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The stomach carries out numerous functions in the body. Secreting acid for the digestive process to occur seamlessly is one main function of all the others. However, during an excision of acid production, you may encounter a risk of acidity. Although acidity seems mild in its initial stages, it may start to aggravate into a fatal condition. As chest burn and gas begin to occur as their primary symptoms, the risk of heart disease may increase with it too. That is why it is prudent to prevent Amlapitta

Amlapitta is hyperacidity, which is a very common health condition. It implies an imbalance between the proximal intestine and the acid-secreting stomach mechanism along with the protective mechanism. Sour belching, heartburn and indigestion are some of the main symptoms of this condition. Abdomen pain and headache are also common in this case. But the Amlapitta symptoms generally vary from person to person. 

Amlapitta may be caused due to a diverse range of factors. Eating spicy foods, fermented meals, and fast food are some of the main causes. Oily food and excessive use of Garlic or Cardamom are also certain causes we often tend to avoid. If you wish to avoid the health problems that come with Amlapitta, the best solution is to rely on ayurvedic remedies. Ayurvedic remedies like Amlapitta Har Vati tablets are one such potential ayurvedic treatment to count on. 

What Are The Major Symptoms Of Amlapitta?


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  • Heart burning 
  • Sour belching 
  • Problems of indigestion 
  • Mouth ulcer 
  • Tiredness 
  • Regurgitation of food 
  • Nausea 
  • Burning sensation in hand and foot 
  • Itching or development of rash in the body 
  • Any type of foul-smelling loose motion 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Headache 

What Are The Main Causes Of Amlapitta?

  • Spicy foods 
  • Fermented foods 
  • Excessive consumption of Coffee or Tea
  • Oily food 
  • Irregularity in meal times
  • Foods that are not compatible 
  • Skipping meals 
  • Eating very late or midnight snacking
  • Poor lifestyle due to lack of sleep 
  • Taking too much stress 
  • Feeling extreme negative emotions like anxiety, depression and worry.
  • Sleeping right after having a full meal.

A Brief About Amlapitta Har Vati Tablets 

amlapitta tablets

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Ayurveda has been helping individuals to overcome hyperacidity for centuries now. With natural ayurvedic ingredients, many individuals have experienced considerable improvement in their health in terms of hyperacidity. Amlapitta Har Vati tablets are the finest specimen of such potential ayurvedic treatments. 

Amlapitta Har Vati tablets are a great Amlapitta Mishran. They are acidity regulators that also promise to foster gut health and soothe throat problems and stomach infections on time. Diving into the root of your acidity problems helps pull out any hyperacidity issues you may be experiencing. 

So, if you experience acid reflux issues regularly, Amlapitta Har Vati tablets may help. The tablets may also assist in passing bowel movements more smoothly and improve digestion. Let us discuss the Amlapitta tablets more vividly. 

Uses Of Amlapitta Har Vati Tablets From Zandu Care 

This Amlapitta Mishran from Zandu Care can offer diverse uses. Let us read them in detail. 

1. Prevention Against Hyperacidity 

Hyperacidity is a gas problem. It occurs among people of all age groups, with reasons varying from person to person. However, the most common reason is an increase in the amount of acid in the stomach. This may lead to numerous symptoms like heartburn, sour belching and even throat burn. 

You may also experience a dry cough, chest pain and ear pain. Asthma is a more severe consequence of it. Although hyperacidity is easily treatable, if left untreated for too long, it may lead to more chronic impacts on your health and well-being. 

Amlapitta Har Vati tablets help eradicate hyperacidity. Its natural ingredients assist in washing off the excess acid. Eventually, Amlapitta ayurvedic medicine brings a massive difference to your health. 

2. Better Gut Health

gut health

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Our body comprises both good and bad bacteria. While the good bacteria may assist in the flora of the gut, the bad bacteria may disrupt the former’s functions. As such, the bad bacteria may cause a spike in infections, germs and viruses. Thankfully, Amlapitta Mishran enables the good bacteria to overpower the latter. Due to this reason, it helps reduce inflammation and decrease the chances of Obesity. In turn, you can enjoy better gut health and improve your quality of life. 

Antibiotics, travelling, and food poisoning are some of the most common causes of poor gut health. But you can easily create a balance by opting for Amlapitta Mishran. In case you wish to opt for this ayurvedic remedy, speak to your healthcare provider and get the right dosage to consume. Otherwise, you can also refer to the dosage prescribed behind the label of the product. This will enable you to make the right choices without any delay. 

3. Soothes Stomach And Throat 

The throat and stomach play a vital role in the process of digestion. To be able to have good digestive well-being is necessary so that you can experience better gut health, good metabolism and improved immunity too. But hyperacidity often affects these organs the most. You may experience throat burn and pain in the stomach that may make your condition worse. This is the reason why relying on Amlapitta Mishran suspension is important. 

As Amlapitta Mishran does its job, you are more likely to experience a soothing stomach and throat. This results in the elimination of throat burn and stomach pain, allowing you to enjoy better well-being. 

4. Improves Bowel Movements 

bowel movements

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Smooth bowels are important for everyone to enjoy good digestive health. It is also necessary to foster enhanced gut health. But when the bowels are not as frequent as they should normally be, it might signify a problem. Thankfully, Amlapitta Mishran can help. 

Amlapitta Mishran promises to soothe your stomach. When the stomach soothes, it allows the extra amount of acid to vanish. This, in turn, eliminates the risk of poor digestion, metabolism and immunity. In turn, it also improves your bowel movements on time. So, consuming this ayurvedic remedy in the right proportions may help you find relief from your bowel problems. 

5. Relaxes The Body 

When the organs of your body feel soothed and nourished, you are bound to feel a lot more relaxed than usual. This is the power of Amlapitta Mishran syrup as well. So, if your doctor recommends you consume the syrup, do not hesitate to do that. However, keep in mind that you are consuming it in accurate doses to eliminate any risk of health complications. 

Main Ingredients Of Amlapitta Har Vati Tablets By Zandu Care

1. Yasti 

Yastimadhu, or Yasti, is known as an age-old ayurvedic herb. It offers a sweet taste and may help eliminate many chronic ailments, mainly breathing problems. It may also assist in warding off burning sensation, chronic cough and headache. It is packed with antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which help it provide the multitude of benefits that it has to offer. 

Yastimadhu may also work wonders against skin diseases. Apart from this, it can eradicate fever and help fight off food allergies alongside chest and nasal concerns. So, it has a massive role to play in hyperacidity that Amlapitta Mishran aims at killing in your body. 

2. Muktashukti Bhasma

Muktashukti Bhasma is an ayurvedic remedy that helps with gastritis, colic and Anorexia concerns. It can help provide immediate relief against hyperacidity and treats cardiac diseases too. Over so many years, it has also been used for its sweet taste and for the ability to be able to balance both Kapha and Pitta doshas. 

Its presence in the Amlapitta Har Vati tablets at Zandu Care is what makes the product spill the magic. That is why you can also leverage the power of this ingredient without any delay. 

Amlapitta Mishran Suspension Uses And Dosage 

We have already talked about the use of Amlapitta Har Vati tablets above. Doctors recommend consuming one tablet per day with water. In case you are looking for certain changes in your dosage, or wish to resolve certain queries regarding the same, consult your doctor urgently. They may be able to help you on time. Purchase the tablets from Zandu Care today at a nominal price of Rs. 475. This is the price for a pack of 60 tablets. 

The Bottom Line 

Amlapitta may be difficult to deal with. It is discomforting and quite painful too. In many cases, it may even be an active reason for your inconvenience and stress problems. By using the power of Amlapitta Mishran in your daily life, you can say goodbye to any health problems it brings your way. 

You can start today by opting for Zandu Care’s Amlapitta tablet on time. The tablet is 100% authentic, natural, safe and effective for use. It is also scientifically proven and 100% vegetarian. So, you need not worry about anything at all.


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