4 Ayurveda-approved Sex Positions to Promote Longevity and Good Health

Sexual intercourse is typically associated with pleasure or procreation, and it is crucial for an individual's overall well-being. According to Ayurveda, it is one of the three triyopasthambam pillars that sustain life. As with sleep and nourishment, Ayurveda promotes healthy sexual activity. 

According to expert Ayurvedic doctors, those who engage in healthy sexual activity regularly stay younger for longer. They also have greater intellectual ability, memory power, longevity, nutrient strength, and heightened sensory perception. 

Talking about sex positions, many people want to know what are the best ayurvedic sex positions. Ayurveda recommends that sexual activities become contradicted when done in awkward positions as it vitiates vata, leading to klama (fatigue) and bhrama (dizziness). 

Here you go with the best sex position according to Ayurveda, that will be no less than a stellar sexual experience with your partner.

How does sex benefit you as per Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, sex is the most efficient way to promote longevity and good health in both men and women. The best sex position, according to Ayurveda, has a number of additional advantages, including:

  1. Healthy blood pressure
  2. Improved immune system
  3. Better heart health
  4. Decreased anxiety and depression 
  5. Higher self-esteem
  6. Sound and peaceful sleep
  7. Immediate, natural pain relief
  8. Increased energy and libido 
  9. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer
  10.  Increased closeness and intimacy with a sexual partner
  11. Overall stress reduction, both emotionally and physiologically 
  12. Boosts satisfaction in relationships 

Most popular and healthy sex positions, according to Ayurveda

Do you wish to strengthen your relationship with your partner? Exploring fresh possibilities of connection may help to improve your sexual encounters. The best way to do this is by practising Ayurvedic sex positions. Its concept emphasises the importance of energy and intellect in enhancing one's sexual experiences. So, let's dig in and learn some of the best sex positions according to Ayurveda.


Ayurveda considers spooning to be a healthy and beneficial sex posture. This posture allows you to engage in intimate meditation with your companion. It is an essential part of Ayurvedic sex. In this posture, couples must lie on their sides, facing the same way. The bodies should be touching along their length. The seven parts of their body, known as chakras, are energy centres that should be aligned, such as the navel, heart, and middle of the forehead (third eye). Couples may synchronise their breathing by exhaling and inhaling deeply at the same moment, focusing on receiving and transmitting energy. 


In the Tantric sex position, one person sits cross-legged, and the other sits on their lap, ankles tucked behind their back. They are facing each other. This pose aligns the seven chakras and promotes reciprocal awareness. Partners may touch each other's brow chakras, look into each other's eyes, feel their breath, and even inhale it. 


Standing in this posture requires one partner to lift the other, making it a challenging position. Use your arms, upper leg strength, and core to hold the receiving partner in this posture properly. Standing is crucial for leg muscular strength, endurance, and energy expenditure.

Missionary position

This conventional position facilitates sperm deposit near the cervix and allows for deep penetration. A cushion beneath the woman's hips may lift her pelvis even higher, creating a potentially beneficial downward angle.

6 Ayurvedic tips for a better sex life

Ayurveda regards sexual activities as one of life's fundamental foundations and places great importance on it. It examines the virtually heavenly element of a man and woman's union and offers the following points to remember when participating in the best sex position according to Ayurveda:

  1. Having sex is a holy act, and couples should be faithful to each other. Only when the two partners share mutual love, respect, and understanding will it establish a sexual connection.
  2. It is considered disrespectful to engage in sexual intercourse in temples or monasteries. Furthermore, you should avoid having sex near or in a graveyard since it is related to negative energy and contagious diseases.
  3. To properly enjoy sex, ensure you and your partner are in comfortable postures. According to Ayurveda, a woman is most comfortable and pleasurable when she rests on her back with her face turned upward.
  4. Sexual unions should only occur between two healthy, competent adults. Both partners must be willing, healthy in body and mind, and free of any sex organ diseases.
  5. Avoid sexual intercourse to conceive a child during the new moon, full moon, lunar or solar eclipses, and days of mourning. The child may suffer as a result of the parents' imbalanced doshas throughout these periods.
  6. According to Ayurveda, post-sex rituals include bathing and exposure to cool natural air. After that, replenish your body by applying aromatic agents and drinking cold drinks such as water, coconut water, or fruit juices.


The best sex position, according to Ayurveda, emphasises the connection between you and your partner while slowing down intimate interactions. The approach recommends maintaining present-mind awareness and breathing and creating a safe atmosphere in which to explore sensory intimacy. The ultimate goal of sex is to be present in the moment rather than to have an ecstatic experience. 


1. Which dosha is good for sex?

Kapha constitutions show steady sexual vigour, maintaining moderate interest. Their focus is more on family life at large and not frequently drained by sexual activity. In partnerships, Kaphas need those who can push them and get things started.

2. How to increase sex power by Ayurveda?

List of ayurvedic medicines for long-lasting sex & enhanced libido

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Shilajit
  3. Gokshura
  4. Kaunch Beej

3. How to have sex according to Ayurveda?

In the Ayurvedic view, it is most beneficial to engage in sexual activity during daylight hours. Specifically, the morning period after sunrise but before ten o'clock or early evening time frame is deemed ideal for sex.

4. What makes certain sex positions more beneficial than others in Ayurveda? 

Positions where the chakras are in line and partners can join together through breath and gaze, are believed to balance energies. These positions consist of spooning, yab-yum or lotus.

5. How can sex positions impact fertility and conception chances?

Positions that allow deep penetration, such as a missionary, might help with conception because they put sperm close to the cervix. However, any position that allows ejaculation inside can lead to pregnancy.


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