Safed Musli or Shilajit? Have you ever encountered a question like this before? Well, you must have. Both Safed Musli and Shilajit are two of the most powerful natural ayurvedic remedies for good health and well-being. Naturally, the chaos around which one to choose amidst them is long-drawn. 

While some suggest Safed Musli benefits are better, others support Shilajit. So, we are here to finally put a stop to this debate. Let us start with the basics first.

Properties Safed Musli Shilajit
Source Plant roots Resin from mountains
Scientific name Chlorophytum Borivilianum Asphaltum Punjabinum
Benefits Boosts libido and fertility, improves immunity, reduces inflammation Provides energy, improves cognitive function, increases testosterone levels
Side effects No major side effects reported Can cause nausea, diarrhea, and low blood pressure if consumed in excess
Forms available Powder, capsules, and extracts Resin, capsules, powder, and liquid
Dosage 1-2* grams per day 300-500 mg* per day
Cost Moderately priced Expensive
Availability Widely available Less widely available


Safed Musli vs Shilajit: A Brief About Both The Ayurvedic Remedies

White Musli

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Safed Musli is a White herb that is grown wildly. Divya Aushad, White Musli and White Gold are some other names given to this herb. Generally, it is popular for promoting sexual wellness. It can lower the risks of erectile dysfunction, reduce sexual problems that are induced by stress and also improve sperm count. The anti-stress and antioxidant properties present in this herb help it amplify the quality of life for males. These are the most well-known Safed Musli. 

Shilajit, on the other hand, is a gummy substance that is mostly found in the Himalayas. For centuries, it has been used in diverse homes to intensify immunity, metabolism and overall well-being. It can reduce the risks of low levels of testosterone. Shilajit may also aid in chronic fatigue syndrome, Anemia and aging. Similar to Safed Musli, even Shilajit contains antioxidant properties that help it to provide numerous other benefits to individuals. 

Now that you know the basics about Shilajit vs Safed Musli, let us discuss their benefits in more detail. This will help you make a fair conclusion with us regarding which you should consume in need. 

5 Main Safed Musli Benefits That Are Life Changing

1. Eliminates The Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction 

Sources suggest that nearly one out of every ten men in India experience erectile dysfunction. The statistics are said to be rising with each passing year. These statistics are petrifying and indicative of deteriorating sexual health among men in our country. Safed Musli can change this. 

Safed Musli is enriched with Spermatogenic properties. This property is known to generate better sperm quality, thereby improving sperm count. Eventually, it also assists in fostering testosterone levels that uplift blood circulation in the genital region. This implies that the consumption of this amazing herb can help you enjoy longer erections and change the dynamic of your sexual life. Safed Musli benefits are growing in popularity for this purpose. 

2. Better Stress Management 

Stress Management

Image Source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: pexels

Safed Musli is packed with the goodness of anti-stress, antioxidant and adaptogenic properties. Together, they help deduce the free radicals and oxidative disorders that may be induced due to stress. As a result, you can experience mood upliftment, relaxation and a low rate of stress. This is what you can experience after relying on the Safed Musli benefits. 

An imbalance in the Vata Dosha may also be a chief cause of stress. Thankfully, Safed Musli can help provide relief in this aspect, too, due to its property that helps balance this dosha in the body. 

3. Increases The Production Of Breast Milk

The production of breast milk is significant for every new mother. It helps them to lactate their newborn baby successfully. However, an inability to feed the baby in sufficient quantities may be a concern. 

Sometimes, stress is the number one reason why a mother may experience a decrease in breast milk production. The rising hormonal levels may also be a cause for it. However, it is important to consult your healthcare provider to get to the crux of the reason. 

Irrespective of what your reason for insufficient breast milk production might be, the goodness of Safed Musli can come to the rescue. If stress induces your reduction in breast milk production, Safed Musli can instantly amp up the speed by decreasing stress, as mentioned above. It not only helps improve the quantity of breast milk you generate but also the flow of it. 

4. Empowers Muscle Building 

Muscle Building

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Muscle building can assist in the management of blood sugar levels. It can also enable better stamina and strength building. Muscle building may also support the joints, build bones and manage body fat. But a decrease in muscle building inside the body means all these benefits are hindered from coming your way. With Safed Musli, you can change that. 

Safed Musli allows room for muscle building by empowering the growth hormone levels. So, those individuals who are exercise-trained can benefit the most from it. You can leverage these Safed Musli benefits right away. 

5. Wards Off Chronic Health Problems 

Chronic health problems won’t knock on doors. They can strike people from any age group. But not everyone knows an effective way to treat them on time. As a result, the cases of cancer, Diabetes and Arthritis patients are only increasing. If you have tried all sorts of treatments but all in vain, it's time to give Safed Musli a shot.

Safed Musli contains anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. This helps curb the discomfort, inflammation and pain during arthritis. Eventually, it brings relief to patients suffering from this problem. 

Similarly, the anti-cancer properties available in this herb allow it to reduce the size of tumors and decrease the risk of cancer spread. For those in the initial stages of cancer development, Safed Musli can be effective. It does the same for Diabetic patients too. The antioxidants present in this herb help prevent pancreatic damage and lowers blood glucose levels in the body. 

5 Major Shilajit Benefits To Improve Health And Well-being

1. Decreases The Risk Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Image Source: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: pexels

A feeling of extreme exhaustion all day long may be a concern after a point. If this is consistent, wherein you are constantly feeling fatigued, you might want to consult a doctor. In many cases, it could be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, occurs when the body fails to produce sufficient amounts of energy. Since energy is important to carry out a multitude of tasks, its insufficiency elevates the risk of CFS. For this purpose, you can count on Shilajit. 

Over the years, many researchers have thrown light on Shilajit, helping eliminate the risks of CFS. Experts also suggest that consuming Shilajit supplements may foster instant revitalization that may ward off exhaustion soon. Here, you can learn more about shilajit benefits for female health.

2. Empowers Fertility And Sexual Wellness 

Much like Safed Musli, even Shilajit is a safe supplement to improve fertility among men. It can help spike up testosterone levels, improve sperm count and foster sexual wellness on time. That is why people who have lost hope in their sexual life often turn to the Shilajit benefits. Zandu has listed other benefits of shilajit for males

3. Better Cardiac Health 

Cardiac Health

Image source: Image by Jan Alexander: Pixabay

In many recent types of research, it was found that Shilajit could also highlight better cardiac health. This is especially useful for patients who worry about strokes and heart attacks more often than ever. However, if you are already experiencing poor cardiac health, consuming Shilajit products is not recommended until prescribed by your health practitioner. 

4. Iron Deficiency Anemia

This may be the product of blood loss, a low-calorie diet and even a failure of Iron absorption. As a result, you may experience fatigue, irregularity in the heartbeat and headache as the most common symptoms. You may also feel your hands and legs feeling colder than usual. These are all signs of Iron deficiency Anemia

Shilajit are well-known to ward off this deficiency. It promises to increase the levels of Iron in the body and prevent such symptoms from increasing. 

5. Lowers High Altitude Sickness 

Being at a high altitude may often cause abnormal symptoms such as headache, nausea, fever, lethargy and Insomnia. You may also experience pulmonary edema and body pain as common symptoms, although Dementia is an uncommon one. Shilajit can help lower these symptoms and provide relief against high altitude sickness. You can read an in-depth guide to identify pure shilajit - This will help you pick better among all brands. Once you make you mind you can read guide to buy shilajit.

Zandu Shilajit Capsules: An Effective Shilajit Product To Count On


Zandu shilajit capsules are 100% vegetarian, scientifically tested, natural and safe for use. They help restore stamina, strength, and metabolism and improve immunity. The capsules also boost antioxidants and empower joint flexibility. 

Consuming 1 to 2 capsules two times a day is all that is needed to derive its benefits. However, it is best to seek approval from your general physician before adopting the consumption of the dosage prescribed here. 

The ayurvedic herbs present in these capsules allow you to gain maximum benefits. So, if you were confused about Safed Musli and Shilajit benefits, you know which one to choose. The product is available in a pack of 60 tablets at a nominal price of Rs. 499 only. Make sure you purchase it on time before it goes out of stock. You can also check Chyawanprash version - Shilajitprash

Winding Up!

A combination of Safed Musli and Shilajit is hardly needed if you have Zandu Shilajit capsules to count on. The product is GMP certified, vegetarian and very effective. So, try it out to understand the difference. You can also a comparision between ashwagandha & shilajit.
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