5 stress & pain-alleviating body massage oil Types for older adults

Ageing brings a lot of changes in your life. The most common issue is pain and discomfort. From arthritis to muscle tension and pain may impact older adults' health and quality of life. Many seniors prefer meditation and mindfulness to keep their spirits high. But far too often, the muscle tension and arthritic issues may make things challenging for them. 

That's where the role of body massage oils comes into being. This all-encompassing post offers body massage oil types that can reduce stress and alleviate muscle tension and stiffness.

The best body massage oil for older adults

Want to learn the different types of massage oils and their benefits? Massage oils offer various benefits. The selection of the oil is important and should be infused with therapeutic properties to soothe sore muscles and reduce inflammation. Altogether, a good oil for massage promotes relaxation and reduces stress. 

5 body massage oil types that improve the quality of life for an older adult:

Sesame oil – a core product in Ayurvedic medicines

Beyond its flavourful taste and skincare benefits, sesame oil can be used to alleviate muscle pain. It's a natural oil used for ages in Ayurveda. From strengthening the body to detoxifying it, a massage with sesame oil offers a natural remedy. In fact, people suffering from rashes or scratches from bug bites can use it as massage oil to reduce the scars. Sesame oil has holistic benefits for warming up your skin during winter.

In the Ayurvedic dictionary, the role of sesame oil holds paramount importance. It's mostly preferred because of the flowery and subtle scent. Since it has a warming effect, it can reduce your muscle pain. 

Almond oil

The speciality of using almond oil for massage is that it is soaked in quickly. So, it's a powerful moisturiser used both on your body and face. You can either directly apply it to your skin or combine it with other essential oils to get holistic benefits. However, beyond moisturising, almond oil can be a great massage oil for joint pain.

Olive oil

Omitting olive oil from the list of body massage oil types would be unjustifiable. Usually preferred cold-pressed, olive oil is lightweight. So, it's a popular choice among Indians. Evidently, it comes with monounsaturated fats. 

Additionally, it nourishes your skin from the inside. The finest part of using this oil for massage is it can reduce muscle and joint pain. It's great for massaging, from maintaining the moisture level to relieving inflammation and body aches.

Coconut oil 

Evidently, you don't need to visit a therapist every week if you have cold-pressed coconut oil at home. It's the best natural remedy for reducing skin irritation. To some extent, coconut oil can also be used to reduce muscle and joint pain. You can use it by applying a thin layer to your muscles or joints. Then, just massage the affected area and discover how the pain is gone within a few uses. 

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory. You can apply coconut oil to reduce cramping. As a workout enthusiast, you may include a massage session with coconut oil thrice every week to reduce the post-workout pain. 

While essential oils are costlier, it's an affordable solution that comes with the same benefits. You can apply it by diluting it a bit. 

Jojoba oil 

The list of body massage oil types stays incomplete without the mention of jojoba oil. This oil has all the right qualities that make it an ideal choice for massage therapies. The following points mention why you can include this oil in your massage therapy:

  • It's Non-Allergenic and mimics sebum (your body's natural moisturising oil) 
  • Suitable for all skin types (even the sensitive skin)
  • You don't need to keep it in the refrigerator
  • Reheated without deteriorating (so that makes it a great choice for hot stone massage)
  • Does not clog pores as it is non-comedogenic (great for scalp and facial massages)
  • Has Vitamin E and B (and other minerals) for skin benefits
  • Relaxes your body and nourishes your skin

In addition to the above benefits, jojoba massage oil can leave your feet with a smooth and soft touch. It can excellently get absorbed into the skin. You can also use it as a carrier oil. So, calling it a great oil for aromatherapy massage is an understatement.

One quick note: You only need to keep it at room temperature (away from the direct sunlight)


Increased joint pains and underlying stress factors may result in discomfort in older adults. So, if you suffer from arthritis or muscle tension, you can use any of the above body massage oil types to reduce pain and discomfort. Remember, self-care is important at every age. 

So, you need to take time and start nurturing your body and mind to ensure quality of life. So, as you have explored the different types of massage oils, it's time to search for the right oil that makes your ageing process a lot simpler. You can also use essential oils like lavender or tea tree (or peppermint oil) for muscle pain and cramps. 


1. Is sesame oil best for musculoskeletal pain?

Science suggests that sesame oil is believed to reduce joint pain. So it may reduce inflammation and pain. You can use sesame oil to treat joint pain. It has also been used in various traditional medicines. Using sesame oil for body massage is a holistic practice as it can reduce skin problems. 

2. How does almond oil reduce muscle stiffness and pain?

Notably, almonds are an incredible source of micronutrients. So, massaging with almond oil helps strengthen muscles and improves the blood flow. In addition, it can be used to reduce stiffness and pain in joints.

3. Which essential oil can reduce back pain?

The best essential oil that can reduce back pain is lavender oil. It has a calming and relaxing impact to reduce swelling and pain.

4. Which brand manufactures the best pain-relieving massage oil for seniors?

You can buy Zanducare pain relief oil for seniors that is created with holistic ingredients.

5. Can you use olive oil at room temperature for massage?

Of course – you can use olive oil at room temperature for massage therapy.


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