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If you have grown up in an Indian household, you do not require any separate overview of mustard oil. From making mouth-watering pickles to food recipes, mustard oil is one of the essential ingredients in your kitchen.

However, the usage of mustard oil is not limited to the cooking zone, and it goes beyond that. Since time unknown, many people have used mustard oil and saw diffent benefits of oiling

It boosts your immunity, protects you from colds, strengthens hair roots, nourishes the skin etc. In short, mustard oil comes with several benefits. In this post, you will learn about the mustard oil benefits and how to use on hair.

Is Mustard Oil (Sarso Oil) Good for Hair?

Mustard oil is packed with good stuff for your hair and scalp. It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that can make your hair healthier and might help it grow. It's also got natural germ-fighting powers, which can help if you have scalp problems like dandruff or fungus. This oil can help fix these issues because it fights against these germs.

List of Nutrients in Mustard Oil (Sarso Oil)

  1. Fatty acids: This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, vital for maintaining a healthy body. When applied to the hair and scalp, mustard oil can help nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, promoting overall hair health and potentially supporting growth.
  2. Minerals: Mustard oil may contain trace minerals, such as selenium, that support scalp health and the hair's strength.
  3. Vitamin E: Mustard oil is a rich vitamin E source known for its potent antioxidant properties. These properties protect the hair and scalp from damage caused by free radicals, which can cause premature ageing and other issues. In addition, mustard oil is believed to help improve the texture and shine of hair, leaving it healthy and vibrant.
  4. Proteins: If you're looking for a natural way to strengthen your hair and reduce the risk of breakage, consider using mustard oil. Mustard oil is rich in proteins that can help fortify hair strands, making them stronger and less prone to damage. Regular use lets your hair look and feel healthier, and you can enjoy greater confidence in your appearance.
  5. Antifungal properties: Mustard oil is known for its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, which can be beneficial in treating scalp conditions like dandruff and fungal infections. According to a report by NIH, Mustard oil effectively inhibits the penetration of T. mentagrophytes into the hair, but it is not as effective as coconut and amla oil against the fungus.
  6. Antioxidant property: As per the report by the (NIH), Mustard oil comprises the amino acid cysteine, which functions as an antioxidant and helps safeguard the body against harmful free radicals that can potentially damage DNA and cell membranes. Mustard Oil and Scalp Health.
  7. Acts a sunscreen: Due to its thick consistency and high vitamin E, topical application of oil protects against harsh UV rays. 

Mustard/Sarso Oil Hair Benefits 

Benefit How It Helps
Nourishment Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, promoting hair and scalp health
Hair Growth Encourages hair growth and may help prevent hair loss, leading to thicker and healthier hair.
Scalp Health Natural antifungal and antibacterial properties assist in controlling dandruff and fungal infections.
Strengthens Hair Strengthens hair, reducing vulnerability to breakage and damage.
Shine and Luster Adds natural shine and luster, enhancing hair's appearance and vibrancy.

    Let's understand more in detail!

    Top 14 Mustard Oil Benefits for Hair

    mustard oil

    Image source: Photo by Freepik

    Even though many use mustard oil to prepare various food recipes, most people are not fond of its pungent smell and thick consistency. Nevertheless, keeping these drawbacks of mustard oil aside, you must know that it is great for lustrous hair locks. These elements of the oil make it an in-demand and popular ingredient in your hair care regime. It is safe to use this oil to condition and moisturise your hair deeply, fight dandruff, prevent premature hair greying, boost hair growth etc.

    Are you facing too many hair issues? Mustard oil is precisely the best remedy you must look out for. For the hair and scalp's good health, it offers several advantages. The advantages of mustard oil are mainly due to the presence of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, high content of vitamin E, as well as antioxidants.

    1. Sardo acts as a Natural Conditioner

    Is your hair lifeless, damaged, and dry? While massaging your hair, replace the oil you currently use with mustard oil to revive those tresses. The alpha fatty acid found in this oil helps to hold in moisture giving the hair a pleasant, bouncing appearance. It is a great natural conditioner that helps to impart a shine and hydrates your hair from the root to its tip. This oil will assist in resolving the problem if your hair is damaged due to frequent heat styling.

    2. Strengthens Hair

    Mustard oil contains essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which nourish hair follicles and promote stronger hair strands. As a result, breakage can be reduced while promoting healthier-looking hair.

    3. Nourishes hair

    In today's society, men and women experience hair loss and regular thinning hair. While there may be various causes for this issue, including environmental irritants, stress, poor hair care, and more, mustard oil can be used to treat hair loss. A mustard oil hair massage will heal the hair follicles while strengthening it from the hair roots, reducing hair fall and thinning. All your hair needs are some deep nourishments that you may get from mustard oil.

    4. Hair Lice Treatment

    If you're dealing with head lice infestations, a natural solution is to mix mustard oil with tea tree oil or neem oil. When applied to the scalp, the combination of oils helps to suffocate and eradicate lice. The mustard oil's unique properties make it an effective agent in the fight against these pesky insects.

    5. Boosts Blood Circulation

    blood circulation

    Image source: Image by Pixabay

    According to many hair specialists, the primary cause of hair thinning or hair fall is the lack of hair root nourishment. Use mustard oil to massage your hair to make it come back to life and gain more volume. It acts as a natural and effective stimulant. When rubbed into the scalp, it improves blood circulation because it stimulates your blood circulatory system. The best approach to use it is to gently massage your hair with warm mustard oil and a few cloves.

    6. It has Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties

    The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of mustard oil enable you to treat problems like dandruff and seborrhoea may be a smart idea. The mustard seed also possesses anti-parasitic properties that make it helpful against a certain kind of scalp mite.

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    7. Hair Breakage and Frizziness

    As mustard oil is enriched in vitamin E and antioxidants and has the optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it provides several advantages. Mustard oil protects the hair from damage like breakage and frizz by acting as a barrier.

    8. Keeps scalp Infections

    Mustard oil is a natural solution with effective antibacterial and antifungal properties that can aid in preventing and treating scalp infections. Its regular use may reduce the risk of various scalp conditions, such as dandruff and fungal infections.

    9. Split Ends

    Mustard oil includes ALA, which helps prevent split ends and has a high erucic acid content. The oil contributes to improving the hair's overall look. Because of the high content of fatty acid, mustard oil can also aid in smoothening the split ends and make your hair look glossier.

    10. Prevents hair loss

    hair loss

    Image source: Image by Martin Slavoljubovsk: Pixabay

    Consider using mustard oil if you suffer from hair loss. With all its advantages for your scalp and hair, it is helpful to a great extent. It is enriched with vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This is considerably more powerful since it is also loaded with zinc, beta-carotene, and selenium. You can see its wonders more and more as you apply.

    11. Eliminates Dandruff

    You can prevent dandruff and moisturise your hair by applying mustard oil. When abrasive shampoos remove natural oils, the scalp often dries out due to excessive washing. Mustard oil can be used to restore equilibrium. If you already have dandruff, it can help you eliminate it. The antibacterial qualities of this oil target the germs that consistently produce dandruff. Mustard contains minerals and antioxidants that support healthy hair and help ward against dandruff.

    12. Prevents Premature Graying

    Some individuals believe that applying mustard oil to the hair and scalp can potentially delay premature greying, thus prolonging the hair's natural color retention.

    13. Improves Hair Texture

    Regular use of mustard oil can improve hair texture, softening hair and reducing frizz.

    14. Stimulates Sebum Production

    Mustard oil can stimulate the scalp's sebaceous glands, increasing natural oil production for healthier scalp and shinier hair.

    Choosing the Right Hair Products for Your Hair Type

    All hair types can use mustard oil, but not all skin kinds. Skin-irritating substances, including erucic acid and allyl thiocyanate, can irritate and cause redness, stinging, and even burning. Before applying it liberally to your scalp, you must conduct a patch test to ensure your skin won't respond adversely; people with sensitive skin should use it cautiously.

    Similarly, combining mustard oils with other carrier oils like baobab is frequently advised to reduce the possibility of discomfort. Baobab is a skin-nourishing carrier oil that penetrates the skin very effectively and helps soften dry skin. It contains many necessary fatty acids and treats psoriasis and other scalp conditions.

    5 Tips for Applying Mustard Oil to Hair

    applying oil

    Image source: Gustavo Fring via Pexels

    Applying mustard oil can work wonders for your hair and scalp while treating frizzy, dull, dry hair. This oil is rich in polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat and saturated fat. All these fats are amazingly beneficial for conditioning and nourishing your hair deeply.

    Besides having many beneficial properties, using mustard oil may have various side effects when used incorrectly. So, here are a few things you must remember before using mustard oil in your hair care regime.

    • Perform a patch test: You should do a patch test before using mustard oil on your hair. To prevent the oil's adverse effects, you can learn about any potential allergies you may have with the help of a patch test.
    • Do not use it on an oily scalp: If your scalp is oily, you should not use mustard oil since it can clog the skin's pores and dehydrate your hair.
    • No using it overnight: Many people leave mustard oil in their hair overnight, which causes the oily molecules to adhere to the scalp, and it becomes difficult to wash it out even after shampooing. Applying the oil 30 minutes before washing your hair is crucial.
    • Never apply it cold: Before applying the oil to your hair, it is best to heat it slightly. Oil becomes lighter when the heating process removes the greasy fat molecules from the oil. This facilitates easy oil absorption into the hair follicles and improves their nutrient uptake.

    How Can You Use Mustard Oil for Hair at Home?

    Below are simple hacks to use mustard oil and experience all its potential benefits:

    1. Mustard Oil & Curd

    yogurt and oil

    Image source: Photo by Shameel mukkath via Pexels

    Here is a natural hair treatment that combines the goodness of mustard oil and the richness of curd (yoghurt) to nourish and revitalize your hair, making it healthier and more manageable. The Mustard Oil and Curd Hair Mask is a time-tested remedy for addressing common hair issues. It's a natural and effective way to promote better hair health.


    • 2 tbsp mustard oil
    • 3-4 tbsp plain yoghurt (curd)

    How to make this hair mask?

    • Take a fresh mustard oil.
    • Mix mustard oil and yoghurt to create a clean paste.

    How to apply?

    • Step 1: To apply the hair mask, gently massage it onto the scalp, starting at the roots and working your way down to the tips.
    • Step 2: Cover your hair with a bathing cap or a warm towel and leave the mask on for 30 minutes to an hour or an extended period of up to a day.
    • Step 3: Once the allotted time has passed, rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo to remove the mask.

    2. Mustard Oil and Fenugreek seed hair mask

    If you're looking for a natural and effective hair care solution, the Mustard Oil and Fenugreek Seed Hair Mask might be what you need. This hair mask combines the nourishing properties of mustard oil and the strengthening benefits of fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) to help you achieve healthy, shiny hair. It's a powerful hair care remedy that can tackle many common hair issues.


    • 2 tbsp mustard oil
    • 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds (methi seeds)

    How to make this hair mask?

    • Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight to soften.
    • Grind into a paste, adding water as needed.
    • Combine paste with mustard oil.

    How to apply?

    • Step 1: Apply the hair mask evenly from roots to tips, cover with a shower cap, and leave on for 30 minutes to an hour.
    • Step 2: Rinse thoroughly with shampoo to remove the mask.

    3. Aloe Vera Pack and Mustard Oil

    Aloe Vera Pack and Mustard Oil Hair Mask is a powerful combination of two natural ingredients that provide complete care and nourishment for your hair and scalp. This unique hair mask harnesses the soothing and hydrating benefits of aloe vera and the strength-promoting properties of mustard oil to tackle a range of hair concerns.


    • Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel (freshly extracted from an aloe leaf or store-bought)
    • Two tablespoons of mustard oil

    How to make this hair mask?

    • Take fresh leaves of aloe vera gel.
    • Mix with mustard oil.

    How to apply?

    • Step 1: Then, apply this mask to the scalp and hair.
    • Step 2: After one hour, wash it using your regular shampoo. It will stop hair loss.

    4. Lemon Juice Pack and Mustard Oil Hair Mask

    Lemon Juice Pack and Mustard Oil Hair Mask is a dynamic and invigorating hair treatment that combines lemon juice's zesty freshness with mustard oil's nourishing power to revitalize your locks. This unique hair mask offers a natural and holistic approach to hair care, addressing various common concerns and promoting healthier, more vibrant hair.


    • Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (strained to remove any pulp or seeds)
    • Two tablespoons of mustard oil

    How to make this hair mask?

    • Take fresh slices of lemon and remove the seeds.
    • Combine two tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of mustard oil in a bowl.

    How to apply?

    • Step 1: To apply the hair mask, put the mixture onto your dry hair, starting from the roots and working it through to the tips.
    • Step 2: Then, gently massage your scalp for a few minutes.
    • Step 3: After that, cover your hair with a shower cap or warm towel and leave the mask on for 30 minutes to an hour.
    • Step 4: For deep conditioning, you can even leave it on overnight.
    • Step 5: Next, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and then shampoo it to remove the mask.
    • Step 6: You may need to shampoo twice to ensure all the masks will removed.
    • Step 7: Finally, you can optionally use conditioner to further nourish your hair.

    5. Banana Pack and Mustard Oil Hair Mask

    The Banana Pack and Mustard Oil Hair Mask is a delightful and nourishing blend that combines the richness of ripe bananas with the strength-enhancing properties of mustard oil to rejuvenate your hair. This unique hair mask offers a natural and holistic approach to hair care, addressing a range of common concerns while promoting softer, shinier, and more manageable locks. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to healthier, happier hair with this all-natural hair mask!


    • One ripe banana
    • Two tablespoons of mustard oil

    How to make this hair mask?

    • Prepare a pack with mustard oil and ripe bananas.
    • Mash a ripe banana until it is smooth.
    • Mix in 2 tablespoons of mustard oil until well combined.

    How to apply?

    • Step 1: Apply the mixture to your dry hair, beginning at the roots and working down to the tips.
    • Step 2: Leave the mask on for approximately 30 minutes to an hour to achieve optimal results.
    • Step 3: Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and shampoo to eliminate the mask.
    • Step 4: It may be necessary to shampoo twice to ensure complete removal. For increased nourishment, you may use a conditioner following the treatment.

    Scalp Types Suitable for Mustard Oil Application

    • Dry Scalp: Those with dry scalp and dandruff or dryness can use mustard oil on their hair. It will give deep conditioning and work as a natural conditioner.
    • Dandruff-Prone Scalp: Mustard oil's antibacterial and antifungal properties effectively treat dandruff and scalp infections. Regular use can also help soothe an itchy scalp.
    • Oily Scalp: Mustard oil is beneficial for various scalp types. But those with excessively oily scalps should use it sparingly. Apply the oil primarily to the hair, not the scalp, to avoid excessive oiliness. That will ensure the hair will be nourished without exacerbating the scalp's oiliness.
    • Normal Scalp: Mustard oil is a reliable and safe option to maintain a healthy scalp and promote the development of lustrous hair. Mustard will applied on a normal scalp without adverse effects.
    • Premature Graying: Applying mustard oil to the scalp and hair may prevent premature greying.


    Q: What is the significance of Mustard Oil in Ayurveda?

    A: Mustard oil has great significance in Ayurveda for its warming and pungent properties, which will used in massages and herbal remedies.

    Q: Is Mustard Oil good for health?

    A: Mustard oil contains heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, and potential anti-inflammatory properties, making it a beneficial addition to a healthy diet.

    Q: Why do Indians prefer Mustard Oil?

    A: Mustard oil is popular in Indian cooking for its unique flavour, aroma, and potential health benefits.

    Q: Which is better, yellow or black mustard oil?

    A: The choice between yellow and black mustard oil depends on recipe preferences and taste, with the former being milder and having a spicier flavour.

    Final Takeaway

    Mustard oil extends beyond its use as a common cooking oil. This nutritious oil has diverse health, skin, and hair advantages thanks to its strong nutritional composition.

    It is an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, minerals, and strong antioxidants. The advantages it has for hair and its other attributes require more study. Mustard oil is generally safe to use on skin and hair. 

    Your scalp and hair might get hydrated when you apply mustard oil. Moreover, it could lessen irritation or inflammation on the scalp.

    When using mustard oil treatment, conduct the patch test like you would do with other natural oils if you are using them for the first time.


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