Ayurveda for Eczema: Symptoms With 5 Treatment

The medicinal practice of Ayurveda has been around in India for thousands of years. It offers a holistic cure for several health and skin conditions. One such condition is eczema that is identified by red and itchy patches on skin. If you are ready to take the Ayurvedic way to cure eczema, here are the five ways that will help you.

Understanding the Basics of Eczema


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Eczema is a skin condition whereby certain skin patches become rough, cracked, itchy, and inflamed. In some cases, painful blisters show up on the skin surface. Millions of people across the world suffer from different stages and types of eczema. Though many people outgrow eczema, others keep suffering from it all through their life.

Common Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema symptoms can vary from mild to severe. In most cases, the symptoms of eczema tend to include:

  • scaly, dry skin
  • itching
  • skin flushing
  • weeping sores, open, or crusted

People who suffer from severe forms of eczema might need continuous and intensive treatment for relieving the symptoms. Remember that you need to stop yourself from constantly scratching and rubbing the area. Even infants, children, and adults tend to suffer from eczema, though the symptoms tend to vary between these different age groups.

Top 5 Ayurvedic Treatments of Eczema

Ayurveda offers more than one way to treat eczema. So, here’s listing out the top five most effective ways:

1.  Ayurveda eczema cure through Panchakarma therapy

In Ayurveda, mainly Panchakarma therapy is seen as a cure for eczema. In fact, it is also used for the treatment of other conditions like acne and psoriasis. Also, you need to contact an Ayurvedic practitioner to get Panchakarma therapy done. This Ayurvedic treatment for eczema usually includes procedures and treatments like:

  • sweat induction
  • oil massage for the whole body
  • inducing vomiting and purging
  • consumption of medicated ghee for a week

The idea is to cure eczema by the removal of toxins and strengthening the immunity.

2. Try herbal Ayurvedic medicine for eczema

Ayurvedic medicine for eczema

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Ayurveda also suggests the consumption of different herbs to relieve the symptoms of eczema. These herbs can be added to cooked food, drank as tea, or even taken as supplements.

It is okay to take Ayurvedic supplements as long as you know about the amount of supplements you need to take on a daily basis. You need to talk to your doctor beforehand because you might already be taking certain medications that may interact with the herbs you take.

If you decide to take supplements, make sure to consume them regularly without fail. Here are some of the herbs that can be helpful in treating the symptoms of eczema

  • Neem
  • Triphala
  • Turmeric
  • Cardamom
  • Indian sarsaparilla

As stress is a major trigger for eczema, you can choose Ayurvedic herbs that help to support your nervous system. In that regard, you can consider the given herbs:

  • Brahmi
  • Winter Cherry
  • Kava kava

3. Dietary changes as a permanent cure for eczema in Ayurveda

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Treatment for eczema also involves some major dietary changes. Though it is suggested to go for a plant-based diet that is full of unprocessed and whole foods, it is equally important to know which foods to avoid. So, the ideal diet for this skin condition should include foods that are rich in:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • zinc
  • essential fatty acids

These nutrients are the best Ayurvedic medicine for eczema that help to reduce the symptoms. Also, you need to remember to drink loads of fluids. Try to include amla and aloe vera juice in your daily diet.

Here is a list of foods you should avoid in order to prevent eczema flare-ups:

  • processed food
  • spicy or salty food
  • heavy, fried, or greasy food
  • yeast
  • tomatoes
  • acidic fruits
  • refined sugar
  • meat
  • alcohol
  • dairy products

It is undeniably a long list of foods to avoid but it will be helpful to follow the list because your eczema will be better this way.

4. Use topical remedies that help to soothe the Skin

Topical remedies are the kind of Ayurvedic cure for eczema that helps to soothe the skin. Here are the top five topical remedies you can try out:

1. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera has a cooling effect that can help to relieve skin itching and inflammation. You can spread this gel on the skin at least once or twice daily for best results. If you do not have an Aloe Vera plant in your home, you can use store-bought gel for the same purpose.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is loaded with antibacterial properties and curing the dryness that comes from eczema. It can help to prevent infection-causing, harmful bacteria that can enter through cracked skin and worsen the condition. When you want to use coconut oil, do not put a thick layer of it on the skin. Just a light layer on the damp skin would suffice. The best you can do is to use cold-pressed or virgin coconut oil that is free from chemicals.

3. Kumkumadi Taila

Kumkumadi taila or kumkumadi oil is an Ayurvedic elixir that can make the skin brighter and softer. Kumkumadi taila literally means ‘saffron oil,’ though it is a mix of several elements like sandalwood, dashmool, manjistha, and more. You can add a bit of almond oil to kumkumadi oil for better results. Now, use a thin layer of this oil mixture on your skin at least once or twice every day.

5. Embrace a few stress management methods

 Stress management for eczema

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This ayurvedic treatment for skin disease also includes different stress management methods. After all, stress is one of the foremost triggers for eczema flare-ups. Here is a list of methods you can try to better manage stress:

  • yoga
  • walking
  • tai chi
  • stretching
  • art or music therapy
  • meditation
  • massage
  • journaling
  • deep breathing techniques

Bottom Line

You can try all or a few of the Ayurvedic treatments mentioned above to prevent eczema from coming back. You can talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner and a doctor to know the exact treatments that can be helpful for you.



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