Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice (Sugar Free)

Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice | 500 ml | Enriched with Karela and Jamun to maintain healthy blood glucose level | Scientifically Proven

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Introducing our revolutionary Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice—a powerful blend of 9 Ayurvedic ingredients meticulously crafted to support your journey towards maintaining healthy sugar levels and aiding in healthy glucose metabolism. Harnessing the power of ingredients like Karela, Jamun, Amla, and more, our juice offers a refreshing way to incorporate these potent elements into your daily routine. At the heart of our DiaBTS Care Juice lies a commitment to your well-being—naturally derived, thoughtfully crafted, and dedicated to making the management of healthy sugar a more enjoyable and holistic experience. It is formulated by experts of Ayurveda who have decades of expertise and is backed by over 100 years of Zandu’s legacy and trust. Additionally, it is safe to consume in the recommended dose for the long term as it is made of 100% Ayurvedic and Natural ingredients without any sugar or added artificial sweetener. This wellness juice contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to help maintain healthy sugar levels. All you need is 3 spoons daily to control sugar levels when taken along with regular prescribed medication. Now, sip your way to a healthier tomorrow with our ayurvedic juice.

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Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice stands as a potent solution for your sugar care journey. Your well-being hinges on effective sugar management, and this ayurvedic juice emerges as a crucial ally in that quest. Tailored by Ayurvedic experts with extensive experience, this 100% Ayurvedic juice features a blend of 9 powerful ingredients, including Karela, Jamun, Amla, and more. These ingredients work harmoniously to combat various glucose management related challenges. Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice is a comprehensive care package that shields you from complications, supports healthy sugar level management, and aids in improving digestion. Being a Scientifically tested drink that is free from harmful chemicals or adulteration, it harnesses the inherent power of nature to maintain balanced sugar levels. This scientifically tested blend can help make a significant impact on healthy sugar management within 3 months of consistent use along with routine antidiabetic therapy. It is time to embrace a sugar management routine that is natural, effective, and backed by centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom.

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Ingredient Information

Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice is made with 100% Ayurvedic ingredients like Karela, Jamun, Amla, Neem, and 5 other such ingredients that help maintain their glucose levels naturally. These ingredients bring together their unique anti-diabetic properties to help maintain healthy glucose metabolism and control sugar levels, when taken along with regular prescribed medication.. With no chemicals or harmful preservatives, Zandu has brought to you a flavourful remedy to turn a stressful ritual into an exciting one. Packed with nutritional ayurvedic ingredients, let’s understand about their benefits in detail:

1. Karela (Bitter Gourd):

Known for its sugar management properties, Karela helps maintain healthy sugar levels while aiding in healthy glucose tolerance.

2. Jamun:

Jamun is well-known for its ability to maintain healthy sugar levels and to enhance insulin sensitivity, thereby, contributing to overall metabolic health.

3. Amla (Indian Gooseberry):

Amla is a rich source of antioxidants that aid in reducing oxidative stress, supporting the pancreas, and promoting insulin secretion.

4. Neem:

Neem has sugar management properties, assisting in maintaining healthy sugar levels while helping to boost insulin sensitivity, and supporting overall digestive health.

5. Nimbu (Lemon):

Lemon is a natural detoxifier, helping to cleanse the system and support optimal metabolic function.

6. Seva (Apple):

Packed with fiber and essential nutrients, Seva helps maintain healthy sugar levels and provides sustained energy.

7. Dalchini (Cinnamon):

Dalchini is recognized for its ability to boost insulin sensitivity while helping to maintain healthy sugar levels, and adding a delightful flavour to the juice.

8. Methi (Fenugreek):

Methi helps in maintaining healthy sugar levels, boost insulin function, and regulate lipid metabolism, contributing to the overall maintenance of healthy sugar level

9. Samudranamak (Rock Salt):

Samudranamak aids in maintaining electrolyte balance, supporting kidney function, and preventing complications associated with an unhealthy level of sugar.

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•   Optimal Sugar Support:

The formulation is designed to support individuals in maintaining stable and healthy glucose levels. Made with carefully selected herbs.

•  Helps in Healthy Glucose Metabolism

Through its targeted herbal composition, it assists in the effective breakdown and utilization of glucose, ensuring that the body efficiently processes and utilizes this essential energy source.

• Boosts Insulin Secretion:

The inclusion of specific herbs in the formulation is aimed at promoting the secretion of insulin. These herbs work synergistically to stimulate the pancreas, encouraging a more optimal release of insulin. It should be taken along with regular prescribed medication. 

• Easy Digestion Support:

Experience improved appetite and digestion with Ayurvedic ingredients like Apple and Lemon in DiaBTS Care juice, ensuring that your body efficiently absorbs essential nutrients for overall well-being

• Efficient Sugar Management:

Through this scientifically formulated blend, Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice helps maintain stable glucose levels, maintain healthy glucose metabolism, and natural insulin enhancement for comprehensive well-being when taken along with prescribed medication.

At Zandu, we believe in the power of nature and the wisdom of Ayurveda to promote holistic well-being. Embrace the goodness of Ayurveda, sip your way to balance, and experience the difference with Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice. Your health is our priority

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What Sets Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice Apart?

• Scientifically Proven and Ayurvedic:

Our juice boasts a scientifically proven formula crafted with 100% Ayurvedic, vegetarian ingredients. It contains no artificial colors, harmful preservatives, flavours, or adulteration, ensuring a pure and authentic experience.

• Potent Ayurvedic Blend:

Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice is enriched with the goodness of 9 Ayurvedic ingredients such as Karela, Jamun, Amla, and more, meticulously chosen to support healthy sugar management journey.

• Comprehensive Glucose Care:

It naturally helps to maintaining healthy sugar levels and it has powerful herbs that can help with boosting insulin sensitivity. This juice can also help to improve digestion and appetite.

• Legacy of Ayurvedic Trust:

With over 100 years of legacy, Zandu introduces DiaBTS Care Juice—a time-honored formulation designed with precision and care to promote overall well-being.

• Convenient Usage:

Simply consume a recommended dose twice a day for optimal results. It's easy to use and can be taken anywhere, anytime

• Zero Side Effects:

Rest easy knowing that Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice is crafted from natural and Ayurvedic ingredients, devoid of harmful preservatives flavor & sugar. Tested rigorously, it ensures zero side effects in the recommended dosage.

How To Use

Start your day right with 30 ml in the morning or wind down at night with another 30 ml (or as prescribed by the physician). Make it a daily ritual for three months to unlock the full benefits of this Ayurvedic powerhouse that helps maintain healthy sugar level. Simple, effective, and delicious—welcome to a healthier you!

Storage Information

The right way to preserve the freshness of Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice is to store it in a cool and dry place. Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight. Do not forget to close the cap tightly after every use. Once opened, refrigerate, and consume within 30 days.

Legal Disclaimer

At Zandu, we strive to bring the purest and most natural products that assist our customers in addressing different health issues and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle, without using any chemicals. Our ingredients are sourced from reputed vendors and our manufacturing processes ensure authenticity. All the benefits and claims we have mentioned are proven by several studies conducted on Ayurveda over the years and we tried to supply as much information to our customers as possible. Though we haven’t witnessed customers facing side effects using our products, we always recommend consulting a physician before starting consumption of our products or in case any unusual effects are noticed. Even though our products undergo multiple tests and quality checks, every body type is different and hence, it is advisable to consult your physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice Safe to Consume?

Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice is entirely safe to consume as per the recommended dose. Crafted from natural and Ayurvedic ingredients, it is free from harmful preservatives.

What Ingredients Makeup Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice?

Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice comprises 9 Ayurvedic ingredients, including Karela, Jamun, Amla, and others, carefully selected to support healthy sugar management when consume along with routine antidiabetic therapy.

How Many Times Should You Consume the Juice?

For optimal results, consume 3 tablespoons (30 ml) of Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice twice a day for up to 3 months, or as prescribed by your the physician.

When Can You Expect Results?

For better results, Zandu DiaBTS Care Juice should be consumed for 3 months.

Why is Blood Sugar Care Important?

Blood sugar care is crucial as it directly affects your health. Effective management helps maintain healthy sugar levels and promotes overall well-being.