood, thus reducing the chances of stroke and hypertension. The high antioxidant content of Tulsi keeps your heart healthy.

The herb curbs heart diseases by lowering cholesterol levels, thus preventing ischemia. Tulsi also helps in platelet aggregation and prevents the risk of pulmonary hypertension. (High blood pressure blocks the arteries in the heart and lungs.)

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The herb is useful for people who have heart conditions. It helps in the treatment of their cardiovascular illnesses. The powerful antioxidant component of Eugenol in Tulsi protects the heart by keeping the blood pressure normal. It also lowers cholesterol levels.

3. Treats Diabetes

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Tulsi also extend to its hypoglycaemic effects as it helps to lower blood sugar. The Tulsi leaves serve as an adjunct to diabetes medications and diets. According to studies, the Tulsi leaf has a stimulatory effect on insulin production.

One can take the Tulsi leaf and Neem extracts to lower blood sugar levels. The Tulsi leaves have a high antioxidant content. It also has an amalgamation of essential oils that helps the pancreas. The components of the Tulsi leaf aid the production and release of Beta cells in the pancreas. The bet cells are the ones that control the release of insulin. Thus, it directly influences the blood sugar levels in the body of humans.

Tulsi's regulation of the beta cells keeps insulin production in check. Thus, this is how the ayurvedic uses keep blood sugar levels at a minimum. It is a great natural solution for diabetic people. Also, the antioxidants in the leaves treat oxidative stress in the individual.

4. Treats Common Cold and Respiratory Issues

The Tulsi leaves are also proficient in managing common cold and fever. If one is suffering from common cold, drinking Tulsi solution will cure the fever. Boiling Tulsi leaves in water and consuming the concoction helps to prevent malaria and dengue.

One can also mix the Tulsi supplements in warm water and milk to manage their health when they have an acute fever. The Tulsi juice brings down the fever. It is a highly effective tonic for kids as well.

5. Cures Respiratory Problems

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Tulsi is effective in treating any lung-related disorders. People with respiratory health issues can resort to the ayurvedic benefits of Tulsi. People have used Tulsi as a cough, cold and congestion treatment since ancient times.

One can use Tulsi along with ginger and honey. It can cure cough and asthma and provide quick relief from the cold. The Tulsi provides relief from influenza as well.

The Tulsi concoction, along with salts and cloves, bring relief to a person suffering from a cold. The mucus-eliminating property of the herb makes it the ideal treatment for treating colds and coughs. It clears the bronchial tube, ensuring easy and seamless breathing.

6. Gets Rid of Kidney Stones

One of the biggest benefits its diuretic property. As a detoxifier, the Indian basil leaves keep the kidney healthy and free from all toxins. It helps the kidney drain out things, thus reducing the uric acid levels in the blood. Low uric acid reduces the chances of developing kidney stones.

Also, the Tulsi leaves have an acid in them, acetic acid. In patients dealing with kidney stones, the Tulsi leaves break down the stones with the help of acetic acid and cleanses the kidney stones from the kidney. With the consumption of Tulsi, one can also reduce the pain the stones cause as it interferes with normal bodily functions.

The Tulsi leaves can dissolve kidney stones. It is most effective when consumed with milk, tea or sugar. The mixture helps the body to absorb the Tulsi extracts faster and better. Consuming Tulsi with tea is a must-have for tea lovers. The Tulsi leaves add an aromatic and taste blend to the tea. You can enjoy a fresh, hot cup of medicinal tea that cleanses and detoxifies your body.

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7. Anti-Cancer Properties

The Tulsi also encompass its prime benefit of cancer control. A certain enzyme, COX-2, triggers inflammation and causes the spreading of cancer throughout the body. The Holy Basil or Tulsi supplements and leaves block this enzyme and prevent inflammation. It also reduces the pain that the inflammation causes.

Tulsi also repairs and regenerates the cells that suffer from radiation and oxidative stress damage. The Tulsi herb is highly potent in destroying the pre-cancerous lesions in the cells. The nutrients in the basil leave to kill the cancer cells and limit the growth of the cancer mass.

 Eugenol, the active component, inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells. It also stops the cancer cells from affecting the other nearby cells. Cancer-fighting phytochemicals like Myretenak, Carnosic, and more generate antioxidant activity and destroys all the cancer cells.

The ayurvedic uses are highly effective in restraining the growth of breast cancer. It blocks cell proliferation that curbs the chances of cancer. It also prevents new blood vessel formation in the cancer mass. Therefore, 8it blocks the oxygen supply to the cells of the cancer mass. It will eventually cause the cancer cells to die.

How Can You Use Tulsi?

One can reap the benefits of Tulsi by consuming the plant's leaves raw. Or you can add it to your tea as you make it. To make Tulsi tea, add around 1 tbsp of fresh Tulsi leaves or 1/3 Tulsi powder to an open pot of boiling water. Let the Tulsi leaves or powder steam in the water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Strain the leaves and enjoy your cup of tea. You can also go for the Tulsi supplements if you do not want to take the time to pluck and boil the leaves in water.

Drinking Tulsi water in the early morning on an empty stomach flushed out all the toxins. Since there is high antioxidant content, it also helps in digestion and revs up the metabolism. One can easily burn calories when they add Tulsi to their diet. Tulsi is one of the best ways to lose weight and detox naturally.

The Bottom Line

Tulsi supplements protect the individual from many diseases. The Tulsi plant and supplements are a mainstay in many Indian households, and with it, you can have the solution to a host of health issues right at your fingertips. The antioxidants protect the cells and eliminate free radicals.


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