6 Best Foods To Increase SEX Drive In Male Naturally

While men may desire a key to eternal youth, there isn't a singular solution that can consistently maintain a strong sex drive throughout one's life.

This is because, as men reach their 50s, their physical makeup undergoes changes that render them less capable of reproduction, leading to a natural decline in testosterone levels.

However, experts suggest that specific dietary choices can influence energy levels, mood, and, subsequently, libido.

Some studies have shown that certain foods rich in zinc and vitamin B can potentially enhance testosterone production and significantly impact sexual desire.

It's worth noting that these foods offer additional health benefits even if they don't substantially increase sexual drive.

What is Male Libido?

The initial inquiry for individuals facing difficulties in the bedroom is: what exactly is libido?

Libido serves as both a notion and a descriptor, but in essence, a thriving libido implies possessing a healthy appetite for sexual activity.

In psychoanalytic theory, it is regarded as a psychological urge or instinctual drive towards sexual expression, whereas nowadays, it is commonly employed as a euphemism denoting physical and sexual arousal.

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What's the relation of Food & Libido?

To start, nourishing your body with clean and healthy foods contributes to overall improved performance, including sexual performance.

Hence, it holds true that better fuel leads to better outcomes. By consuming the right foods, you can optimize your circulatory system and enhance cardiac health, which in turn can boost sexual stamina.

When it comes to libido, what you eat plays a significant role. A well-balanced diet combined with regular exercise can remarkably affect energy levels, sexual stamina, testosterone production, and more. Healthy foods provide essential vitamins and can act as aphrodisiacs. In contrast, an unhealthy diet consisting of fried foods, excessive carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

Who wouldn't desire an improved libido accompanied by heart-healthy benefits? However, it is important to note that while a healthy diet is a valuable initial step towards reclaiming sexual intimacy with your partner, it is not a cure-all solution for complex issues such as antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction, some instances of erectile dysfunction, and overall sexual endurance.

Nevertheless, a healthy diet serves as a simple yet crucial initial stride in reestablishing and enhancing sexual intimacy with your partner.

Cause of Low Libido in Men

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A decrease in libido, or sex drive, is a prevalent issue that affects approximately 1 in 5 men and even more women at some point in their lives. This decline is often associated with factors like work-related stress, personal stress, or significant life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

However, an unexpected and prolonged loss of libido, or a recurring pattern of decreased sex drive, can also indicate an underlying problem related to personal factors, medical conditions, or lifestyle choices. Such a situation can be distressing for both partners in a relationship.

Suppose you find yourself concerned about your libido, mainly if the diminished sex drive causes distress or impacts your relationship. In that case, scheduling an appointment with your general practitioner (GP) is advisable. This will allow you to discuss any potential underlying causes and explore possible medical or psychological treatments that could be beneficial.

Some of the common causes of low sex drive in men are as follows:

  • Low Testosterone:¬†Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the testicles. It is helpful for bone mass and muscle building and stimulation of sperm production. Testosterone levels are also responsible for boosting sex drive in men. However, you must know that decreasing testosterone levels is a common part of ageing. But the drastic drop in the level of testosterone in younger or middle-aged adult men can cause low sex drive too.¬†

  • Medications:¬†Certain strong medications are also responsible for lowering your testosterone level and affecting your sex drive. Such medications often include hormonal medicines, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, opioid pain relievers, antifungal medicines, anti-depressants, anabolic steroids etc.¬†

  • Depression:¬†Your mental health is also directly related to your libido.¬†Depression or stress can often make you less interested in sexual activities. Therefore, one must eliminate specific¬†stress levels from their life to boost sex drive.¬†

  • Sleep Problems:¬†A¬†study found that sleep disorders in non-obese men can lower their testosterone levels. It leads to a significant decrease in their libido too. Therefore, sleeping peacefully is extremely important to maintain testosterone levels and boost sex drive.¬†

  • Ageing:¬†During late adolescence, men experience peak testosterone levels, which are closely tied to libido. As you age, the time required to achieve orgasms, ejaculation, and arousal may lengthen. Erections may not be as firm, and it may take more time for the penis to become erect. Fortunately, there are medications accessible to address these concerns and provide treatment for these issues.

  • Low Self-esteem:¬†Self-esteem refers to an individual's overall perception and evaluation of oneself. Low self-esteem, accompanied by diminished confidence and negative body image, can significantly impact emotional well-being. Feeling unattractive or undesirable can cast a shadow over sexual experiences, and a dislike of one's physical appearance may even lead to a desire to avoid sexual encounters altogether. Additionally, low self-esteem can generate anxiety regarding sexual performance, potentially leading to challenges with erectile dysfunction (ED) and decreased sexual desire.

List of 6 Foods That Boost Sex Drive in Men

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Maintaining a robust sex drive is closely connected to maintaining physical and emotional well-being. Hence, it's not unexpected that food can contribute to reigniting your passion. If you're experiencing a decline in bedroom performance, examining your dietary choices more closely might be worthwhile. Incorporating these eleven nutrient-rich foods into your diet can enhance your libido while promoting overall health. While any nutritious food can have positive effects on sexual health, there are specific items that offer distinct benefits.

1. Shilajit

Testosterone, a crucial male sex hormone, is instrumental in enhancing sexual health. Insufficient testosterone levels can result in a reduced sex drive, hair loss, muscle mass loss, and fatigue. Shilajit, an ayurvedic herb, aids in elevating testosterone levels, thereby enhancing sexual function. This herbal remedy is renowned for its rejuvenating qualities, which contribute to improved energy levels, increased stamina, and heightened sex drive. Here, you should know Shilajit better and steps to indentify best brand.

2. Bananas

Bananas are a fruit abundant in simple carbohydrates, providing a valuable energy source and potassium to sustain your vitality. This mineral aids in muscle relaxation, preventing cramps and spasms that could potentially hinder your intimate moments. Moreover, the presence of potassium in bananas can contribute to lowering blood pressure, facilitating optimal sexual performance by promoting healthy blood flow to vital areas of the body, including the genitals.

3. Garlic

Garlic often receives unfair criticism in matters of romance. While it possesses a strong aroma, it adds a delightful fragrance to cooking and offers numerous health benefits. The key advantage lies in the elevated levels of allicin found in garlic, a compound known to enhance blood flow to the sexual organs of both men and women. This unexpected attribute makes garlic a surprising solution that benefits individuals of both genders. 

4. Dark Chocolate

Individuals seeking to enhance their love life often rejoice in learning that dark chocolate serves as a natural libido booster. It achieves this by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which generate feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Furthermore, cocoa, which contains an antioxidant called flavanols, aids in improving blood flow and relaxing blood vessels. Consequently, it facilitates ample blood circulation to the appropriate areas at the right moments.

The amount of flavanols in chocolate can vary significantly depending on the production process and the specific brand. Unsweetened cocoa powder is the optimal choice for the highest concentration of flavanols. Alternatively, you can opt for a fortified powder that guarantees a minimum of 200 mg of flavanols per serving.

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5. Avocado

Avocado is rich in vitamin B6, which has been linked in certain studies to a potential decrease in symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (such as fatigue, bloating, and irritability). This may make it easier for women to feel more sexually inclined. You should also read sex enhancing food for women.

In men, avocados can indirectly enhance libido. For proper blood circulation to the sexual organs, a healthy and properly functioning heart is essential. Avocado is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, which are known to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and can lower the risk of stroke or heart attack. By promoting heart health, avocados indirectly support improved blood flow to vital areas, potentially boosting libido in men.

6. Almonds

Almonds serve as an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which provide the necessary building blocks for the healthy production of hormones in men. Moreover, it is worth noting that the aroma of almonds has been known to evoke a sense of passion in females. To enhance the overall sexual ambience, consider lighting almond-scented candles, which can contribute to setting the mood and further stimulating her desires.

Food That May Lower Sex Drive in Men

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The term 'libido' refers to the feeling of lust or desire, commonly called sex drive. Various factors, including psychological, sociological, and even hormonal influences, can contribute to low libido. However, did you ever consider whether your dietary choices could affect your sex drive? While we are familiar with foods boosting your sexual desire, it is essential to note that certain foods can have the opposite effect.

Are you also facing a decrease in sex drive and libido? Your dietary habits may be contributing to this effect.

  • Food high in saturated fat

  • Alcohol

  • Sugar

  • Soda

  • Soy products

  • Refined carbohydrates

Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to your dietary choices. However, if you continue to experience symptoms of a diminished sex drive, it may be connected to underlying medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or depression. If these symptoms persist and have a long-lasting impact on your well-being and mood, it is recommended to consult with your doctor for further evaluation and guidance.

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Numerous individuals turn to their dietary choices in hopes of boosting sexual desire, enhancing sexual performance, and increasing pleasure during intimate moments.

While research suggests potential connections between specific foods and improved sexual experiences, those seeking the most beneficial foods for their sex life should prioritize a balanced, heart-healthy diet.


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