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Ayurveda embraces the idea of well-being and good health. It nourishes the concept of balance between a healthy mind, body, and soul. The concept of ayurveda also acknowledges a holistic development of our health with minimal side effects. All-in-all, ayurveda makes a fine blend of traditional remedies with a modern twist to galvanize a healthy lifestyle.

Shilajit grows across the Himalayan regions. Earlier, it was sourced from Tibet and India for its massive variety of benefits. The ayurvedic substance is useful for both men and women, and their sexual wellness is put together. No wonder individuals leverage its powers from all regions of India today.

A Shilajit can provide a comprehensive escape to good health and well-being. It promotes vitality and strength, improves testosterone levels, builds better immunity, and also empowers memory enhancement. Apart from this, the ayurvedic remedy may also assist with strong digestion, better metabolism, and good joint flexibility. With such a wide range of benefits, it is almost impossible to avoid consuming this remedy in need. But the question is, how do you identify the purity of this product? 

5 Simple Steps To Identify Pure Shilajit Product

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Shilajit capsules in India are widely available. Many ayurvedic brands claim to offer 100% natural and safe Shilajit products too. But are they all really credible? Due to the spike in demand for Shilajit products, many companies have started to sell fake or adulterated Shilajit. This is why people who purchase from them are unable to experience the results that pure products promise. As a result, people tend to believe that Shilajit in its pure form is also not as useful as claimed.

Since Shilajit in India can help trigger an improvement in the functions of the brain, decrease Iron Deficiency Anemia, and empower good hair quality, it is important. The ayurvedic remedy may also help curb the signs of aging and provide diverse anti-viral properties and antioxidant properties too. 

Due to all these benefits that it can offer, its popularity has grown multifold. As a result, people have started to adulterate the product to make a better profit. But here’s how you can tell the difference between a fake and original brand. 

1. Pliability Test 

Original Shilajit is susceptible to changes when there is a change in temperature. In this case, if it is stored in a region where the temperature is high, it becomes sticky on your fingers. On the contrary, when the temperature is low, the substance may tend to harden and become almost as breakable as a stone. This implies that the texture of Shilajit will change as per the temperature it encounters. 

2. Solubility Test 

Solubility Test

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Shilajit purity can be tested in another witty manner. The solubility test is one way to make it happen. Take a portion of Shilajit in the palm of your hand. Now, drop it in some water. If the Shilajit you are using is in its pure form, it will easily dissolve in water after it is dropped in it.

Once Shilajit tablets are dropped into the water, they may turn Reddish Black or Brown in color. In this case, the Shilajit will leave no residue behind. So, look out for these symptoms to identify the product accurately. However, if your Shilajit product is adulterated, you will experience sandy residue when it is dropped in water. It will also taste slightly sandy, which can easily help you map out the difference. 

3. Alcohol Test 

Did you know that if you have bought Shilajit online and are using it, the product will not dissolve in alcohol? Thus, the alcohol test can also be very successful in helping you spot the difference on time. When you add original Shilajit in alcohol, you will experience a certain type of clot in it. 

On the contrary, if your Shilajit tends to dissolve in alcohol where you have dropped it, the product is obviously fake. This also implies that the product contains certain additives that you might want to learn about. Thankfully, Zandu Shilajit products are an exception. 

4. Flame Test 

Flame Test

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If you think you may have bought the best quality Shilajit, you may not mind running a Flame test either. In fact, among all the other types of tests that we have recommended above, this test is the most credible. Let us know how! 

If you put Shilajit on fire, it will fail to burn. However, due to the rise in temperature, it is likely to get sticky and even turn into ash at some point. However, if your Shilajit is not pure, it is bound to catch fire quickly. 

5. Color And Odor Test 

You may have bought your product from the best Shilajit brand in India. But if you really want to know whether the product is safe for use, this test can also help. We all know that the original form of Shilajit is dark in color.

It also provides a smell that is pungent. This may be the case because of the minerals and plant matter breaking down. If your Shilajit does not resemble this color and odor, it is most likely to be a fake ayurvedic product. 

How To Take Pure Shilajit?

Once you have cracked how to check pure Shilajit, you can now understand its uses. Shilajit comes in many forms. Capsules, powder, and resin are some of the forms you may find this product available in.

Thankfully, you can find all these ranges on Zandu Care’s online website. However, we recommend the Zandu Shilajit capsules to those who want to conveniently consume the product. All you need to do is consume 1 to 2 capsules every day or as per the recommendations by your medical practitioner.

The Shilajit price at Zandu Care’s official website is Rs. 499 only for a pack of 60 capsules. In fact, the website is also offering a buy one, get one free deal on this product. So, purchase it now if you do not want to crack it at a higher price. 

Zandu Shilajit Capsules: Your One-Stop Solution To A Good Health

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Zandu Shilajit capsules are an ayurvedic supplement that is 100% natural, safe, effective, and quality-driven. They are scientifically tested and contain no gelatin, either. In fact, they are 100% vegetarian, so they can be consumed by anyone. The product aims to restore strength and energy in the body. It also fosters metabolism, a strong immune system, and the promotion of antioxidants in the body.


These Shilajit capsules are formulated with 100% pure Shilajit extracts. That is why they are recommended for regular use with a guarantee of zero side effects. These capsules can successfully help eliminate any sign of fatigue and revitalize your spirit. In this process, it may also help manage stress better and lower anxiety levels dynamically. 

Benefits Of Zandu Shilajit Capsules

1. Boosts Energy 

Energy in the body is significant for carrying out a range of daily tasks. Whether you are looking to go to the grocery store or run basic errands, you need energy in the body. In fact, even hopping out of the bed to start a day or be creative on a hectic workday requires tons of energy. Sometimes, our bodies may not have sufficient levels of energy to offer. This can be a problem. Thankfully, pure Shilajit comes to the rescue. 

Zandu Shilajit capsules promise to boost your energy quickly. As you consume the product regularly, you will begin to notice a spike in your overall energy levels. This may be possible as the product focuses strictly on eliminating any sign of fatigue, paving the way for a boost in energy levels. Red more details about Zandu Shilajit.

2. Empowers Metabolism 


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Good metabolism implies a healthy functioning liver and good digestive health. Since both these organs are very important for our body’s proper functioning, it is not possible to compromise the metabolism of the body. With Zandu pure Shilajit capsules, you can improve your metabolism instantly. 

3. Boosts Immunity 

The body is supposed to fight off infections and diseases. This is possible due to the strong immune system we possess. But when our body’s immunity is weak, it may become very difficult to experience good health and well-being. That is why the consumption of best Shilajit is more important than ever today. Zandu Care makes it possible. We've also made a guide to buy Shilajit.

Winding Up!

Zandu Care avails itself as a trusted brand in the world of Ayurveda. It stands up to its promises and claims around creating and selling pure Shilajit products. That is why we encourage you to try their products out at your requirement and convenience. The nominal range of ayurvedic Shilajit products available here is sure to be useful to you in the long run. You will see the difference yourself.
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