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How many times do you wake up to find hair all over your pillow? It’s a major sign of thinning hair and poor hair quality. Sometimes, you could try a dozen medications but not all of them are effective. This is when natural hair care remedies can help. Olive oil is considered one of the best ingredients for hair.

Olive oil benefits for hair are massive. It can promote hair growth, provide hair nourishment and prevent hair breakage too. The oil can also assist with good scalp health, reduction in split ends, and scalp hydration. So, if you are thinking about how you can enjoy the best benefits of this oil, read below. 

List of Olive Oil Benefits for Hair Care And Growth 

1. Better Scalp Health 

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Scalp infections like dandruff can be harmful to your hair health. It can cause your hair to get dry and become more susceptible to split ends and hair loss. Dandruff can also make your hair itchy and make your gorgeous hair turn weak. But this is not the only type of scalp infection to watch out for. Lice can also culminate with growth in dandruff on your scalp. Such scalp infections only worsen your hair health. But Olive oil can provide an instant remedy against it. 

Using Olive oil can soothe your irritated scalp easily. This is possible due to the antifungal properties present in the oil. So, the oil promises to seep into your scalp and rehydrate it. As a result, the fungal infection reduces, and dandruff is decreased exponentially. In turn, this may also help resolve many other hair and scalp-related issues. 

2. Smoothens Split Ends

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Split ends can make your hair brittle and dry. It is the tip of your hair that becomes excessively rough to touch and looks spike-like. Split ends are a sign of damaged hair which can make your hair grow stagnant too. Although most experts recommend trimming the split ends, one of the healthiest ways to combat it is using Olive oil. 

Applying Olive oil in the right quantities on your hair can smoothen out the edges and eradicate split-end problems forever. Since Olive oil acts as a natural conditioner for your hair, using it consistently can soften your tips and render better hair quality. 

3. More Manageable Hair

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You can put on your favourite outfit to go out. But if your hair does not look presentable enough, you are bound to look unpleasant. Manageable hair may seem easier with the use of versatile hair styling tools. But these can do more harm than good. Your hair tends to become drier, and the dependency on these styling tools increases. 

Olive oil is not just a natural hair care solution. It is also a more effective remedy for your hair. When you apply it properly, it can allow your hair to look more manageable and party-ready.

4. Encourages Hair Strength 

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Strong hair can help with better hair growth. It implies good hair quality too. Thankfully, Olive oil can work well to promote hair strength. This oil is packed with antioxidants that not only condition your hair but also nourish it. Due to this, hair damage is prevented on time which eventually results in better hair strength. But it is important to focus on the amount of hair oil you apply and how frequently it is done. Both of them can result in hair strength accordingly. 

5. Eliminates Head Lice 

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Did you know that head lice becomes common when you suffer from a variety of scalp infections? In fact, the increase in dandruff can also cause an increase in head lice. Head-to-head contact with any individual who is already suffering from head lice can also be a problem. But no matter what causes head lice, the symptoms can be equally grave. 

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Experts suggest that people with head lice suffer from hair growth problems. Their scalp quality deteriorates, and hair weakens too. If you do not want to experience this, it is best to opt for Olive oil and see the difference in your hair. This oil can seep into your hair and nourish it, causing a reduction in head lice. By soothing your scalp, the quantity of head lice reduces automatically. So, if you are consistent with the hair oil, you are likely to get rid of head lice soon enough. 

3 Steps to Use Olive Oil For Hair Growth 

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1. Egg And Olive Oil 

When worried about how to use Olive oil for hair, this combination can work wonders. Take two medium-sized eggs and whisk out the Whites for use. Make sure it turns into a smooth paste to apply to your scalp. Mix it with two tablespoons of Olive oil and wrap your hair in a shower cap. The shower cap will soak in the moisture and keep your hair nourished. After leaving it on for 20 minutes, rinse off the mixture properly with a mild shampoo. You do not necessarily need a conditioner as both eggs and Olive oil have great hair conditioning properties to offer. 

2. Neem, Olive Oil, And Basil

You may have heard that all these three ingredients are outstanding for your hair care. But when they work together as an Olive oil hair mask, the benefits are boundless. Take some Neem leaves along with the leaves of Holy Basil. Grind them all together in a mixer and create a power form. Now, add Tulsi powder to this mixture. Mix all of them well to form a smooth paste for use. Make sure you gently massage your hair with the mixture at least 2 to 3 times. For this purpose, you can use your fingertips in circular motions. Leave it on for nearly 30 minutes before you rinse it off with a mild shampoo. 

3. Olive Oil And Coconut Oil 

When you are looking for a hair loss remedy, you can also add Coconut oil for added goodness. Take two tablespoons of Olive oil with three tablespoons of Coconut oil. Mix them together in a bowl. You can warm them before application but keep in mind that it is not too hot for your scalp. Now, start massaging the oil gently into your scalp using circular motions to promote better oil absorption. 

Remember to apply the oil from your tips all the way up to your hair roots. If you want, you can keep the oil on your hair overnight and wash it off the next morning. However, avoid keeping it on for too long. Trying this at least two to three times every week can help you abstain from head lice and promote better hair growth soon. So, the next time you are wondering or searching on how to use Olive oil for hair, you know what to do!

Although all of these combinations with Olive oil can work wonders for your hair, sometimes they may not be enough. If you want to amp up your hair growth speed, Zandu Hair Growth Vitalizer can be a great solution to opt for in need. It is an ayurvedic product with 100% natural ingredients that promise to promote good hair growth and prevent head lice and other scalp infections too. Learn more about it below! 

Zandu Care- Hair Growth Vitalizer 

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Mental stress, pollution, and exposure to harsh weather conditions are some of the most common reasons for poor hair quality and weak hair growth. But that is not all. The reasons may differ as per the differences in lifestyle of each individual. This means that hair problems will also differ from individual to individual. But if you want an all-in-one solution for your hair care, Zandu Hair Growth Vitalizer can be a wise pick. 

This ayurvedic product comes in a capsule form which is priced at Rs. 379 for 60 capsules. But this product is not just affordable. It is also very efficient as it is made of 100% organic ingredients, mainly Bhringaraja, Amlaki, Nagkesara, and Brahmi. It also contains Godanti Bhasma, Ashwagandha, and Abhrak Bhasma as its core ingredients. You are also likely to find the presence of Manjishtha in it.

The Bottom Line 

We have laid out a comprehensive guide above for this purpose. The benefits of using this oil are also discussed above in detail. But if you are looking to speed up your hair growth, do not forget to focus on the benefits of Zandu Care’s Hair Growth Vitalizer in need. 

The ayurvedic product at Zandu Care contains no gelatin, is toxin-free, and is also highly efficient for hair care. If you want the best results, then try it out now!


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